Former coach reveals ‘Gordon’ s’ weak points are that he gets tired easily.

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Former Everton academy coach David Unsworth praises Anthony Gordon for always wanting to improve himself from a young age. But it was revealed that a weak point in the Newcastle United winger was his physical toughness.

Gordon had worked with Unsworth since he was a youth at the “Toffee” until last January when he moved out together. “Salika” with a total fee of 45 million pounds

this season, the 22-year-old Englishman is having the best season of his life, playing 19 league matches, shooting 6, assisting 7, and Unsworth, who is currently unemployed after leaving Oldham. Expressing the views of former team members

“The most important thing is that Gordon wants to elevate himself ahead of others his age,” the former England defender told ยููฟ่าเบท in midweek.

“At 16 he was hungry to play for the club. U-18 and when entering the U-18 team He still made the same effort to work with me in the U-23 team.”

“Once I got into the U-23 team, He is also looking forward to training with the first team… That kind of hunger is not something you can teach anyone.”

Despite his admiration for his ability, Unsworth revealed more about the areas Gordon needs to improve on. “The biggest problem we face with Gordon is his physical toughness,” he said.

“Gordon tends to play as a midfielder or left-sided attacker. And by the 60th minute, he was almost out of breath. “

It might seem like he was lazy and lacked dedication. But it wasn’t the case. Gordon gave it his all in the first half hour. And he was just exhausted.”