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Time to collapse the DPRK

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Good Riddance

With the breaking news of Kim Jong Il death, North Korea’s mercurial and enigmatic leader it’s time for regime change and fast..

Responsible for the deaths of millions to starvation and disease, as well as countless thousands locked away in gulags, it’s time to force China’s hand into action. Kim came into power after the passing of his father Kim Il-sung in 1994 continuing his rein of terror, as well as developing a fledgling nuclear program that now has the North Koreans left with around a dozen small but deadly weapons, a million man army and a starving population. His son and heir apparent Kim Jong-un, groomed over the last couple years is set to assume the throne, though It waits to be seen just how much  power the general’s would allow him to have.

While it doesn’t fall on our armed forces to handle this explosive opportunity, Obama must lean directly on China to send in troops from the north and secure those weapons. South Korea at the same time can move in from the south as well securing the Korean Demilitarized Zone and the thousands of artillery pieces, tanks, mines, and all its dangers. Dealing with the North Korean military and political units, they must be purged completely of the generals and leaders who will continue to starve the population, while selling off assets to the highest bidders (Iran) The American military stationed there can assist with strictly material support and food supplies, as it’s expected to be a bad winter there with rampant starvation already.

Time is of the essence as this is ultimately a Christmas present to the free world as well as the 24 million citizens of this communist paramilitary state. The world order has been drastically changed with these developments, and Kim Jong un must not be allowed to assume his destiny.

Time to act.

Jeff Treesh is @IranAware


House passes 2 Iran bills

House passes 2 Iran bills by Jeff Treesh

Good movement on Iran finally, but will it be enough?

The GOP-controlled House of Representatives passed two national security measures yesterday, and threw the ball into the Democrat-controlled Senate’s court. By a 410-11 vote yesterday, the House approved the Iran Threat Reduction Act, H.R. 1905.  This bill would tighten sanctions against Iran, and allow for sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran if a finding is made that the bank supports Iran’s terrorist activities.

By a 418-2 vote, H.R. 2105, The Iran, North Korea, and Syria Nonproliferation Reform and Modernization Act, which provides for new sanctions against companies that transfer certain goods, services and technology to these countries. Both bills are off to the Senate now, adding to the Senate amendment that would impose sanctions on the Iranian central bank, to the defense bill passed last week in the 100-0.

If the bills pass the senate, It will be time for Obama to act Presidential and sign them all into law now.

We have 6 months to a year and Iran will have a nuclear bomb. They have enough enriched material now with 1 more cycle through the cascades, for up to 3 weapons.  Iran is currently ready to start enrichment deep inside a mountain at Qom, supporting Hezb’allah in taking over Lebanon, supporting Hamas and Islamic Jihad (and countless others) in jihad funding, all the while supporting Assad and his homicidal campaign against his own people.  All this and they still find the time for killing and locking away any sign of resistance in their own citizens.

With a nuclear weapon(s) Iran will not just be a threat to Israel or the United States, but to the entire world. With a nuclear weapon, Iranian threats to the world’s citizens will become the norm, making the insane ranting of Kim Jong-Il look like a child wanting a toy. They will hold the world hostage for energy by blocking the straights and driving up the price with fear and intimidation. It will be in other words a nightmare. A nightmare with a regime that sends children to clear mine fields, stones their women, and thinks a suicide bomber’s mission is a gift to Allah.

Don’t forget the 12th Imam.

When the time comes around spring-summer 2012 when it comes down to imposing a (hopefully U.N. mandated) blockade, we must be prepared to go it alone.  I’m sure Britain and France will be united with us, even if the usual destabalizers of world peace Russia and China utilize their standard crying and complaining MO.

Because when the fall comes, our time will be up. Remember all the suicide bombers they have guided to their doom? Imagine nuclear ones.