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Is Al-Qaeda Dead, or Alive? Mr. President?

The Air Raid Siren

by Richard Fernandez

Some commentators, irked at the fun being poked at the Obama administration’s closure of U.S. diplomatic facilities, have observed that there were numerous threat warnings during the Bush administration. Why should the Obama administration’s closure of the embassies be so objectionable? Is there not a real threat out there, especially since not only the U.S. but other Western embassies are embarked on precautions?

It is a valid criticism that deserves consideration. First of all, there probably is a terror threat out there, though its extent and nature are revealed only in contradictory clues. It is precisely in those contradictions that the jarring disconnects emerge.

Back when the Bush administration issued alerts — you can think of them as air-raid warnings — it also claimed there was a War on Terror. When there’s a war on, you expect the air-raid siren to sound. The alerts and the War on Terror were all of a piece. They fit in with each other.

However that term — the War on Terror — was described as overblown by Obama, and it is no longer used by the administration. “Al Qaeda is dead and Detroit is alive” was the way they put it. Thus the reason Obama’s air-raid siren, though validly sounded, seems ironic is that it is like getting a warning of an impending Luftwaffe raid as the VE day celebration is underway. Surely it isn’t impertinent to ask: if it’s VE day, how come the Luftwaffe is coming?

If the war isn’t over, then a lot of the decisions the administration made don’t make obvious sense.

The current threats seem centered around the Middle East and North Africa. But didn’t the administration leave the Middle East and pivot to Afghanistan because that was the locus of the problem? Didn’t they promise to close Guantanamo? Was there not a commitment to pursue “terrorists” as ordinary criminals?

But that could never work out. Not in a million years. It wasn’t meant to. That was just the outside of the confidence game.

To give the administration its due, it did not close Guantanamo. And despite the rhetoric about relying on the courts to fight terrorism with the justice system, the administration ramped up, rather than phased out, the system of whacking high-value targets with drones. Were that not enough, the administration promised to be the most “transparent” in American history. However, recent events show they’ve been spying on everyone, and that means everyone. And when this was revealed, what defense did the administration invoke? “We need to wiretap the world because there are threats out there.”

And hey, the CIA and other forces are now redeploying to — guess where? The Middle East.

So the probable truth is that there really is a War on Terror. A real threat. It is a threat that cannot adequately be dealt with by law enforcement activities, nor with grand bargains, nor with speeches in Cairo. It can only be dealt with by secret rendition, robot killers, and universal surveillance, or so it would seem. And thus, in that context, the precautions the administration is announcing — though you may disagree with their precise form — are definitely in order.

The problem is that the politicians have been caught lying again. They sold the electorate a fake narrative to get elected. “Bush is lying because the war never existed, or if it did, it is over.” But now that they’re elected, these same politicians are slowly but surely sneaking in their version of secret and disguised combat through the back door. And there he sits, unnamed, unintroduced, and eating everything on the kitchen table.

And yet they continue to act in a half-hearted and furtive fashion, like a liar caught red-handed in his falsehood and determined to deny it. As Paul Sperry writes in the NY Post: ”Why are we on alert today? Because al-Qaeda we captured either escaped or let go.”

The administration’s policy on the “War on Terror” is seriously muddled. And its efforts are suffering in consequence.

The pertinent questions: is the War on Terror over, or still on? Is al-Qaeda dead, or alive? Is it shrinking, or growing? The politician’s lips say “yes, the war is over,” but their alerts say “no.” Which do you believe?

The Jerusalem Post quotes Long War Journal analyst Thomas Joscelyn, who says that from Israel’s perspective, al-Qaeda and its affiliates are gaining a greater presence than they probably have ever had on Israel’s borders:

Joscelyn, a terrorism analyst specializing in al-Qaida and a senior editor of The Long War Journal as well as a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told The Jerusalem Post in an interview on Sunday said that many people in the U.S. have been trying to argue that al-Qaida is dead, but this news demonstrates that this was not a correct assessment.

“The Arab Spring was said to be the death knell for al-Qaida, but this idea was false all along,” he said adding, “just look at Syria, which has one of the most thriving al-Qaida affiliates on the planet — more fighters are there now than have been in any one location in a long time.”

From Israel’s perspective al-Qaida and its affiliates are gaining a greater presence than they probably have ever had on Israel’s borders, he says. Look at what is happening in Sinai, Gaza, Syria, and Al-Qaida logistical operations run out of Lebanon and Jordan and you see an organization that is far from dead, concludes Joscelyn.

Yoram Schweitzer, a terrorism expert at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv, told the Post that the argument by the U.S. administration that al-Qaida was on its last legs might have been connected to the U.S. presidential election. Such a definite declaration on al-Qaida’s demise was clearly too soon.

What we are seeing is what happens when the U.S. withdraws from the region and from its war in Afghanistan, said Schweitzer adding that al-Qaida and their affiliates are busy recruiting new people. “So they are long from finished,” he said.

“Detroit is dead and al-Qaeda is alive” is the probable truth. But it is a truth the administration, from its Benghazi coverup to the present, cannot accept. Their eyes will continue to say “yes” while their lips say “no.”  Which will you believe?


Hamas run CAIR calls on Obama to condemn attacks against Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Patrick Howley


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s largest and most powerful Muslim advocacy group, called Saturday for the Obama administration to condemn military attacks against the Freedom and Justice Party, the controversial religious party removed from power in a recent coup that the Obama administration is insisting “was not a coup.”

The administration reportedly fears that declaring a coup d’etat in Egypt would force the U.S. to suspend all of its assistance programs in the country, which also help block weapons smuggling to Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the Obama administration’s inaction, Egyptian military forces have instituted a shoot-to-kill policy to suppress protesters urging the return of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi to power. Morsi, who fled Cairo during the military non-coup earlier this month, has been defiant in exile — and Egypt hangs in the balance. 65 or 66 pro-Moris protesters were killed Saturday by military forces near a sit-in at a Cairo mosque.

While the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge that a coup has taken place, the Council on American Islamic-Relations (CAIR) is outright supporting the Muslim Brotherhood protesters.


“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, today called on the Obama administration to forcefully condemn the killing of dozens of pro-democracy demonstrators by Egyptian security forces,” according to a statement released by the group Saturday.

“We join with those in Egypt and in the international community who are condemning the violence, including Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayyeb, who said he ‘deplores and condemns the deaths of a number of martyrs who were victims of today’s events,’” CAIR stated.

“Condemnations came from across the political spectrum, including from Mohamed ElBaradei, who strongly condemned the ‘excessive use of force.’ British Foreign Secretary William Hague said: ‘I call on the Egyptian authorities to respect the right of peaceful protest, to cease the use of violence against protesters, including live fire, and to hold to account those responsible,’” CAIR stated.

“Without a clear condemnation of the killings, we send the message that even more repressive measures may be taken against the demonstrators. The clearest indicator of our nation’s revulsion at the killings would be to suspend all American military aid until the violence stops and democratic freedoms are restored,” CAIR stated.

Holy Land 2

Obama’s Proxy War on Mideast Christians


obamabrThis article first appeared in PJ Media.

With the recent decision to arm the opposition fighting Syrian President Assad, the United States has effectively declared a proxy war on Syria’s indigenous Christians—a proxy war that was earlier waged on Christians in other Mideast nations, resulting in the abuse, death, and/or mass exodus of Christians.

Ironically (if not absurdly) this proxy war on Christians is being presented to the American people as a war to safeguard the “human rights” and “freedoms” of the Syrian people.  Left unsaid by the Obama administration is the egregiously inhuman behavior these jihadis visit upon moderate Syrians in general Christians in particular, from bombed churches to kidnapped (and often beheaded) Christians.  Days ago they massacred an entire Christian village.

Nor can one argue that the Obama administration is unaware that Christian persecution is an ironclad aspect of empowering jihadis.  Both past precedents and current events repeatedly demonstrate this.

In Libya, the administration armed/supported the “freedom fighters” fighting Gaddafi, even though it was common knowledge that many of them were connected to al-Qaeda.  Again, the rationale was “our responsibilities to our fellow human beings,” as Obama declared in April 2011, and how not assisting them “would have been a betrayal of who we are.”

Soon after their empowerment, some of our U.S.-supported “fellow human beings” decided to rub America’s face in it by attacking the U.S. consulate—on the anniversary of September 11, no less—resulting in the murders and possible rape of American diplomats, even as Obama tried to attribute the attack to American freedom of speech (a la a YouTube flick).

Lesser known, however, is that Libya’s small Christian minority is also being targeted.  Among other things, the very few churches there are under attack and bombed; nuns that have been serving the sick and needy since 1921 have been harassed and forced to flee; foreign Christians possessing Bibles have been arrested and tortured (one recently died from his torture).

In Egypt, Obama and Hillary joined the bandwagon to eject Hosni Mubarak, America’s most stable and secular ally for thirty years. Then the administration cozied up to the Muslim Brotherhood—an Islamist organization that until recently was banned in Egypt and which no U.S. president would have been involved with.   Among other “achievements,” the Brotherhood produced Sayyid Qutb, who is idolized by al-Qaeda as the chief theoretician of modern jihad and issued a 1980 fatwa calling on the destruction of Coptic churches in Egypt.

As expected, since the Brotherhood came to power, the persecution of Copts has practically been legalized, as unprecedented numbers of Christians—men, women, and children—have been arrested, often receiving more than double the maximum prison sentence, under the accusation that they “blasphemed” Islam and/or its prophet.  It was also under Brotherhood rule that another unprecedented scandal occurred: the St. Mark Cathedral—holiest site of Coptic Christianity and home of the pope himself—was besieged in broad daylight by Islamic rioters.  When security came, they too joined in the attack on the cathedral.  And the targeting of Christian children—for abduction, ransom, rape, and/or forced conversion—has also reached unprecedented levels under Morsi.

And now as millions of Egyptians prepare to protest Muslim Brotherhood rule on June 30, U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson has asked the Coptic Pope to dissuade the Copts from joining in the protests—proving yet again that administration is more concerned about the wellbeing of the Brotherhood than the “human rights” of those they most abuse, Christian minorities.

Outside the Mideast, where Muslims are often not majorities, the administration wages its proxy war on Christians in other ways.  For example, in Nigeria, where more Christians have been slaughtered and churches bombed by Boko Haram jihadis than all throughout the world combined, after the Nigerian government went on a serious offensive to neutralize Boko Haram, John Kerry warned it not to violate the “human rights” of the jihadis—the same jihadis daily abusing the human rights of Christians, often in most inhuman ways.

The meaning of Boko Haram’s name—“Western education is a sin”—is also a reminder that those Muslims who attack Christians naturally also hate the West, seeing the two as one and the same, all infidels.  In other words, wherever the U.S. has empowered anti-Christian Islamists, it has also empowered anti-American forces.  Put differently, Muslim persecution of Christians is the litmus test of how “radical” an Islamic society has become.  Thus, in all those Mideast nations that the Obama administration has interfered—Egypt, Libya, and now Syria—the increase of Christian persecution in those countries is a reflection of the empowerment of forces hostile to the U.S. and Western civilization.

At this point, some may well raise that old question: is Obama a secret Muslim doing all he can to empower Islam?  In fact, this is an irrelevant question.  For even if he was, what more could he possibly do than he is doing right now—under the gaze of a somnambulant America?

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