Former coach praises Arsenal star Charlie Patino

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Former coach praises Arsenal star Charlie Patino Talent as Thiago Alcantara.

England coach George Dukes, who coached Arsenal midfielder Charlie Patino, has insisted his former pupil is as talented as Thiago Alcanta. Ra, the world famous football player from Liverpool ever.

“I first met Charlie Patino years ago. It could be that this child had a talent many times higher than the others in his age. and may step up to be the top of the world in the future But then I had to keep my feelings. Will not be able to tremble.”

“This kid is very young but plays with the ball extremely calmly even when pressured by opponents at close range. He does the basics as simple as passing the ball and running to find space to help his compatriots take advantage. Nothing complicate, but extremely efficient.”

“Everything I’ve said about Patino is 100% true and you’ll see for yourself. He gets more and more playing opportunities then everyone will be amazed at how calm. He commands midfield games. Because no matter how serious the situation is, there will never be a rush.”

“And to compare it to some of the most famous players in the world, I would by UFABET say Patino is as talent as Thiago Alcantara from Liverpool. He has a unique way of controlling the ball. who Including the stillness of reading the game in midfield, which is outstanding as well.