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South Sudan fighters allowed to rape in lieu of wages

Fighters in Sudan (illustration)

Fighters in Sudan (illustration)
Goran Tomasevic/Reuters//By Ari Yashar

A new UN report Friday reveals that children and the disabled have been burned alive in South Sudan, and that members of the pro-government militia have been allowed to rape women in lieu of wages.

The report described the conditions in South Sudan as “one of the most horrendous human rights situations in the world.”

“The report contains harrowing accounts of civilians suspected of supporting the opposition, including children and the disabled, killed by being burned alive, suffocated in containers, shot, hanged from trees or cut to pieces,” the UN human rights office said in a statement with the report.

“Credible sources indicate groups allied to the government are being allowed to rape women in lieu of wages but opposition groups and criminal gangs have also been preying on women and girls.”

According to the report, the widespread prevalence of rape “suggests its use in the conflict has become an acceptable practice by (government) SPLA soldiers and affiliated armed militias.”

No less than 1,300 rape cases were reported in South Sudan’s Unity state in just five months of last year according to the report.

An assessment team that was deployed in South Sudan from October to January made the findings in the report, and said “state actors” committed most of the crimes. It noted the attacks on civilians and rape cases could constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In parallel to the UN report, Amnesty International released its own report on an incident in which South Sudanese soldiers brutally murdered 60 men and boys last October by locking them in a shipping container until they suffocated.

Amnesty International researchers reported finding remains of skeletons from the murders. Over 42 witnesses were interviewed, including 23 people who testified to seeing the victims forced into a shipping container and later saw their bodies either being removed or at a mass burial site.

Violence has run rampant in South Sudan since December 2013, when a power struggle between President Salva Kiir and his rival Riek Machar turned into an all out civil war.

Tens of thousands of people have died, and over 2.3 million people have been displaced.


Sudan Woman Sentenced To Death For Christianity Takes Refuge At U.S. Embassy

Mariam Yehya Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith, is now under the protection of the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, reports CNN.

On Thursday, Ibrahim and her husband were released from Sudanese custody, after having been detained two days earlier on charges of forging travel documents. Ibrahim had been released from prison only a day before from her earlier charges of apostasy.

Earlier this week, Ibrahim’s legal team announced that her death sentence had been overturned and she had been set free after weeks of intense international pressure. It was only 24 hours after that release that she was detained a second time while she and her family were at the airport on their way to the United States, where she has been granted a Visa.

From CNN:

It’s not clear what will come next for Ibrahim, who has been given a U.S. visa.

In an interview with the BBC on her way to the embassy, Ibrahim did not offer specifics when asked about her future. “I will leave it to God,” she said. “I didn’t even have a chance to see my family when I got out of prison.”

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf confirmed Ibrahim had been released on bail, saying, “She and her family are in a safe location, and the government of Sudan has assured us of the family’s continued safety.”

Harf said that the U.S. Embassy “remains highly engaged” in the woman’s case. “We will provide more information as it becomes available consistent with privacy lawsuit,” she said.

Sudanese authorities said Ibrahim was detained because of the documents she submitted.

The United States is working with the Sudanese government to confirm the validity of Ibrahim’s travel documents, which the Sudanese authorities claim are invalid based on their issuing authority and destination. Ibrahim’s lawyer is confident that the documents are in order and will be verified by the governments of Sudan and South Sudan. “We believe that the Sudanese authorities will dismiss this case,” he said.

Despite the release and negotiations in this case, it remains illegal and punishable by death to convert to Christianity in the Muslim nation, a crime for which Ibrahim was originally sentenced 100 lashes and death by hanging.

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The Least Peaceful Countries in the World are Muslim



So much for the Religion of Peace trademark.

With so much of strife and violence dominating our world, and the aftermath of the Arab Spring, its violent protests and repressive regimes adding their bit, it is not surprising that world peacefulness declined in 2013. The seventh edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI) showed 5 per cent deterioration in the world’s peacefulness over a six-year period.

Afghanistan, with its two-decade history of conflict, violence and political instability, was at the bottom most rung of the GPI at 162nd place, displacing Somalia and pushing it up to the 161st position. Significantly, the least peaceful regions are Muslim countries — Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Pakistan.”

What do most of those countries have in common? Islam. Not just Islam in the abstract, but wars to make Islam into the absolute and uncompromising law of the land.

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia are violent because of brutal conflicts involving the imposition of Islamic law. Syria and Iraq are split by bloody fighting between Sunnis and Shiites over Islamic doctrine.

Sudan is conducting a more conventional genocide with religious and racial elements that unquestionably draw support from Islam. But even if we count Sudan out, the remainder are indisputably wars defined by Islam.

All this is proof again that Islam is a source of violence.