Manchester City Vs Manchester United: Pre-Game Issues

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Manchester City Vs Manchester United: Pre-Game Issues Manchester Derby Premier League

Match:  English Premier League Football  2021/22

Date: Sunday 6 March 2022
Match time: 11:30 p.m. Thailand time
Competitors:  Manchester City  vs  Manchester United
Stadium: Etihad Stadium
Live:  True Premier Football HD 1

1. Sailing boat for Dias symptoms

Key players of Manchester City who still have to win. If they will be able to play in the Manchester derby in the game or not. That is a great defender like Ruben Dias. Who is said to have a manual how to deal with Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Two Portuguese compatriots. Under control But there has been some good news. That he may be able to return to fitness in no time. After sustaining an injury in the FA Cup match against Peterborough. In the middle of last week report from UFABET

2. The stats are close every time the pair meet.

Of course, before every Manchester derby game in the latter part. Even Manchester City will continue both the work and the power that looks better than Manchester United. Especially since the arrival of Pep K. Wardiola, however, Finds out whether the meeting between the two teams in the last few years has turned out to be a fierce. Even-matched match where one can forget who is second before the game begins. See the statistics from the last 10 meetings, including all items. The Blues won 5, the Red Devils won 4 and drew 1 more. Manchester derby It’s a battle of honor that no one truly gives in. It wouldn’t be so wrong!

3. The Red Devils’ victory could be Liverpool’s victory.

The results of this game, in addition to being meaningful to both Manchester United. Who are vying for the fourth place and Manchester City. Who are vying for the championship. There is also a direct effect on the couple’s opposing team. Liverpool, who are chasing Manchester City in a row. Which of course in this game, the Reds fans may have some who secretly encourage Manchester United to always insist or Turn over Man City so they can move closer to the top of the table. And if this game ends with 3 points of the Red Devils. Then assuming that Liverpool can squeeze into the championship in the end. That means that Manchester United is directly involved in handing the trophy to their all-time rival, Liverpool.