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The Latest Push for a Palestinian State

Recent developments in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ireland exemplify yet another effort to create a Palestinian “state” out of thin air.  Sweden’s new socialist government has recognized “Palestine,” as did non-binding resolution adopted by Britain’s parliament and Ireland’s Senate. Similar moves elsewhere in Europe are expected shortly.  And there are plans to have “Palestine” … Continue reading

Palestinians Praise Infant Murderer

by Ari Lieberman As last week’s light rail car attack claims yet another victim – a 22-year-old Ecuadorian woman who sustained a mortal head wound – Palestinians are busy hailing the miscreant responsible for the cowardly attack that also claimed the life of a 3-month-old infant, as a hero and martyr. This abominable terrorist attack … Continue reading

Geneva Convention IV (1949) for Dummies

Benjy Eliav And before anyone gets all bouncy about being called a dummy, I consider myself to be a dummy, especially in this regard, International Law has never been my strong suite. So I went digging and downloading, and poring over a document as only an engineer can. Its a curse our breed lives with, … Continue reading

8 Emirates for the Palestinian Clans

The solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is neither two states nor one – but eight. Dr. Mordechai Kedar The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has several religious and cultural causes: According to Islam, Judaism ceased to exist when Christianity came to be, and Christianity ceased to exist when Islam came into the world to replace both. Judaism is … Continue reading

Crime pays ‑ for Palestinian terrorists

By TED POE When a Palestinian murders an Israeli or an American in Israel, they can wind up receiving a salary in excess of $40,000 a year, for their crime. A Palestinian guerrilla from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command Photo: REUTERS The more serious the crime the more money the criminal … Continue reading

The Deadly Reality of Palestinian Rock Throwing

IDF/Rock throwing is common in Judea and Samaria, and along with Molotov Cocktails and booby-trapped tire throwing, is a terror act that comes under the definition of ‘popular terror’. These incidents happen daily and are easily ignored by the mainstream media. But did you know that a simple rock can kill? In 2013, there were … Continue reading

Report: Palestinian Authority Paid Out $100 Million to Convicted Terrorists in 2013

A new report prepared and submitted by watchdog Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) to Britain’s Parliament reveals that the Palestinian Authority dolled out over $100 million to convicted terrorists in 2013, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported. The beneficiaries include current and former criminal detainees held in Israeli prisons. The report includes rare testimony from a convicted terrorist … Continue reading

Palestinians Confirm: It’s a “No”

Tom Wilson Few seemed to be listening earlier this week when the Palestinian Authority released a list of red lines that in practice meant an outright rejection of Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace framework. Prior to this, noises were coming from PA officials suggesting that they are not happy with Kerry’s efforts or enthusiastic … Continue reading

The Facts About the Palestinian Arab Water Supply

European Parliament head, Martin Schulz, admitted that he hadn’t checked the facts before he castigated Israel – from the Knesset podium – for denying Palestinian Arabs water. Here they are. Mark Langfan The State of Israel Water Authority (IWA) released a PowerPoint report entitled “The Water Issue Between Israel and the Palestinians.” (the “IWA Report”) in 2012.. … Continue reading

Poll: Majority of Americans Want Stronger Sanctions on Iran, Believe Palestinian State Would be Terror Hotbed

A view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo: Berthold Werner. Author:Joshua Levitt The National Omnibus Poll, conducted by McLaughlin Associates, surveyed 1,000 Americans, and found that the majority want tougher sanctions on Iran and believe any state run by the Palestinian Authority would become a hotbed for terror. The questions in the survey relating to Israel … Continue reading