Ian Rush is confident Liverpool

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Ian Rush is confident Liverpool can get through a tough January because Origi-Takumi.

Liverpool legend Ian Rush believes his team. Will overcome the toughest period in January 2022. To win the Premier League. Thanks to subs Divock Origi and Ta. Kumi Minamino was there to support.

“January next year is a very difficult time for Liverpool. Because even if they can buy new players to add to the army. But letting Salah & Mane go out and play. For the national team has given Klopp a lot to think about,” Rushie told the Liverpool Echo.

“A team that wants to show that they are strong enough to win the championship for a long time until the last corner of the season. The best players must be present at all times. Survive injuries. Get banned or fully rest for just 1 week. 

So I’m not surprised. Anyone is worried that Salah-Mane. Has been gone for a full month.

“However We still have good players like Firmino, Jota as pillars to support the attacking line, while Origi & Minamino will get more playing time. Which these two, although rarely get the opportunity to field much in the beginning of the season. But he’s good enough to help the team get through difficult times for sure.”

“For me, Origi & Minamino will step up to be the key to helping the team win a full title after January. And as I said If no one is injured. for as long as they did last season. Liverpool will not need to buy another one, which I believe Klopp would not have thought much differently.