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Netanyahu to lead effort in thwarting Obama bid for UN chief

Report: Netanyahu to lead effort in thwarting Obama bid for UN chief

Now, Netanyahu is reportedly planning some personal payback.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, Netanyahu will make common cause with moderate Arab governments in order to sabotage Obama’s plan to succeed Ban Ki-moon when the South Korean diplomat ends his term as United Nations secretary-general on December 31 of this year.

Al-Jarida quoted sources as saying that Obama has already discussed the issue of running for secretary-general with Democrats, Republicans, and Jewish officials in the US.

The sources said that once Netanyahu got wind of Obama’s plans, the prime minister began to make efforts to submarine what he has referred to as “the Obama project.”

“Wasn’t eight years of having Obama in office enough?” Netanyahu is quoted in the Kuwaiti daily as telling associates. “Eight years during which he ignored Israel? And now he wants to be in a position that is liable to cause us hardships in the international arena.”

The newspaper cited the widely acknowledged fact that personal ties between Netanyahu and Obama are frayed.

“Obama is the worst president Israel has had to deal with and the worst president for the Middle East and its allies, the moderate Arab states,” a Netanyahu aide is quoted as saying.

A source close to Netanyahu did not deny to Al-Jarida that the premier is aiming to “torpedo the Obama project,” noting that “his presidency was characterized by [Washington’s] moving closer to the Muslim Brotherhood, toppling the regime of Hosni Mubarak, and attempts to ally itself with political Islam.”

“Obama’s term is ending with him forging an alliance with Iran, coming to an agreement with it on its nuclear program which in the end will result in a similar scenario that took place with North Korea,” the aide said.

“Israel will not allow this to happen,” the source is quoted as saying. “It will take all of the necessary steps to prevent Iran from manufacturing a nuclear weapon either covertly or overtly.”

The prime minister’s associate told Al-Jarida that Netanyahu “sees an opportunity to establish good relations based on shared interests with moderate states from which Obama has moved away.”

Bibi 2015


John Kerry, who has yet 2 achieve ANYTHING as…as…what’s his position again??

BiBi 1

Justin Amler

The world is in crisis.

Across the desert sands of the Middle East, Islamic terrorism is running rampart.  We have the Islamic State using their Sharia law to invent ways to butcher people so cruelly, that leaders of the Spanish Inquisition would have nodded in admiration.

We also have leaders of our so-called allies like Saudi Arabia who pretty much have the same laws – although, of course, because they are such warm friends with the United States, we’ll just overlook their human rights abuses, decapitation of heads, the removal of limbs and their flogging of anyone who even questions them.

Across the plains of Africa, the fascism of Islamic terrorism is also running wild, doing their best to turn the green grass of the most beautiful continent on earth, into a red sea of blood.  This time it’s in the form of Boko Haram, who inspired by the lack of action against the rest of Islamic terrorism prevailing around the world, are encouraged to carry on with their own massacres and abductions and murders.

Europe is on fire, as their policy of appeasement rapidly comes undone.  And the terrorism that had been happening for years against Israelis which was perfectly legitimate, because of you know… the occupation and the oppression and the refugees and the genocide and the donkeys and the weather and whatever other reason you can come up with…  has now arrived in Europe, invading cafes, synagogues, kosher delis, newspaper offices, museums and schools.

The Ukraine has fallen apart, despite the sterling efforts of John Kerry, who has yet to achieve ANYTHING as … as… what’s his position again??    American diplomacy is leading the effort against the Russians, and okay we’ll allow them to have that part of the Ukraine, but if they make one more move…  Oh – they did?  Okay – well, if they make just another move… Oh – they did again??  Um, well… okay… then we’ll… put sanctions on Putin so that he won’t be able to visit Disneyland!  Take that Putin – no trip through Space Mountain for you!

Then of course, there is Iran, whose lead negotiator in the nuclear talks – is John Kerry’s Best Friend Forever!  Iran is an integral part in the fight against the Islamic State – even though… aren’t they the Islamic State themselves??  In their negotiations with the Americans – actually it’s with other countries as well, but no one cares about them – they have successfully been able to counteract the brilliant and shrewd negotiating skills of John Kerry, so that even though the demand was for 4500 uranium enrichment centrifuges, Kerry successfully negotiated to give them 6500!  And even though the demand was for 15 years of limited ability to produce nuclear material, John Kerry made it 10!  What a brilliant strategy – give them more than what they want – they’ll never see it coming!  I’m hiring him next time I want a salary increase!

I hate to break it to John Kerry, but while he’s drafting his Noble Peace prize acceptance speech, Iran is continuing with its nuclear program in underground bunkers.  And while John Kerry can speak about a new era of co-operation, Iran is hanging an effigy of Obama in a Tehran square as it celebrates the Islamic Revolution’s 36th anniversary.  And while America might speak about regional co-operation, Iran is threatening….again… to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

So while the world is in crisis, the leader of the free world – not Iran, the other one – America, has got its finger firmly on the pulse.  Unfortunately, it’s not the pulse of the world we live in.  Because while Obama makes speeches about the crusades and flowers and bumblebees, he somehow fails to see the world as any rational person looking on should see it.

Because despite all the troubles in the world mentioned above, the Obama administration’s focus is not on those boring things, but instead on the fact that Bibi Netanyahu is making a speech in Congress.  Well whoop-de-bloody-do!   Honestly, who cares if Bibi makes a speech in a forum he has made many speeches?  But apparently, Bibi’s speech is soooo destructive to the world, that during his speech, the world temperature will rise 10 degrees, the ice-caps of the North Pole will melt, Category 10 storms will reign through the planet, and The Bold and The Beautiful will come to an end.

Bibi is speaking out against allowing a terrorist entity to have a nuclear arsenal that will turn the world so dangerous that no free person on this earth would be able to sleep peacefully again.  And while the Obama administration fakes some kind of outrage – yeah right – that they weren’t consulted, what will their reaction be when Iran turns nuclear – and they had been consulted for years!

It is a sad day indeed when America, whose values of freedom and opportunity, aspired to by billions, sides with countries whose values are death and oppression, feared by billions more.

Mr Netanyahu is coming to Washington, not just as a representative of Israel, but as a representative of a world who do not want to live under the jackboot of another Islamic fascist terrorist state.  He speaks as a representative of a world whose values are freedom and opportunity and hope.  And considering he lives in the only island of stability in the raging storm of chaos around him, we should probably listen.

Obama IS Funding An Anti Bibi Campaign

Benjamin NetanyahuThe Obama administration is using taxpayer dollars to fund a radical anti-Israel group that aims to drive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office in March parliamentary elections.

And the U.S.-based group receiving the U.S. government money, OneVoice International, in turn is working with V15, an “independent grassroots movement” in Israel, according to Ha’aretz. V15’s unofficial motto is said to be “anyone but Bibi,” a reference that includes the prime minister’s nickname.

OneVoice has reportedly hired Obama campaign aides such as Jeremy Bird of political consulting powerhouse 270 Strategies to take on Netanyahu’s Likud Party. Bird was national field director for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, but now he is apoplectic, frothing at the mouth as he spouts conspiracy theories over House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) invitation to Netanyahu to address the U.S. Congress in coming weeks.

“What do you think [GOP mega donor Sheldon] Adelson promised GOP in exchange for this insane BiBi [Netanyahu] House visit? Blatant attempt to bolster Israeli PM before elections,” Bird tweeted.

President Obama too is angry about the unexpected Netanyahu visit. The administration claims Boehner violated “protocol” by extending the invitation on his own initiative instead of sending a request for the executive branch to extend an invitation. The sure-to-be-televised congressional address counteracts Obama’s efforts to unseat the prime minister whose electoral fortunes at home can only be helped by the speech. This infuriates Obama whose newly feigned interest in “protocol” is hard to take seriously from a man who rammed Obamacare through Congress without regard to proper procedure and who just weeks ago issued a kingly fiat granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

In a recent interview Obama offered a flimsy excuse for his refusal to meet with Netanyahu on the upcoming visit. “We don’t meet with any world leader two weeks before their election,” said the president. “I think that’s inappropriate.”

OneVoice International has reportedly taken in two grants from the U.S. Department of State over the last year. The group describes the agency as a “partner” on its website.

OneVoice development and grants officer Christina Taler told Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman that her group is not using this taxpayer money to intervene in the Israeli election. That money has been used to “build public campaign support for the [Israeli-Palestinian] negotiations” led last spring by Secretary of State John Kerry, Taler said.

“No government funding has gone toward any of the activities we’re doing right now whatsoever,” she said.

Of course, there is no way to assess the truthfulness of Taler’s statement. Money is by its nature fungible and the Obama administration doesn’t enforce rules against its political allies, as the IRS scandal involving the targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups has shown.

Taler said her group will collaborate with V15 on voter registration and voter mobilization efforts.

“We’ve formed a partnership with [V15], but it’s important to know we’re absolutely nonpartisan,” Taler said unreassuringly. “Our biggest emphasis and focus right now is just getting people out to vote.”

A OneVoice press release two days ago said it is working with V15 because Israel “need[s] a prime minister and a government who will be responsive to the people.”

OneVoice is not some neutral group functioning as some kind of honest broker in Middle Eastern politics. It is hostile to Israel and treats the Palestinian terrorists as Israelis’ moral equals. It uses soothing political buzzwords, claiming on its website to be “an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives toward the two-state solution.”

And just look at who funds OneVoice.

OneVoice acknowledges on its website it is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and that its formal name is PeaceWorks Network Foundation (PWNF).

PWNF is no stranger to the world of high-dollar left-wing philanthropy. Among its benefactors are some of the most radical charities in America: Ford Foundation ($1,018,150 since 2004); Nathan Cummings Foundation ($375,000 since 2003); Skoll Foundation ($150,000 since 2011); Walter and Elise Haas Fund ($145,000 since 2007); Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc. ($100,000 since 2012); and William & Flora Hewlett Foundation ($25,000 since 2004).

These groups give money to PWNF because it shares their radical anti-Israel positions.

Outside the U.S., the Ford Foundation is especially notorious for its activism aimed at dismantling the State of Israel. Many of its grantee groups participated in the infamous United Nations “World Conference Against Racism” in 2001 in Durban, South Africa, and supported resolutions there that equated Zionism with racism. The Ford Foundation was a major underwriter of the conference itself.

PeaceWorks Network Foundation has important donors in common with other left-wing activist groups that claim to support Israel but which critics say do the Israeli cause harm.

Among the most hostile to Israel is J Street, a high-profile 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose formal name is J Street Educational Fund Inc. Back in the days when the activist Left was more interested in transparency, J Street was called the Union of Progressive Zionists. The anti-Zionist J Street has received grants from the Nathan Cummings Foundation ($1,060,000 since 2009) and Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc. $225,000 since 2010. J Street has also taken in $1,310,000 since 2010 from the Skoll Global Threats Fund, an official spinoff of the Skoll Foundation.

The New Israel Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which has served as an administrator in the Middle East for Ford Israel Fund, which is an arm of the Ford Foundation. As FrontPage contributor Ronn Torossian wrote, the New Israel Fund has “granted nearly $27 million to left-wing and progressive NGOs in Israel” and “systematically works to destabilize Israel.”

NIF’s funders in common with PWNF are: Nathan Cummings Foundation ($11,607,225 since 1999); Skoll Global Threats Fund ($974,050 since 2011); Walter and Elise Haas Fund ($125,000 since 2006); and William & Flora Hewlett Foundation ($6,200 in 2009).

Another anti-Zionist group that shares donors with PWNF is Jewish Funds for Justice.  Among its donors are: Nathan Cummings Foundation ($3,823,000 since 2008); Ford Foundation ($3,660,000 since 2008); Walter and Elise Haas Fund ($655,000 since 2007); and Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc. ($610,000 since 2007).

Add to this rogue’s gallery the most recent funders of OneVoice/PWNF: You, the taxpayer.

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