Ideas to save time cooking pets, dogs, cats.

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Ideas to save time cooking pets, dogs, cats.

Young woman with her dog is making breakfast .

This article will introduce guidelines for cooking food for pets. For people who raise dogs and cats as friends to solve loneliness. Especially elderly people, old people, single people, lonely alone. Cooking for pets for some people takes more time than necessary or is unsafe, especially elderly people who use gas stoves that start to walk with difficulty. Or it may fall and hit the stove. But there are also pets that need to be taken care of as companions in old age.

As for the cooking equipment Some people will focus on using gas stoves. May not be safe for elderly people who are beginning to walk with difficulty. might sting and hit the stove or there may be difficult steps Some houses will cook steamed food for pets. Light a steaming gas stove every day, wasting time and wasting gas.

Ways to save time when cooking pets

the following guidelines UFABET. Whatever you like, you can choose according to your convenience.

Prepare cooking utensils

Let’s prepare a simple cooking device first, that is, a deep rice cooker. There are many approaches such as
1. People and pets eat in different pots separately. People’s rice focuses on jasmine rice, brown rice, cat’s rice, and the price is a bit cheaper. Cost savings In this case, only the rice cooker of pets. Choose the right pot size, for example, if you have one pet. or as small as a cat, focusing on a 0.3 liter rice cooker is enough, must be touched as well to make steamed food This method does not save electricity. But it’s good for a lot of people. It has to be a rice cooker like that. Rice will be delicious and satisfying. Choose according to your liking.

2. Both people and pets Eating rice in the same pot, you have to look at how much food both people and pets eat. in order to choose the appropriate size of the rice cooker Get enough rice for people and pets. This method is good for pocket money. save electricity

Pet food guidelines

when the device is ready Cooking food for pets will be easy, focusing on steaming menus that are safer for pets than other menus.
1. Separate rice cooker. It’s better for people and pets. Cooking is much easier, such as cooking rice together with steaming mackerel, steaming chicken, pork, etc. depending on the budget. Some people focus on chicken ribs in Lotus. It’s not expensive, but it takes time to chop it into small pieces. to ripen faster
2. Steaming containers, use tiles or ceramics to retain heat for a long time. But have to try other containers as well, such as stainless steel, to see which type. make the food more cook

3. Cooking rice for pets Cook one meal a day, for example, cooking rice for breakfast along with steaming mackerel, chicken, pork, etc. according to the budget. 4. As for dinner, the rice is already cold


For any home with pets. This is an easy way to cook. good for pet health because it focuses on steamed food which should be fed for a time If the pet rarely eats It may be postponed to feel very hungry.