Initial solution When allergic to air, allergic to smell

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Initial solution When allergic to air, allergic to smell, dust recurs, runny nose doesn’t stop.

For those who are allergic Especially allergic to weather, cold, drizzle, allergic to smell, causing non-stop sneezing, runny nose, causing problems and annoyance to yourself allergic to air and those around you, such as a runny nose. will create a lot of problems flow like water A roll of tissue may not be enough to absorb the mucus. Anyone who is facing this kind of problem Try implementing this method.

For people who are allergic to air, allergic to smell, dust. will create quite a few problems because the snot may flow almost all the time, almost all day Run in and out of the bathroom or sink or use tissues to absorb mucus all day. Especially in the morning, the cold weather will have a bit of a severe symptom. which is very boring. Read an article on allergy here UFABET.

house cleaning Don’t let there be dust and smell.

house cleaning Don’t let the smell of dust, such as the bedroom, bed sheets, pillows, clothes, etc. that have a dusty smell, clean and get rid of everything in the room. There are too many in the house. can’t clean Move yourself to a spot that is free of odors.

Keep yourself warm in the cold weather.

cool morning If you have an allergic reaction, keep yourself warm, put on clothes, wear a knit hat, and a scarf to keep yourself warm. The author has done this and can help reduce symptoms of allergies to weather and odor quite a bit. Wait a while for the sun to start to come out, it will be better.

wake up in the middle of the night have a recurrent allergy

during periods of physical weakness observed from not exercising for a long time sometimes waking up in the middle of the night It’s still several hours until morning allergic to air. There will be recurrent allergies, runny nose, sneezing, causing quite a torture in sleep. Don’t try to think about anything, go to sleep, don’t get up, try to lie still. Even if you can’t fall asleep, don’t get up, pray, or don’t think about anything, act like a person of desperation. Staying still will be better.

Go to sleep immediately when you have allergies.

If you have an allergic reaction Runny nose and doesn’t seem to stop If you can sleep, then sleep. If you can’t sleep, there are no antihistamines. I want to use being still, don’t think about anything, and I can pray along. Keep calm, both physically and mentally, it will be better.

practice meditation

Meditation or trying to focus your attention on something else It can help as well. Meditation training. Don’t get stuck in sitting. You have to act like a monk. Sitting, walking, standing, lying down, driving, you can meditate by keeping your mind calm, don’t think anything, or you can meditate too. can help as well But it’s a little difficult Because our hearts are not still. From what I tried to test Many times it can stop allergy symptoms. Especially waking up in the middle of pulling need to continue to sleep You have to lie down and calm your mind, lie still, pray until you fall asleep or don’t fall asleep, don’t worry about it. Remember, don’t get up and do anything. What time do you usually wake up? Soak until it’s time to wake up.

Exercise to Sweat

Exercise, don’t get attached to running. must have space Or must have equipment to help exercise. May walk or run stationary in a square room, swinging arms, jumping, punching mosquitoes, punching air, aerobic dancing, yoga, standing, swinging arms, rotating arms, etc. Just do it continuously for half an hour to sweat, symptoms will improve, sneezing and runny nose will be reduced. less