Tuchel rejects Lukaku

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Tuchel rejects Lukaku penalty for a goalless defeat to Manchester City

Thomas Tuchel says he will not blame Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku for failing to make a difference in the Premier League home defeat to Manchester City. League on Saturday evening, as report by UFABET.

Gabriel Jesus scored the winner. For the visitors in the 53rd minute. He only touched the ball 21 times throughout the game, the lowest record among players of both teams.

However, Tuchel has spoken out about this. He said he would not blame Lukaku for failing to score goals and participate in attacking games against the team. Because this is not a personal mistake.

“I don’t think it is necessary to talk about Lukaku’s problem today when the ball reaches him. The offensive game was half over. Because there are not enough players to help each other. Including no belief and no connection to the game. This is a team problem. It’s not a personal problem. At all the German chief said.

As a result of this game, Chelsea lost their first game of the season and dropped to third in the table with 13 points from six games. Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League last year. Auxiliary brutal fell grab Romelu Lukaku former night old place from Inter Milan for a fee of 97.5 million pounds.

Moved from Everton to play for Manchester United. For a fee of 75 million pounds. Between 2017 and 2019. The results are not ugly. He scored 42 goals in 96 games in all competitions. With 24 goals in 36 league games in Italy as the club won the Scudetto last year, Lukaku recently told Inter that he would like to join