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Israel and Saudi Arabia: Unlikely Allies

by Joseph Puder Media outlets have been speculating about the emerging alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The International Business Times (December 2, 2013), quoted London’s Sunday Times as saying that “Israel and Saudi Arabia were working together to bring down Iran’s nuclear activities.” Clearly, having a mutual interest in stopping the threat of a … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: #KSA, Hooked on Twitter

Kingdom ranks seventh in the world and first among Arab states for volume of tweets File photo of the Twitter logo at their headquarters in San Francisco, California. (AFP Photo/Kimihiro HOSHINO/FILES) London, Asharq Al-Awsat—A recent study has revealed that 53 percent of Twitter users in Saudi Arabia are “addicted” to tweeting. The study, conducted by … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: Iran or Israel

Analysis: Despite shared interests, there is little chance for normalization in Saudi-Israeli relations Dr. Yaron Friedman Abdul Aziz Qassim, a Saudi commentator at the al-Watan newspaper, wrote the following in an editorial last week: “The most sensitive question is being asked: Should the Sunni countries welcome an Israeli attack on Shiite Iran, as Iran remains … Continue reading

Gitmo Parting Gifts: Job Training & Islam Classes

By Arnold Ahlert   In another triumph of idiocy, the Obama administration is negotiating with the Yemeni government to release Guantanamo Bay and Afghan terrorists to a “rehabilitation” facility to be constructed outside Yemen’s capital city of Sana’a. According to the Los Angeles Times, the detainees “would undergo counseling, instruction in a peaceful form of Islam, and … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia:Pakistan made atom bombs upon request

By JPOST.COM STAFF   Kingdom has allegedly financed nuclear arms made in Pakistan, the BBC reports. A motorcyclist looks at an Iranian-made Ghadr-F missile during a war exhibition Photo: Reuters Saudi Arabia has reportedly financed Pakistani-developed nuclear weapons, and the kingdom devises Islamabad will provide it atomic bombs upon request, the BBC reported Wednesday night. … Continue reading

God’s modern agents: the Saudi religious police

HMMM… It was Saudi National Day. Many of the people in the street were euphoric. All of the religious zealots were outraged. The former were celebrating, relaxing, going wild and having a good time. The latter were watching the Will of God being challenged, virtue being transgressed, grave sin being committed. In such a situation … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: First on Iran’s Nuke Hit List

Why a nuclear Iran is the world’s catastrophic problem, not just Israel’s. Livni has missed the point. Mark Langfan On October 23, 2013, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni stated, in English, responding to a question about Gulf Sunni States’ cooperation with Israel on stopping Iran’s nuclear bomb, “In order to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon, we … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia 1, Russia 0 #KSA

Farid Ghadry Yesterday, Saudi Arabia, a country that won a seat on the Security Council, rejected that seat as a form of protest over the UN handling of Syria. The Saudi foreign ministry issued this statement: “”Below is the full text of today’s Saudi statement. Click here for UN Watch’s reaction, declaring the Saudi pull-out … Continue reading

Writer’s tweet worries female Saudi workers

A prominent Saudi writer suggests women should just stay home Women working as cashiers remain a cause of concern for extremist intellectuals in Saudi Arabia. Twitter activists and users are now calling for holding the writer and intellectual Abdallah al-Daoud – who is followed by around 100,000 users – accountable over a tweet in which … Continue reading