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ISIS burns Jordan pilot alive

Al Arabiya News The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has published video images allegedly showing the burning of Jordanian pilot of Maaz al-Kassasbeh, who was captured by the militant group in December after his fighter jet crashed, Al Arabiya News Channel reported. The head of the Jordanian armed forces informed the pilot’s family … Continue reading

Islamic State support grows in Jordan

Backers of Mideast’s most extremist group are laying low after surprise show of strength in protests last summer By Mohammed Daraghmeh and Karin Laub In this photo taken Oct. 27, 2014, a poster with a picture of a late Jordanian Salafi Jihadi, who was killed by Syrian government forces while fighting alongside Jabhat al-Nusra, or … Continue reading

ISIS and the Future of Jordan

Steven Horowitz The map of the Arab Middle East has collapsed. The post-Ottoman state as represented by Syria and Iraq has ceased to act as two unified entities and instead has fragmented into warring tribes of sectarian and ethnic composition. Political Islam has replaced Arab nationalism. The borders of Sykes-Picot have been erased as masses … Continue reading

Jordan: Al-Qaeda cleric denounces IS caliphate

AMMAN — A Jordanian jihadist ideologist and Al-Qaeda cleric on Wednesday denounced the declaration of a “caliphate” by Sunni militants in Iraq and Syria, warning against more bloodshed. “Can every Muslim and weak person find refuge in this caliphate? Or would it be like a sharp sword against all opponents?” Issam Barqawi, known as Abu … Continue reading

ISIS reaches border of Saudi Arabia

The brief statement by the Saudi Royal Court reflects the heightened state of alert in the entire region. The Extremists have reached the border. Al-Qaed is a stone’s thrown from three countries: Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. ISIS, the most extreme faction of al-Qaeda, is mobilizing its forces to face Assad’s regime and recently, Maliki’s … Continue reading

Syria gunmen fire on Jordan troops at border

Ten gunmen from Syria opened fire on troops patrolling an isolated border area in the north, the Associated Press reported a Jordanian army spokesman as saying. It is the first time that Jordan publicly reports an armed attack from Syria, although there have been several smuggling incidents in recent months. The spokesman said the patrols … Continue reading

Jordan faces growing Salafist-jihadist threat

Al-monitor – Jordan is in the eye of a storm as armed Salafist and jihadist brigades, as well as al-Qaeda militants, are pouring into the country from all sides. The dangers of the “Arab Afghans” that existed a quarter of a century ago — when Iraq was turned into a terrorism-export “factory” after it came … Continue reading

The Fall of the Hashemites

Steven Horowitz Here’s a little secret, if you want to know the standing of the US in eyes of Sunni Arabs just check the grain markets. As a barometer, winter wheat is the best. When harvests are strong not only does the price drop but the list of global suppliers increases. What does this have … Continue reading

The story of a West Bank honor killing

By DIANA ATALLAH/THE MEDIA LINE   The tragic tale of how one Palestinian woman became a victim. Arrest [illustrative]. Photo: Nir Elias/Reuters Thamar Zeidan married when she was just 16, and had her first child at 17. While this is not uncommon in traditional Palestinian society, the marriage eventually foundered. Four years ago, she and … Continue reading

#Israel: Temple Mount high

By YISRAEL MEDAD With all the difficulties, the state must resolve the absurdity of the situation whereby a Jew is the second-class citizen at this so very Jewish place. Police patrol near the Temple Mount Photo: REUTERS Lately, hardly ever a day passes without a news item relating in some way to the Temple Mount. … Continue reading

Who are you calling a Palestinian?

Modern “Palestinians” have been manipulated by two generations of corrupt and cold-hearted leaders into an identity they did not have just 65 years ago. Try telling that to the BBC or the United Nations Who does he want to be? Nick Gray The word “Palestinian” has always been difficult to define. For a start, there … Continue reading