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Homegrown Jihad in America

A radical jihadist group responsible for nearly 50 attacks on American soil is operating 35 terrorist training camps across the nation, but the U.S. government refuses to include the organization on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorists, as reported by Jihad Watch and WND.

With constant discussion over closing the borders, and finally doing something about illegal immigration, we have a bigger bump in the road than migrant workers. I would like to hear the State Department plans or a comment for handling the matter, unless they are just going to continue to ignore what appears to be quite a festering problem.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, known in the U.S. as “Muslims of America,” has purchased or leased hundreds of acres of property – from New York to California – in which the leader, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, boasts of conducting “the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare.” “We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.”

Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JF) is a Pakistani-based terrorist organization that has an operational headquarters and dozens of covert paramilitary training camps inside the United States. Jamaat ul-Fuqra is Arabic for “community of the impoverished.” JF’s goal is to counter “excessive Western influence on Islam” through any means necessary – purification of Islam through violence.

The group has worked with HAMAS, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups. JF has been banned in Pakistan and the U.K., but operates freely within the U.S under the front names of Muslims of the Americas, Quranic Open University, Soldiers of Allah, and Muhammad’s Commandos.

The group openly recruits through various social service organizations in the U.S., including the prison system. Members live in compounds where they agree to abide by the laws of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which are considered to be above local, state and federal authority. Gilani’s followers believe he is a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad, and can even perform miracles. JF members routinely travel to Pakistan for weapons and explosives training, and have fought in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kashmir, Bosnia, and Chechnya.

U.S. authorities have probed the group for charges ranging from links to al-Qaida to laundering and funneling money into Pakistan for terrorist activities. The organization supports various terrorist groups operating in Pakistan and Kashmir, and Gilani himself is linked directly to Hamas and Hezbollah. There have been several significant connections, a couple notable ones:

John Allen Muhammad: Known to have murdered at least ten people during a killing spree in 2002, earning him the nickname the Beltway Sniper. Also it is alleged that he threw a thermite grenade into a tent occupied by 16 American soldiers during the first Gulf War, although Muhammad was never prosecuted. Muhammad was associated with JF.

Joel Henry Hinrichs III detonated a bomb in his backpack on the campus of Oklahoma University during a football game (over 84,000 in attendance) in 2005. Hinrichs used TATP – the same component used by JF-linked Richard Reid during his failed attack and the JF-linked London Tube bombers. Officials ruled his death a suicide and claimed no ties to Islam. However, just days before the attack, an off-duty policeman witnessed Hinrichs attempting to purchase 1,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, and a search warrant netted a substantial cache of explosives, bomb-making components, and jihadist material. Hinrichs stayed at the same apartment complex that formerly housed September 11 hijackers Al Shehhi, Al Hazmi, Mohamed Atta as well as convicted Islamic terrorist Zacharias Moussaoui. All had ties to the Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma, including Hinrichs, according to witnesses that saw him at the mosque.xiv Hinrichs’ roomate Faisal M. Cheema is the brother of Mujeeb Cheema, who is allegedly tied to JF. Hinrichs was from Colorado Springs, where there is a history of JF activity.

Stephen Paul Paster: High-ranking member of JF. Paster was convicted for planting a bomb in a Portland hotel in 1983. Also Paster is suspected of two other Seattle attacks. Intelligence suggests that Paster is currently in Lahore, Pakistan, training JF members on the use of explosives and weapons.

Nidal Malik Hasan, the jihadist soldier from Ft. Hood, carried a business card with the title “Soldier of Allah” – one of JF’s aliases.

Analysis of the report is that Perceived inactivity from the law enforcement community could be due to political correctness as virtually all of JF members are black Muslims. Despite JF’s violent history and list of crimes, actions taken by the law enforcement community would likely cause a backlash from numerous civil rights and civil liberty organizations, which would file lawsuits and launch a media campaign to portray any crackdown of JF as both racist and anti-Islamic behavior. Another possibility is that federal agents fear an incident such as the infamous Waco standoff, with tremendous fallout from the black and Muslim communities – both domestic and foreign.

Seven of the compounds have been identified as training facilities: Marion, Alabama; Commerce, Georgia; Macon, Georgia; Talihina, Oklahoma; York County, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee and Red House, Virginia. Other compounds are located in California, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan and West Virginia. Strength: Estimates at or above 35 camps in the U.S., but Muslims of America admits to 22. Personnel estimates range from between 1,000 and 5,000, but Gilani claims 10,000 to 15,000 followers in the U.S. There are also multiple compounds in Canada.

Maybe it’s time to reassess this situation, instead of sweeping it under the rug as the Obama administration certainly appears to be doing. This is certainly a good enough reason to try out the new National defense Authorization Act. Unless of course, Joe Biden would rather just stop by, have a beer and try to make some new friends.

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Pakistan, The pot calls the kettle out for being black

Something I came across from the Pakistan Observer, the “eyes and ears of Pakistan” and “widely read and trusted daily. Whatever, If you dream it, and someone else reads it, why golly then it must be true: 😉

Note: Pakistan has the seventh largest standing armed forces in the world and is a recognized nuclear weapons state, being the first and only nation to have that status in the Muslim world, and the second in South Asia. Pakistan’s history has been characterized by periods of military rule, political instability and conflicts with neighboring India. The country continues to face some challenging problems including terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and corruption. Pakistan’s most famous citizen is the nuclear salesman Abdul Qadeer Khan, the source responsible for the DPRK’s, Iran’s, Iraq’s, Libya’s nuclear programs, and on thru them, Syria’s and possibly Burma. North Korea has also  exported missiles and missile technology to Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and probably other nations.

I’m not going to edit this so you can see the mindset.

{{{ A threat to Islamic world By Afraz Ahmed

Israel is an illegal-Jewish State, which came into being by occupying Palestinian territory on the behest of Britain & Unites States. American President Harry (1945-53) played a shameful role in Palestine’s division and the establishment of Israel. In 1953, President Dwight Eisenhower gave Israel its first small nuclear reactor at Nahal Sorek; in 1964, the French built for Israel its much larger and major Dimona nuclear reactor in the Naqab (Negev) Desert; in 1965, Israel stole 200 pounds of weapons-grade uranium from the United States through its spies at the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation company in Pennsylvania; in 1968, Israel hijacked a Liberian ship in international waters and stole its 200-ton shipment of yellow-cake. Israel has possessed nuclear bombs since the early 1970s.

Despite official US denials, Golda Meir, the fourth prime minister of Israel, reportedly prepared to launch 13 nuclear bombs on Syria and Egypt in 1973 and was stopped short of committing this genocidal act when Henry Kissinger gave Israel the most massive weapons airlift in history at the time to reverse the course of the 1973 war (as Time Magazine reported the story). Israel has had ongoing nuclear weapons collaboration with the South African Apartheid regime for decades, which only ended with the collapse of the regime in 1994. Since then, experts have estimated that Israel has 400 nuclear devices, including thermo-nuclear weapons with megaton range, as well as neutron bombs, tactical nuclear weapons, and suitcase nukes. It also has the missile delivery systems to launch them with a reach of 11,500km (which can reach beyond Iran). Israel also has submarines that are capable of launching nuclear attacks as well as jet fighters that can deliver Israel’s nuclear cargo.

Israel has diligently prevented its neighbors from even acquiring nuclear reactors for peaceful purposes. It violated international law by bombing the Iraqi French-built Osirak nuclear reactor still under construction in 1981 in an unprovoked raid even though the reactor was going to be used, according to the French and Iraqi governments, for peaceful scientific purposes. Israel also bombed what intelligence reports allege was a North Korean nuclear reactor under construction in Syria in 2007. Israel’s Mossad has also been linked to the assassination of numerous Egyptian, Iraqi, and Iranian nuclear scientists over the decades. Israel continues to refuse to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to allow members of the International Atomic Energy Commission to inspect its Dimona reactor.

The United States has also made certain that Israel’s nuclear arsenal would not ever be discussed at the UN Security Council despite persistent proposals over the decades to discuss it. Indeed, the United States insistence on keeping Israel’s nuclear capability an open secret is engineered, among other things, to keep United States aid to Israel flowing, especially as a key legal condition of receiving such aid is for recipient countries to be signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Israel refuses to sign. US forced Libya to put off its nuclear program by imposing international sanctions. Iran is also being forced to stop progress in its nuclear program and open its installations for inspections, but President Ahmedi Nejad has been firm and not ready to compromise. Few days ago, Israel once again has threatened to attack Iran’s nuclear installations. Though US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, in a statement, has advised Israel to exhibit restrain. However, according to ‘The Guardian’s Editorial, some sources in Washington, London and Paris are hinting towards Israel’s intentions of attacking Iran’s installations. The Guardian says: Attack on Iran would be disastrous.

Ill sum up the last two paragraphs, the same blah, blah,blah. Hit the link If you just have to, trust me the 1st three paragraphs was so full of it, it proves the point I was trying to make.