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Iran cut off from global financial system

BRUSSELS (AP) — Iran was largely cut off from global commerce on Thursday, when the company that handles financial transactions said it was severing ties with many Iranian banks — part of an international effort to discourage Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. The action is meant to enforce European Unionsanctions, as global financial transactions are … Continue reading

Khamenei’s Strength Could Be a Vulnerability

At a time when the international community’s attention is focused on Tehran‘s nuclear program, Iranian politicians are more preoccupied by the country’s increasingly dysfunctional politics. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei appears to undercutting many government institutions, including the presidency, leaving him more directly in charge. An important indicator of how far this process will go is … Continue reading

Iran Senses Western Weakness

As the clock ticks closer to a nuclear-armed Iran, the Western powers are girding their loins for––more talks. Actually, they’re getting ready to talk to Iran about the conditions for talking some more. EU foreign policy head Catherine Ashton announced that the “P5 + 1” powers (the permanent Security Council membersplus Germany) hoped to persuade … Continue reading

Azerbaijan arrests 22 over Iran plot against Israel, US

Soon.By summer I think.. Azeri National Security Ministry: Suspects cooperated with Iran to carry out attacks on Israeli, US embassies, AFP reports. Officials in Azerbaijan announced the arrest of 22 people suspected of plotting attacks on the Israeli and US embassies in the capital Baku on behalf of Iran, AFP reported Wednesday. “Twenty-two citizens of … Continue reading

Video: Israeli-Iranian debate on CNN

Israel‘s Naftali Bennett, former chief of staff to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, faced off against Iranian writer and former adviser to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hooman Majd, in a CNN debate last week. Bennett, who is also a former Yesha Council director, met with United States politicians and media officials, and made an appearance both … Continue reading

Obama Has Surrendered to Iran.. Already

It’s vital for Americans to realize that Obama has already surrendered the defense of the civilized world.  We know that, because the critical window of opportunity to prevent Iranian nukes has been closing, closing, closing.  The risk of preventive action is getting greater by the day, which means that the optimal time for intervention is … Continue reading

Khamenei in his own words: Palestine

We have a smart bomb just for you and A-Jad, to help you on your way to Allah…in hell.Printed in it’s entirety so you can see the pedophiles mindset.. Not my views at all, purely this genocidal trash.But, a must read none the less The Supreme Leader’s View of Palestine Part one: The history of … Continue reading

Ahmadinejad’s fall, Khamenei’s rise

The region will be more insecure as clerics gain more power and influence impacting fledgling democracy By Osama Al Sharif, Special to Gulf News It was not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s finest hour. For years he was described as the protege of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, but now the 56-year-old president has been cast out by … Continue reading

No Nuclear Compromise With Iran

A specter is haunting the Middle East: The specter of the nuclear bomb. Iran‘s potential nuclear capability worries Middle Eastern countries – including its immediate neighbors. Not only does Israelsee a nuclear Iran as an existential threat, but also Arab countries – especially members of the Gulf Cooperation Council – consider an Iranian atomic bomb … Continue reading