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Muslim Facebook to be launched in İstanbul in Ramadan

Lovely… Monitoring this will be a chore…Wont be long before it’s terror central… by MEHMET SOLMAZ , İSTANBULfrom Sundays Zaman

Described as a “Halal Facebook,” the new social networking phenomenon, Salamworld, set to hit the Muslim world during the fasting month of Ramadan, will create an Internet platform for Muslims of all ages. The headquarters of the company are located in İstanbul.

There are currently 800 million Facebook users around the world, 300 million of whom are Muslim. This number is expected to increase by 100 percent in 10 years’ time. Speaking to Sunday’s Zaman in an inclusive interview, the chairman of Salamworld, Abdulvahit Niyazov, said that the platform has been developed with the aim of providing a more “halal” (Islamically permissible) website for Muslims to interact with each other online.

Niyazov said İstanbul is seen as an ideal location due to its unique position between the Eastern and Western worlds and that Turkey is economically stable, thus attracting many businessmen from all around the world. He added that Turkey is seen as a leading Muslim country among Islamic countries. Niyazov says this project is solely a business project that intends to serve needs of Muslims in the modern world and it is not supported by any political movements or countries. He added that he has always shown great respect to the works of Turkish scholars around the world, including well-respected figures Fethullah Gülen and former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan.

Salamworld states that its users will be provided many applications, including a vast collection of books on Islamic heritage in a number of eBook formats, certified distance learning programs tailored to various levels of education, interactive session with recognized scholars and qualified experts and consultants. A multilingual online Islamic encyclopedia will be available in interlinked pages created by multiple users.

Another important application will be the online city guide, where users will be provided with worldwide city guides to mosques, Islamic centers, Halal restaurants and other Muslim businesses. Users will also be given opportunities to broadcast sermons, lectures and newsworthy events. Salamworld will provide daily updates of breaking news and a space for online discussions.

The company chairman stated that there will be an online store of Islamic goods and services and, additionally, tours will be advertised and organized for annual pilgrimages to the holy city of Mecca. Mentioning that 54 percent of the Muslim world is under the age of 25, Salamworld targets Muslim children and youth to be educated on Islam with interactive online games.

Salamworld states that this project is not only going to be created to serve as an ordinary social networking platform. It describes its mission as being multi-faceted; an alternative to popular social networks, offering Islamic content generated by Muslims for Muslims, a place for Muslims to raise their voices, a platform for communication between Muslim communities, a channel between Muslims and the international community, offering a field of opportunities for Muslim youth and a range of Internet services for modern Muslim society.

Salamworld chairman Niyazov stated that he was inspired to start this social networking project in April 2011 and he says the main reason for starting the projects was to provide a chance for Muslims to have their own space on the Internet and in social networks, taking into account that one-fifth of the Earth is Muslim.

Niyazov told Sunday’s Zaman that they are in the process of actively developing the company. The product and the project is planned to be launched during the fasting month of Ramadan.

“Besides İstanbul, we have offices in Moscow, Russia and Egypt. Between March and April 2012 we plan to open a technical office in India’s Hyderabad and Indonesia’s Jakarta in June or July and another technical office in New York in October or November. Our plan for this year is also to open an office somewhere in the Persian Gulf (either in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha) and also in Iran. Our plans for the next year also include openings in Almaty or Astana to supervise the Central Asian region, Mecca and Medina as the Holy cities, Paris and London for Europe and Beijing and Kuala Lumpur for Southeast Asia. Our professional team now consists of experts from 12 countries. The executive board has representatives from 17 countries,” the Salamworld chairman said.

Salamworld says they aim to provide an alternative social network that is safe for young users, without the harmful content that is usually associated with social networks. Several leading Muslim countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan ban thousands of websites to protect their Internet users from harmful content. “I strongly believe that without a reliable alternative to choose from, and with a lack of Islamic content, young Muslim Internet users are unprotected against the harmful contents of websites and social networks that are devoted to today’s popular culture,” Niyazov added.

Many have previously tried to set up Islamic social networking projects but they failed and later closed.

“Speaking frankly, all of them failed. When a website has 20,000 users from the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, this is also a failure. Having no competitors in this market of course increases the risk of failing; from the other side, it also increases the potential area of dissemination. As people have no alternatives, this gives us an opportunity to grow faster,” said Niyazov.

The company chairman said that well-known scholars and intellectuals in the Muslim world support the project. Some of them joined the company’s executive board and others have become Salamworld’s “true friends.”

According to the Salamworld development plan, the company plans to spend not less than $50 million in the next three years. Niyazov said he is absolutely confident that these figures are correct, and will give good results. He added that Salamworld’s major goal for the next few years is to become a global company with a $1 billion turnover. “I can say with certainty that we’re moving much more efficiently that we even planned to,” he added. Moreover, within next four to six years, Salamworld plans to launch as a public company, with its head office in Hong Kong. However, it’s very difficult to make any kind of forecasts for the next six years, especially regarding the economy and finances.


Thinking outside the box on Syria

With a steady stream of violence Bashar al-Assad has over the last year, tried to save the Alawi leaders grip on power over Syria.

English: Golan Heights עברית: אחר צהריים חורפי...

Security and military forces under control of the Assad family and the Ba’ath Party(NPF) have killed more than 5000 people, with thousands more wounded. Add to this at least 50,000 declared missing, and 59,000 more in detention, where reports are surfacing of torture, mutilation, and mass abuse are appearing at a alarming rate. With over 16,000 refugee’s fleeing across the border into Turkey and Lebanon, and the governments policy of killing soldiers who refuse to fire on the protester’s, event’s show that a solution is desperately needed.

During this time the reaction of the world is slightly worse than appalling. Turkey, a once aspiring NATO member with a bright future in the EU talked the talk, but sat on their hands when the time came for a buffer zone. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan apparently found it more important to try to exert influence in Egypt, coddle Hamas, and badgering Israel over killing Palestinian terrorists, (All the while killing Kurds) than to do what possibly have turned this mess around.

The rest of the Arab leaders have barked little, fearing for their own regimes, sending observers, and the 3 days later, pulling them out. The Western world has initiated a sanction drive, but what good that will do is to be seen. Any real action at all in the UN by the UNSC is sure to be vetoed by Russia, a long time rights abuser who is afraid of losing its billion dollar customer for arms, its only deep water port on the Med, and stealing their own elections. China? Nope. The USA you say? They better be saving their nickels and dimes for Iran. Face it, no real help is coming unless someone steps up to bat unilaterally.

While it might not save the proverbial day, there is a way to save lives of perhaps thousands of refugee’s fleeing the violence, and it’s not a buffer zone or invasion either. A safe zone. Where might you ask? In Israel, By the border in the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights, a area contested since 1967 by Syria as Syrian, but currently under Israeli civil administration totals a area of 1,800 square kilometers (690 sq mi). The Israeli government, the IDF the Red Cross and Red Crescent alongside the UNHCR (already there) could set up a small refugee camp complete with a field hospital for 15-20,000 people. Besides the humanitarian value of this mission it would be a boon for Israel in PR, as well as the right thing to do.

As far fetched idea as this is, is it really out of the question? I can see several pluses emerging from this when the dentist finally falls. Syria could get back all or most of the Golan with a peace agreement. Hezbollah would be cut off from their Iranian masters, as would Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This could be a good thing.

Somebody needs to pick up a phone.

I wrote this in September and just updated it, I was told I was crazy then, well looks like others think the same way…

Should Israel Offer Assistance To The People Of Syria?

Israel should be providing humanitarian and medical aid to Syria

Jeff Treesh is @Iranaware



Hamas makes bid for Muslim Brotherhood membership

So what was all that hype about a so called reconciliation deal with Fatah, and the merger into the PLO? Hamas has now officially made a bid to join the Muslim Brotherhood.

Recently, In October a Muslim Brotherhood delegation visited the Gaza Strip for the first time. The party had been curbed by US-aligned Hosni Mubarak but it has been empowered by a strong showing in elections since the president’s ouster.

Meanwhile, Hamas had taken a “neutral stand” in the internal unrest in Syria. Mashaal is closing up the political offices in Damascus, and looking for greener pastures to setup. Haniya was quoted as appealing for calm in Syria before starting his tour: “We have called for preserving Arab blood and for using dialogue and understanding between all the components of Arab countries.” Jordan was speculated for a while, but King Abdullah and the Saudis went into denial mode and said no, out of fear of the Iranian influence. Rumors also have Egypt as a possibility; with the recent Islamist takeover anything is possible now.

During the stop in Egypt, a part of Ismail Haniyeh‘s first official regional tour since Hamas seized power of Gaza in 2007; he was treated like royalty by the masses. Haniyeh met with Muslim Brotherhood chairman Muhammad Badie on Dec. 26 during his visit to Cairo, where he reiterated that his organization will never recognize Israel and will never give up on Jerusalem. He also called for the establishment of a “Jerusalem Army,” an army of Arab nations who will conquer Jerusalem from the Jews.

The tour of Arab capitals is to call upon Muslims and Arabs to fight against what he called the “Judaization” of Jerusalem, as the leader of the Gaza-based terror movement shone a spotlight on a new phase of incitement toward violence. During a forum entitled “The Jerusalem Forum” being held in Khartoum, Gaza’s leader is also expected to hold talks with the leaders of these countries on rebuilding the Gaza strip, which suffered considerable damage during a major Israeli offence in 2008-2009.

[This “anti-Judaization” campaign is part and parcel of a concerted effort by both Hamas and its “moderate” Fatah allies to deny Jewish history and the authenticity of the millennia-old claim of the Jewish people to their capital. This same week, the announcement that a tourist center might be built on the site of the ancient City of David in Jerusalem where archeologists have made important discoveries about the history of the ancient Davidic kingdom generated protests. Palestinian Arabs are offended that this significant historical treasure will be preserved not just because it sits in a part of the city where many Arabs live but also because its presence reaffirms the historical claims of Israel and the Jews to the place.]

Haniyeh repeated the comments during talks Saturday in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, where he met along with Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal, President Omar al-Bashir. Some 59 members of Hamas’ Shura Council also met to discuss creating a separate branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.

Haniyeh will be in Turkey on New Years Day, to meet with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at his residence in Istanbul. Erdogan’s government insists that peace cannot be achieved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if Hamas is excluded from the process. The Turkish premier has rejected the “terrorist” label for Hamas, defending the Islamist group as “resistance fighters who are struggling to defend their land.”

With Tunisia, Qatar, and Bahrain left on his whirl wind tour, it will be interesting to hear what Haniyeh declares next.

Jeff Treesh is @Iranaware

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