Giroud reveals what makes Kante upset

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Giroud reveals what makes Kante upset off the pitch.

Olivier Giroud Stryker airs cast of AC Milan revealed that they have to pretend to love one ‘s Colo Caen Enschede central global Chelsea upset the hardcore time. Off the field with a habit of hating defeat as a trigger.

“Me and Kante are quite close. And we both like to play chess together whenever we have free time. which I have only overcome a few times. He’s actually much better,” he told talkSPORT.

“When he got bored and lost, I always switched him to Scrabble (word-by-word) game, which I’m pretty sure he was on the top. and never lost to Kante even once.”

“Everybody should know that Kante has a habit of hating defeat in any form. And even if it’s something that you’re not good at, you’ll struggle to find a way to win. That was the moment when he lost his symptoms to the point of making his friends laugh every time.”

“And that’s why the fans of the France national team wrote Kante’s anthem, stating that he would try to do whatever it takes to keep the team from defeat.”

“Personally, I like having a team-mate like Kante, he never gives up on everything. Dedicated with all his heart and soul for the common good every time, whether it’s with Chelsea or the France national team. But if it’s outside the racetrack I will always find a way to prank him with this. He’s a really cute friend.”