Jamie Vardy: Following in the footsteps

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Jamie Vardy following in the footsteps of one of the top 20. All-time top scorers in the Premier League.

Probably no fans English Premier League. Who hasn’t heard of Jamie Vardy. A striker who is poised to become the next Leicester City legend. He is certainly one of the top scorers in the league. Undoubtedly the 20 greatest goalscorers of the Premier League era.

Today we will take to see. The history of the spearhead. That can be called starting. From the lowest point to a highly successful. Career in football with a degree of being. “One of the highest scorers of all time. Premier League” 17th place Jamie Vardy.

Jamie Richard Vardy was born on January 11, 1987 in Sheffield, England, grew up in a relatively poor family. In the past although. He loved playing football since childhood. But due to poor financial status. He had to go out to work to help his family at a young age. By working in a prosthetic factory in the neighborhood. Along with being a moulder at Sheffield Wednesday until the age of 16. Vardy decided to take his career more seriously. By signing a professional contract with non-league club Stockbridge Steel before the following year. Will move to play for Halifax in 2010, referred to as doing outstanding work alone. 25 goals won the club’s player of the year award and was the Fleetwood Town team at the Conference level. The league snatched him to the team in the summer of 2011.