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“Military age men” at San Diego’s southern border

Among the several dozen Pakistani and Afghan men who have entered the U.S. illegally, coming into San Diego from Tijuana, two were found to have ties to terrorist groups, according to a letter sent by U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter to the Department of Homeland Security.

Muhammad Azeem and Muktar Ahmad, both in their 20s, surrendered to U.S. Border Patrol agents in September, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. One was listed on the Terrorist Screening Database for “associations with a known or suspected terrorist. The other was a positive match for derogatory information in an alternative database,” according to Hunter’s letter.

Azeem and Ahmad are among dozens of men — described by Border Patrol agents as “military age and carrying U.S. cash” who began entering the U.S. through a Tijuana-based human-smuggling pipeline in September.

Pakistanis and Afghans crossing the border illegally in the San Diego sector are pretty unusual, according to Border Patrol statistics. In 2013, U.S. Customs and Border Protection detained fewer than 400 Pakistanis throughout the entire United States — at the ports of entry, airports, and along the border between ports.

Between October 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015, the San Diego sector of the Border Patrol detained 18 Pakistanis and 1 Afghan, according to Border Patrol statistics. Between October 1 and mid-November of last year, 2 Afghans and 22 Pakistanis reportedly surrendered to Border Patrol agents.

“We have detained more Pakistanis and Afghans in the first month of this fiscal year than we did all last year,” assistant chief Richard Smith confirmed in November.

In the month and a half since mid-November, 3 more Afghans and 6 more Pakistanis were detained by the Border Patrol (not including those detained at the ports of entry).

Customs officials did not return calls for their statistics on detentions at the ports of entry.

The decline in arrests had not lessened concerns, however. Federal agents say they believe that the Pakistanis have begun making an effort to avoid being caught.

Until November, they would enter in groups and seek a federal agent to surrender to, according to union officials. It is believed that they did this because illegal entrants who are not Mexican citizens and who are deemed to not pose a significant threat are generally given a date to appear at immigration court and then released on their own recognizance. (Central Americans coming to Texas and the Roma in San Diego both used the same method to enter the U.S. in the past two years.)

But that method has changed, National Border Patrol Council president Terence Shigg said. While the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector continues to apprehend Pakistanis and Afghans, they are now finding them travelling alone and often farther north of the border than the earlier surrenders.

“It’s very concerning,” Shigg said. “We have no idea what their actual intentions are because we have no effective way of backtracking. Just the males are coming and there’s no way for us to know for certain who they are and why.”

Both Azeem and Ahmad remain in ICE custody, spokeswoman Lauren Mack confirmed. ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations is part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, she noted, and works closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on terrorism-related investigations.

Stratfor vice president of intelligence Fred Burton, interviewed last month, noted that identity documents from Afghanistan and Pakistan should set off alarms.

“The challenge of getting these individuals is getting who they actually are confirmed — proving identity is difficult in that environment,” Burton said. “Afghanistan and Pakistan do not have a robust identification system — these are places where there is tremendous potential for official document and visa fraud.”

Shigg said he believes that federal officials should be talking openly about this new development and committing more resources to keeping people from such countries in custody until they can be completely vetted.

“It’s not as if they don’t have the systems to sort, but they have to dedicate the resources and detention space to sorting this out,” he said. “These are credible threats.”


#Duh:US Homeland Security: Hezbollah could be in US

Michael McCaul (R-Texas): Boston bomber “very likely” trained by
extremists in Chechnya; Hezbollah a “national security concern.”

NEW YORK – There may be Hezbollah terrorists living
in America, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the US House
Committee on Homeland Security, said on Sunday.

He said he was worried over the freedom of movement of terrorists in the wake of the twin bombings in Boston last week.hezbollah-venezuela

“We’re concerned about Hezbollah operatives here in the United States,” McCaul told a San Diego news outlet.

before they had a relationship [in America] about money, finance, the
fact they could become operational is very much a national security

McCaul worked on a November 2012 House subcommittee
report, titled “Line in the Sand,” which “concluded that Iran and
Hezbollah pose a threat to the entire Western Hemisphere including the
United States and our southwest border.”

According to the
document, Hezbollah is keenly aware of the porous nature of the border
around San Diego, and its leadership has been channeling money to drug
cartels in exchange for a foothold near the US-Mexico border and aid in
crossing it. The report cites at least one intelligence mission in
coordination with Colombian authorities – called Operation Titan – that
led to the seizure of $23 million in assets.

The report notes the
arrest of Said Jaziri – a suspected Muslim extremist from Tunisia – who
was smuggled across the San Diego border with Mexico in the trunk of a

Flag of Hezbollah

During a hearing last year on Hezbollah’s influence in Latin America, Drug Enforcement Administration chief of operations Michael Braun issued similar warnings, but made no claim that terrorist operatives had successfully entered the US.

“It’s really a
nightmare scenario,” testified Braun. “If anyone thinks for a moment
that [Lebanon’s] Hezbollah and [Iran’s] Qods Force, the masters at
leveraging and exploiting existing elicit infrastructures globally, are
not going to focus on our southwest border and use that as perhaps a
spring board in attacking our country, then they just don’t understand
how the real underworld works.”

McCaul granted interviews to the
major American broadcast news outlets on Sunday, during which he
repeatedly outlined his theory that the older brother in the Boston
bombings, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was probably “radicalized and trained
overseas” during a sixmonth visit with family in Chechnya last year, and
that he “very likely” met with terrorists during his trip.

On both CNN and Fox News, the Texas congressman called Chechen Islamists “some of the fiercest jihadist warriors out there.”


Portland media never mentions man convicted of a double murder,sexual assault was Muslim


OREGON: Funny how the Portland media never told us the man convicted of a double murder and sexual assault of two young women was a Muslim

But now that the judge has refused to allow Mark Beebout to change his name to Yunus Mohammed for religious reasons, the ‘dhimmi’ media will be all over this reporting that a ‘Muslim’ convict is being discriminated against because of his religion.


Oregon Live  An attorney representing Beebout told Judge Diana Stuart that his client had long been a Muslim, since before 2001, and the new name reflects his deep connection to the faith, new attorney Jonah Paisner said. (Yes, killing unbelievers is not a crime in Islam because “The Quran says that restitution for murder is bound by the law of equality #2:178 and that non-believers are not equal to Muslims #39:09)

Mark Beebout, 40, was facing nearly two dozen counts that included multiple charges of murder and sexual assault. He pleaded guilty on February 22 to two counts of murder and one count of assault.

Mark Beebout aka Yunus Mohammed (left)

Mark Beebout aka Yunus Mohammed (left) pictured here with his (Jewish) defense attorney, Steve Krasik, last month 

But an attorney for one of the women Beebout killed argued Beebout is trying to distance himself from his criminal past — allowing “him to hide the fact of his crimes from his jailers, the public and from his fellow inmates.” ”Mr. Beebout is not just like the (other) people before you today,” said attorney Erin Olson. “… Mr. Beebout raped and murdered two young women using the name Mark Beebout.”

12243229-smallBeebout was sentenced earlier this month to two consecutive life terms for the aggravated murders of Mayra Sophia Cruz Rodriguez (photo left), a 15-year-old San Diego girl whose body nikaylapowelljpg-1e1a3a409c006bc3was found in Southwest Portland’s Washington Park last June, and Nikayla Powell (photo right), a 32-year-old who met Beebout while volunteering at a homeless outreach program. Beebout was a transient, and Powell let him stay at her Southeast Portland apartment, where she was found dead last July.

An attorney who represented Beebout in his murder case as said Beebout has been a Muslim for more than a decade. After both sides were finished making arguments, Stuart said it was worth noting that Beebout didn’t request to change his name until two days before his March 15 sentencing hearing.

After the hearing, Beebout’s attorney, Paisner, declined to answer questions, including why he also wants to change his name a nearly identical name. He’s filed paperwork to become Yunus Muhammad Paisner. Paisner, a member of the Oregon State Bar since 2000 and a former public defender, appeared in court wearing a taqiyah, a skull cap traditionally worn by Muslim men.