Ideas for financial planning before retirement for low-income, young people

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Ideas for financial planning before retirement for low-income, young people

Financial planning, spending in advance, before retirement or before stopping work. For people with low incomes and young age, it’s not easy. Because whatever is yet to come Haven’t met myself before. It’s hard to know how to prepare. What problems are waiting for you? very little income what to do In this article, there are personal views. That may be useful to readers at UFABET.

In terms of spending money in the future. There will be many subtleties. That are unexpected and difficult to remember. How much money is enough to spend until I die from this world? Therefore, it is necessary to study many aspects. especially people with low incomes and no way to earn more income or there may be a channel But did not earn much money. That means Thoughts on Retiring or Stopping Work and use only money. It’s something that can forgotten. Because it may have to work for the rest of your life. until there is no strength sick, can’t work and ultimately leave this world

Matters to be studied for information for low-income earners

1. Simple living, low expenses

Easy to eat, easy to live, will spend very little. Study and take action to live like this. To know how much the actual expenses are or are there any channels that help reduce income, such as growing some vegetables to eat by yourself? cook your own food what kind of food When you do it, you will know for sure. It can help reduce expenses quite a lot.

2. Reduce the accumulation of assets, properties. That have expenses that must taken care of.

The presence of certain things, property or possessions that are costly to look at. But that thing is not very valuable or does not make money. Does not generate income, should not be accumulated. For example, having many cars. But rarely drive, taxes, gas per year, not less, or have items that do not increase in value in the future or cannot converted into money. But needs care It wastes time watching and or has subsequent costs.

3. Don’t mess with living things.

planting trees or have pets There will be expenditures that will follow. Cost of water, fertilizer, food, maintenance. If it is a plant, the tree should be planted that can be used as food. to help reduce expenses Some people like flowers, plant all sorts of things, spending hours watering them every day. There are expenses for fertilizers, medicines and many other items. Grown only to admire not planted for sale

4. Take care of your own finances and those close to you must not be a burden.

Taking care of yourself in terms of work, spending, money management must do Not a burden to anyone or not a burden to family members when different people try to help themselves More money will be left to save. have more financial stability If the income is low, then you still have to help people around you. there will be no money left

5. Take care of your own health and that your family members do not get sick.

taking care of yourself as well as family members pay attention to exercise about food it’s important To help reduce the cost of self-treatment in the future financial planning. from illness which sometimes has quite a large expenditure All the savings that I have may not be left at all. with a single illness not yet retired Money may not be left.

6. Body donation after death

For singles, single people with very low incomes. can easily take responsibility for himself after death By doing a body donation to a hospital, whether it’s for medical education or donating organs. It will greatly reduce the expenses of managing your own funeral. At that time, he would not be able to get up and do anything by himself. expenses in this section It’s not a few hundred thousand baht, depending on your own reputation or the time of death. Because it may be stuck on Buddhist holy days, shaving days, important days, stuck in a queue, having to go to the kiln, the kiln is busy, causing the body to be kept for several days. The cost will also be high as well.