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Al-Shabab terrorists kill 28 non-Muslims in Kenya bus


NAIROBI, Kenya — Al-Shabab terrorists from Somalia hijacked a bus in Kenya’s north and killed 28 non-Muslims on board after they had been singled out from the rest of the passengers, police officials said Saturday.

Two police officers said that the bus traveling to the capital Nairobi with 60 passengers was hijacked 31 miles from the town Mandera near Kenya’s border with Somalia. The officers insisted on anonymity out of fear of reprisals because of an order from Kenya’s police chief that officers should not speak to the media.

Some of the dead were public servants who were heading to the capital Nairobi for the Christmas vacation, the officers said.

Kenya has been hit by a series of gun and bomb attacks blamed on Somalia’s al-Qaada-linked al-Shabab militants since it sent troops into Somalia in October 2011. Authorities say there have been at least 135 attacks since then, including the Westgate Mall attack in which 67 people were killed. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the Westgate Mall attack in September 2013. The terror group also said it was responsible for other attacks on Kenya’s coast earlier this year which left at least 90 people dead.

Kenyan troops are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia which is bolstering Somalia’s weak UN-backed government against the al-Shabab insurgency. Al-Shabab has continued to carry out attacks on Somalia’s capital despite being pushed out of Mogadishu by African Union forces supporting the government in August 2011. The Somali government troops backed by AU forces are making progress in capturing the remaining al-Shabab strongholds. Recently, they captured the port town of Barawe.

Al-Shabab was also dealt a heavy blow following the death of their leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane, who was killed in early September in a US airstrike. Godane has been replaced by Ahmed Omar, also known as Abu Ubeid.



#UK: Two Islamists Convicted Over London Beheading

Murderers say brutal murder of off-duty soldier Lee Rigby was an ‘act of war’; wanted to be shot by police for ‘martyrdom.’


Drummer Lee Rigby

Drummer Lee Rigby

A British court on Thursday found Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale guilty of murdering soldier Drummer Lee Rigby on a London street last May. In the gruesome murder, the two ran Rigby over with a car before stabbing him and attempting to behead him with knives and a meat cleaver.

Adebolajo previously has called himself a “soldier of Allah,” and declared the murder to be ‘an act of war’. The two chose Rigby as their victim because he was “the soldier that was spotted first.,” according to BBC.

Rigby’s wife Rebecca said after the verdict “this has been the toughest time of our lives. No one should have to go through what we have been through as a family.” She added “I now want to build a future for (my son) Jack and make him proud of his dad like we all are.”

The ruling found the two not guilty of attempting to murder a police officer following the killing, when they charged at police brandishing the cleaver and an unloaded gun. They were shot by officers and then rushed to the hospital.

According to their testimony, the two were not trying to kill police; rather, they wanted to be shot dead to “achieve martyrdom.”

A sentence will be passed after a January appeal court ruling on the usage of whole life terms.

Concerning the incident, British Prime Minister David Cameron said “we have to redouble our efforts to confront the poisonous narrative of extremism and violence that lay behind this and make sure we do everything to beat it in our country.”

Adebolajo was arrested in Kenya in 2010 over terrorism charges and deported to Britain, despite having been apparently preparing to fight in the ranks of Somali militant group al-Shabab. Britain therefore knew that Adebolajo was possibly dangerous, but took him in nonetheless, and apparently set him free.

British Home Secretary Theresa May said the “sickening and barbaric” murder “united the entire nation in condemnation.”

The murder sparked outrage in London, with riots and protests around the city, a backlash that reportedly included attacks on two mosques.


Praying while killing: Chilling footage of Nairobi mall attack

Graphic footage reveals Kenya mall attackers praying, talking on cell phone while gunning down shoppers

Nima Elbagir,

As they strolled through Westgate Mall, guns strapped to their torsos, the attackers chatted on their cell phones while they sprayed bullets at terrified shoppers.

Ruthless and nonchalant, they randomly gunned down shoppers at the upscale mall in the Kenyan capital.At one point, they took turns to pray, removing shoes to perform the ritual washing in a room stacked with boxes. They bowed down in Islamic prayer, taking a break from incessant gunfire.

Chilling footage from mall

Closed-circuit television footage obtained by CNN provides the chilling new details of what happened during the terror attack in Nairobi last month.

In part, it shows two people with guns casually walking and shooting their way through a supermarket in the mall. During the hours of video, they are seen talking on the phone, praying and shooting toward anything that moved.

A man whimpering in a pool of blood on the floor crawled to get away. A gunman returned and shot him, again.

In between the gunfire, the attackers scanned ceilings for surveillance cameras. Nearby, shoppers hid behind cash registers while some ran for their lives. Others, too terrified to move, cowered on bloody floors.

The footage was taken on September 21, day one of the four-day siege. Though the video has no sound, the terror on the faces of the victims is loud and clear.

In addition to the two attackers in the supermarket, the footage shows two more making their way through the parking lot. They opened fire. Shoppers slithered under cars. Others tumbled to the ground, felled by bullets.

The attack left at least 67 people dead, many more injured and dozens unaccounted for.