Easy pumpkin dessert menu for those who are not good at cooking.

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Easy pumpkin dessert menu for those who are not good at cooking.

In this article, I will introduce how to make a non-sweet menu and an easy dessert for those who want to eat. Pumpkin at the fresh market will be cut into pieces for about 20 baht. Anyone who wants to buy it to make dessert. There is a simple way at UFABET. You can make small amounts just enough for one person, one meal, or multiple meals.

benefits of pumpkin

Pumpkin has benefits and nutritional value. It can be both vegetables and fruits. It can be used to cook both savory dishes and desserts. Pumpkin contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, 3, 5, 6, E, CK, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, various properties such as eye care, skin nourishment, blood nourishment.

I used to eat savory pumpkin menus such as pumpkin with eggs or Kaeng Liang and would like to try dessert with pumpkin. The author also has a simple menu to recommend

Example of making a dessert menu, pumpkin.

Prepare the pumpkin and ingredients.

Raw materials do not need to be selected completely. But at least there is enough pumpkin, sugar and salt.
1. Pumpkin at the market, 20 baht per piece, enough for making 1-2 cups of dessert. Pumpkin Seeds Don’t Throw Away Bring to a boil until cooked, eat and play, then cut into pieces. If you don’t want the pumpkin to rot Soak the pumpkin in lime water for an hour, then rinse thoroughly.
make-pumpkin-syrup026 2. Coconut sugar or sugar as you can find
3. Salt
4. Pandan leaves
5. Fresh coconut milk or boxed coconut milk

Example of pumpkin menu type 1: boiled with sugar

1.The first menu is the easiest. 

Peel the pumpkin, cut into pieces and boil until cooked. Any kind of stove can use that. Electric rice cookers can be boiled, gas stoves, electric stoves, charcoal stoves, gas stoves, foldable cans. Choose what’s
convenient Add a little water and bring to a boil. The water in the pumpkin will gradually come out. Wait for it to ripen. Put it on a plate.

2. Dessert menu.

Bring the pumpkin to boil. Add as much water as you like, but not too much because the water in the pumpkin will come out. Put sugar or palm sugar (better, it smells very good) on top of the pumpkin, boil until it’s cooked, then lift it down. The amount of sugar put into it You need to find your own recipe. How much sugar is enough to be sweet, not too much?

3. Making Pumpkin Syrup 

Put the pumpkin in the pot. add a little water Put coconut sugar on top. Boil on the stove until cooked and dry, you will get candied pumpkin. Keep eating for several days.

4. Dessert menu, Pumpkin Gaeng Buat, this menu must add coconut milk, pandan leaves, salt, sugar and bring to a boil together until the sugar dissolves. Then put the pumpkin into it, wait until it’s cooked, put
it on a plate. 5. There is an electric rice cooker that is profound. Add more or less water as you like. If you want sweetness, you can add sugar as well. Put it in the batter. The pumpkin will be cooked before the rice is cooked. and take the pumpkin out first otherwise it will be messy

6. Making pumpkin syrup with a rice cooker that doesn’t have steamed food Do the same with cooking rice. Just put pumpkin instead of rice. add a little water But you have to find your own recipe. how much water and pumpkin will be needed, if you want sweet and fragrant, add coconut sugar, if you want to make pumpkin curry, add coconut milk, press the cook button when it’s cooked or the water dries up, it will bounce by itself, but it’s important to do the first time Must find a formula that fits perfectly. This method is easy.


besides the pumpkin If you want to make other desserts, you can focus on simply trying to use them, such as mung beans, soybeans, beans, taro. The method is simple and similar, but in the case of mung beans, peanuts should be soaked in water for several hours before boiling or steaming them.