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Jihad and Self-Sacrifice in Islam

by David P. Goldman Comparative religion is not a statistical exercise: it is meaningless to tally up the victims of Crusaders and compare them to the victims of Islam and quibble about which religion is more violent. Religious war of conquest, that is, jihad, has the same role in Islam that the Lord’s Supper has … Continue reading

There Is No Modern Islam

by Daniel Greenfield Like math and the Midwest, ISIS confuses progressives. It’s not hard to confuse a group of people who never figured out that if you borrow 18 trillion dollars, you’re going to have to pay it back. But ISIS is especially confusing to a demographic whose entire ideology is being on the right … Continue reading

Canada: Islamist Showdown

By Pamela Geller I am scheduled to speak in Markham, Ontario along with my colleague Robert Spencer Tuesday evening. Apparently the opposition couldn’t get the police to do their dirty work this time, as they did last spring, when members of the York Regional Police force strongarmed a rabbi into canceling my scheduled talk at … Continue reading

DEARBORNISTAN: CAIR strong-arms school to serve Islamic-approved halal meals

BNI ………….. The Michigan chapter of Muslim Brotherhood terror-linked CAIR Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations today welcomed the Crestwood School District implementing halal meals to accommodate its Muslim student. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Crestwood School District, which compromises (sic) schools in the City of Dearborn Heights, has a significant and growing Muslim student population. CAIR-MI worked with … Continue reading

Begin on Saturday, Finish on Sunday

by Ali Salim Americans need to internalize that Western interests are in danger of being attacked and destroyed by both foreign and domestic enemies. If political Islam is not stopped now in the Middle East, it will explode in the West. The mood in the Middle East is rapidly changing. The elation of the Arab … Continue reading

US Islamist Group Alleges Discrimination Is American Way

By Ryan Mauro An interfaith dinner was held on July 27 at the Islamic Society of Frederick in Maryland, featuring local officials and Christian clergy. One of the speakers, a former leader of the “moderate” Islamic Circle of North America, explained its purpose: “Discrimination is part of the American way,” he explained, and “The only way to … Continue reading

A Middle East Without Christians

By Noah Beck Islamist terrorists have exploited the lawless Sinai to perpetrate vicious attacks on Egyptian Christians there, as reported earlier this week in the New York Times. Indeed, throughout Egypt, the Copts continue to be targeted and scapegoated for the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood. As defenseless and abandoned as Mideast Christians seem today, … Continue reading

#Islam: Not the Same God

The operation of Sharia courts in a democracy has nothing to do with religious freedom, but everything to do with political power and the appropriation of the host culture.by Tabitha Korol It was not so long ago, in 2008, that Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, welcomed Islam into the United Kingdom.  He now … Continue reading

Time to wise up to the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood plays off the naivete of the media and politicians, but with its background and what we all now should know, it’s time to wise up to this illiberal organisation Morsi supporters in Cairo John Ware In June, the House of Commons hosted a talk on the Muslim Brotherhood movement, and how it … Continue reading

The Question of Islamic Reform

By David Solway Perhaps the major theological problem confronting the revisionist Muslim community today—i.e., those whom we call “moderates”  or “secular-oriented intellectuals”—is the canonical scriptures which define their faith and without which Islam would cease to exist. The dilemma for these “enlightened Muslims” is the Koran itself, with its ubiquitous summons to warfare, conquest, enslavement … Continue reading

Islamic Terror: Decentralized, Franchised, Global

French security officials arrested three Chechen Islamic extremists with ties to al-Qaeda this spring. The three were believed to be “days away” from carrying out attacks in France, Spain, and elsewhere in Europe, prosecutor François Molins said. He called it a “worrying trend.” In Canada, a Tunisian immigrant was charged with plotting to derail a … Continue reading