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Manchester United boss pointed out that the Red Devils do not lose hope for the championship if they lose to Liverpool at home.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes his team will not be out of contention for the Premier League this year if they lose to Liverpool in the Reds on Sunday, according to Manchester United. ter evening news

United are five points behind leaders Chelsea and four behind the Reds as they have collected just one point from their last three Premier League games. And there is a risk of being left with further points if lost in the first “red-hot” battle of the season. But the Red Devils coach believes that it is too early to decide the championship in this game.

“Every time you play for Manchester United, you play for three points. That 7 points seems to be a very big gap. A single point also looks closer. But we’re still early in the season. So every game is equally important.”

“We’ve seen last season that all teams are going through periods of bad form and this is just the beginning of the season, you can’t talk about the title race. We are chasing them, Liverpool are one of the best teams we are trying to keep up. We have scored very far from them in the last four years.”

“Even last year we finished above them. But that might be because they were unlucky with their injuries. We know that we still need to keep improving to reach the level they have been doing over the past four years,” said Solskjaer.