Ranieri wants to seal

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Ranieri wants to seal Dilly-Dong legend with Leicester.

Former Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri says. He hasn’t spoken the Dilly-ding Dilly-dong phrase since leaving the club.

The Italian who turns 70 next week. Opened a press conference as Watford manager. For the first time yesterday after Cisco Munoz was sacked at Vicarage Road. Because Collected only 7 points. From the first 7 matches of the season.

Aside from being known as the former Chelsea manager. Ranieri also made a miracle by leading Leicester. Who had just escaped relegation. to the league title.

Ranieri has an amused way to arouse interest in players. Who are wandering during training by chiming the bell and making. The ‘dilly-ding, dilly-dong’ sound, which he still uses to speak with. the media recently led an army fox Siam championship, too

, “Lehmann Reznor’s tired of hearing the sound di Kelly – the Kelly Golding – pickling, they probably want to listen to music. Champions League more,” he said in 2017.

But the latest news recently admitted that he has stopped using the phrase for a while.

“After Lester I stopped using Dilly-Ding, Dilly-Dong, I don’t know why,

I used to use it to wake up my daughter, like Dilly-Ding, Dilly-Dong. Wake up already.” Claudio Ranieri, Italian senior coach. To become the new manager. Of the English Premier League rookie Watford.