The boss Ten Hag of Manchester United open his heart

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The boss Ten Hag of Manchester United opened his heart. After many young players show excellent form in the warm-up game. Report from

United beat Leeds 2-0 in their last friendly. Ten Hag reveals many young players showed eye-catching performances. Their next game will be against Lyon.

Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has revealed that nothing has decided yet. After many young players performed well in the first warm-up match against Leeds 2-0 on Wednesday.

Many young energetic players have been given the opportunity to enter the field. And show impressive form, such as Noam Emeran and Joe Hugil, two players who hit the team.

However, Ten Hag confirmed that he had only played one friendly match. I can’t come to a conclusion right now.

”You still can’t come to a conclusion after a week,” Ten Hag said.

”Some of the young players showed form that caught my eye. But I still don’t want to separate anyone. We are just in the first week. And I expect these levels and performances.”

”I told them during training. What do I expect from them? How they judge about the level, the form on Wednesday, what they need to improve. But after a week I can’t come to any conclusions yet.”

For the pre-season warm-up game, Manchester United’s next match will be played against Olympic Lyon on July 19 at 8:00 p.m. Thai time.