Ajax have a few golden rules when it comes to transferring players. 

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Ajax have a few golden rules when it comes to transferring players. But it’s a few items that can’t negotiate.

They nurture young players from the start of playing football until they are ready for the professional career. Most children have grown up together since childhood. Playing with Ajax It’s like coming to play football with friends, gradually absorbing the concept of playing football in the style of Ajax more and more with age. some people like The Timber brothers (Urian and Quinten) moved here from Feyenoord at the age of 13 before Urian went on, but Quinten chose to go back and make a breakthrough. succeeded later

They produce players for the club. build a reputation domestic championship. And sometimes they dare to challenge Europe, like in 2019, where many gods were born. It’s just a pity that one day these children have to move away. with when the offer is commensurate and contact clubs Is a club from the big leagues, big clubs, they choose not to hold back anyone. But it won’t leave an opportunity to make money at the same time. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

That can’t negotiate.

  • Players must want to move to the team that has contacte. 
  • They only need to get an offer that they satisfie with.

Knowing that their league is not the best league in world football, Ajax and many other clubs need not hold back their best players too much. Look at the dream of the players + business in the same direction, good parting, parting to think about. and pass on their stories for the next generation of young players.

Marco van Basten was an inspiration for Patrick Kluivert. 

Mark Overmars was an inspiration for Wesley Schneider.

A new generation has come home again like Davy Klazen has inspire so many youngsters. That today they are proud to chosen to wear the club crest bearing the face of “Ajax the Great”. “(Ajax, Iax, depending on what you call it. One of the heroes of Troy) designed with 11 lines forming his face, meaning “11 people are one, that’s the club.” 

So Urian Timber and the clip of his goodbye to the club. His move to Arsenal has release, talking about the story of inspiring the next generation to succeed him.

Since it is not possible to develop the entire body of the league. The club has adapted to the modern society where capitalism has come full circle. along with maintaining standards And the pride in this club to remain with the capital of the Netherlands forever.