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(Obama funded) Palestinian official threatens to start hijacking planes again


Former Palestinian peace negotiator Nabil Shaath said in an interview earlier this month that he often asks Westerners whether Arabs have to “hijack your planes and destroy your airports again” to make the world take notice of the Palestinian cause.

In a February 1 interview with the Palestinian Authority’s Awdha TV, translated by MEMRI, Shaath slammed American efforts at Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.

Asked about a French proposal for an international peace conference, Shaath replied, “Well, anything is better than American control of the negotiations. Anything. The US has never been a reliable honest broker. Never. It is the strategic ally of Israel. Period. Therefore any discussion of a different formula is a positive thing.”

But, he added, “an international conference is not what is needed. What is needed is a smaller framework. Today, at the African Union summit, President [Mahmoud] Abbas reiterated that we want something similar to the 5+1 framework” of six world powers who negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran.

“Like it or not, the US will be part of it. But we want France, Germany, Britain, the EU, Russia, China, Brazil, India. From the Arab countries we want Egypt at least. We want a small international framework.”

Shaath then turned to what he described as Western apathy toward suffering in the Middle East.

“If the Syrian problem had not been exported to Europe through the refugees on the one hand and terrorism on the other, the Europeans would not have cared even if the entire Syrian people had died,” he charged.

“But when all of a sudden there were four million Syrian refugees in Europe, 1.2 million of them in Germany alone, and when this was accompanied by Islamic State operations in France and elsewhere, all these countries began to fear that IS might have infiltrated through the refugees. And this started a debate about racial transformation in Europe with the entrance of non-white, non-European, non-Anglo-Saxon races, like the Syrian refugees, the Africans and others. This is what made the Syrian problem the most pressing from their perspective.”

He added: “I always say to these people, after I tell them about Syria and IS: ‘Do we have to hijack your planes and destroy your airports again to make you care about our cause? Are you waiting for us to cut off your oil supply? You always wait for things to reach boiling point and explode, causing you harm, before you intervene to end the crimes and violations.’”

Shaath served as the PA’s first foreign minister, and has served as a top peace negotiator and an influential member of the Fatah Central Committee.


The Palestinian war on women

Hamas 6

In the space of barely a week, Palestinian Arab  terrorists have singled out and stabbed Israeli women in three different cities, murdering two and wounding two others. There’s no point in mincing words: this is a Palestinian “War on Women.”

In the heat of American political campaigns, members of one party sometimes use language that sounds as if they are accusing their rivals of engaging in violence. One side will accuse the other of “assaulting” or “bashing” or “waging war” against somebody. But these are rhetorical flourishes. When candidate claim someone is waging a “war on women,” they don’t literally mean that their rival is killing women. It’s a complaint about the other person’s policy positions or opinions.

That, however, is true only in a civilized society. When it comes to the less-civilized–for example, Palestinian mass-murderers–a “war” is a war. And when the attackers specifically target women, as they are now doing, then–yes, it’s an actual War on Women.

On January 17, a knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist entered the home of Mrs. Dafna Meir, in the town of Otniel, and stabbed her to death in front of her children. The next day, a Palestinian stabber attacked and wounded a pregnant woman, Mrs. Michal Froman, in a clothing depot in Tekoah. Seven days later, two terrorists stabbed 24 year-old Shlomit Krigman to death in front of a minimarket in Beit Horon. Then they chased and stabbed another woman, age 58.

Think about the deliberation that went into the Beit Horon attack. It wasn’t just one “lone wolf,” acting on impulse. Here were two terrorists–meaning that they discussed it beforehand. They made a plan; they selected a location; they prepared their weapons.

As the two Palestinians approached the Beit Horon minimarket, they saw Shlomit Krigman standing outside. They didn’t have to attack her. They could have just charged into the minimarket. If even one of the attackers had any compunction about slaughtering a defenseless woman, he could have held back. But neither of them had any hesitations. They both stabbed her.

At that point, a man inside the store blocked the entranceway with a shopping cart. The terrorists saw a middle-aged woman outside, starting to run away. So they had two choices. They could have fled, and perhaps escaped with their lives. Or they could chase and stab another Jewish woman. They made a conscious choice: they continued their bloody war on women.

Women’s rights groups around the world should be outraged. Feminists should be picketing the Palestinian Authority’s offices. Anyone who is genuinely concerned about “wars on women” at least should be issuing angry press releases about the Palestinians’ war on women.

But they won’t. Just as they were silent every pervious time that Palestinian Arab terrorists have waged war on women.

Women’s groups were silent when Palestinians murdered nature photographer Gail Rubin, a niece of U.S. Senator Abraham Ribicoff, on a Tel Aviv beach in March 1978. The Palestinians could have tied Gail up. Or they could have taken her hostage. Instead, they murdered her. The Palestinian Authority recently named a public square in its capital city, Ramallah, in honor of Gail’s killer.

But one doesn’t have to go all the way back to the 1970s to find examples of the Palestinian War on Women. A year ago, a Palestinian terrorist crouched on the hill by the side of the road just outside the town of Ma’ale Shomron, with a firebomb in one hand. An Israeli automobile approached. The terrorist was situated on the passenger-side of the car, and he was close enough for the firebomb to make a direct hit–meaning that he was close enough to see the little girl who was the passenger. Yet he threw the bomb. Ayala Shapira suffered severe burns; it was a miracle that she survived. Did any women’s rights groups say a word about Ayala? Who today outside of israel even remembers her name?

Perhaps it is too much to expect anyone to care. After all, when has the international community ever paid attention to the other part of the Palestinians’ war on women–their war on Palestinian Arab women? In the territories run by the Palestinian Authority, Arab women are frequently murdered in so-called “honor killings”–butchered by relatives who suspect them of violating Islamic morality. The PA’s own laws ensure that such honor-killers receive lenient sentences.

If all the “human rights” groups and State Department wonks, who are deeply sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, do not speak up when Palestinian Arab women are murdered, what are the chances of them saying anything when Jewish women are murdered?

Let’s be clear: it’s not that women’s rights groups or human rights activists or State Department types are indifferent to women being murdered. It’s that they are so afraid of the murderers that they will do anything to appease them. They are terrified of joining the long list of victims of the stabbers and bombers and hijackers. Thus they quietly go along with whatever Palestinian terrorists do–in the desperate hope that they won’t be next

Stephen M. Flatow, an attorney in New Jersey, is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

See PA textbook incitement for yourself – funded by the US taxpayer


David Bedein/Last July, our agency raised concerns ​at the US Congress ​about current PA school books used in US-funded UNRWA schools.

We have worked on this issue for the past 16 years. ​When the new PA school books came out, we met with Yassir Arafat and received his permission to review the new PA school books which have been issued ever since August 1, 2000.

Arafat introduced me to his Minister of Education, whose office has provided all new editions of the PA school books to our office ever since.

While Arafat assured us that the new PA school books would be harbingers of peace, this has not been the case. Not by a long shot.


As a result of the Vatican report on the new PA school books, the Italian government withdrew all funds at the time from PA education.
For the past 16 years, US AID has allowed the inclusion of lethal text books into the PA/UNRWA curriculum.

The US provides 33% of the UNRWA budget; $400 million, with no constraints on the school books to be used.​

​​Last July, we were referred by ​Dr. ​Kobi Michael of ​the ​INSS to speak with Dave Harden of US AID concerning the indiscretions of the PA curriculum.

Mr. Harden  referred us to his superiors at the office of  Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) which oversees the US relationship with the PA and with UNRWA.

This US-UNRWA framework agreement allows UNRWA to decide if there are any indiscretions in the UNRWA operation.

At the suggestion of Mr. Harden, we met with a senior official of PRM, who assured us that current PA school books meet with standards of peace education and neutrality.

We presented an interim report on the PA /UNRWA school books on July 31, 2015 to the senior staff of the US House Foreign Relations Committee​

Because of  assurances that we received from PRM that new PA school books do meet standards of peace education, our office purchased all 120 new PA school books and hired two veteran Arabic speaking journalists to translate and review all of the new PA school books.

Here are  examples of the ​textbooks ​now ​being taught in the PA and ​UNRWA schools.​ Make sure to open this link and scroll down, reading to the end.

More of the same. War education preparation. Is it any wonder that so many PA youth, male and female, are proud to be the knife-wielding bestial murderers of innocent Jewish civilians of all ages?