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Palestinian Terrorism: Funded by the EU

by Joseph Puder In his ploy to avoid negotiations with Israel that might actually force him to make such minimal concessions as “ending the conflict” with Israel, and recognizing Israel as the “state of the Jewish people,” Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA), can count on the European Union (EU) to support him. … Continue reading

Anti-Israel resolution fails – in Dearborn

Dearborn is the epicenter of the Arab community in the US – it was 30% Arab in 2000 and estimated to have a  much higher percentage today –  so this is pretty impressive. And completely ignored by the Israel-haters. From The Arab-American News: The University of Michigan-Dearborn Faculty Congress voted on Monday, March 7 [sic, … Continue reading

Surprise Attack on Iran: Can Israel Do It?

Thomas Saether According to a report in March by the Israeli daily Haaretz, Israel continues to prepare for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Quoting anonymous members of the Knesset who were present during hearings on the military budget, officials in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) have allegedly received instructions to continue preparing for a … Continue reading

The Myth of the Thirsty Palestinian

Akiva Bigman The issue of water rights in the West Bank is constantly raised in regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, appearing again and again in public discourse around the world. According to critics of Israel, the Jewish state selfishly exploits the area’s water supplies and denies access to the local population. In doing so, the … Continue reading

Palestinians publish new list of demands

Of course.. The Palestinians have compiled a new list of demands for the continuation of peace talks, ranging from the release of some 1,200 Palestinian prisoners to a written commitment by Israel accepting the Palestinian state along the 1967 border. The list was presented to the PLO Thursday by Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and … Continue reading

It’s time to call the Palestinian’s bluff

Dr. Avi Perry If you believe what Palestinian leaders are saying in public and in private, you ought to be convinced that the American-sponsored peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are being manipulated by the Palestinians with the aim of pulling off short-term political gains for the present Palestinian leadership, rather than … Continue reading

Boycott the New York Times

Israel Tenenbaum was expendable, if the NYTimes is to be the source of information on his murderer. Giulio Meotti The article, Remaking a Life, After Years in an Israeli Prison (Jodi Rudoren, NYTimes, March 29, 2014) is about Muqdad Salah, one of the Palestinian Arab terrorists freed from Israeli jails as part of the American-brokered “peace … Continue reading

Death or Dhimmitude

Varda Meyers Epstein Two cultures, two ways of life. In one, dying is an attribute and cruelty to children a sport. In the other, preserving the life force takes precedence over just about everything while children are nurtured, protected, and beloved. Can these two cultures be reconciled? When we think about tolerance and respecting different … Continue reading

Fighting BDS – Salon Sides with Roger Waters

by Alex Margolin Salon, one of the first magazines to appear exclusively on the Internet, has never been a friend of Israel, and its recent output on the Jewish state is decidedly pro-BDS. This week alone, the magazine published two pieces revolving around the two most prominent celebrities on either side of the BDS debate … Continue reading

Should Israel Retake Gaza?

Will an emboldened Iran shrink from undermining the relative status quo in the region, either through Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip to the south, or Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Golan Heights to the north? Dr. Joe Tuzara The recent capture by Israel’s naval forces of a secret arms shipment in the Red Sea ferrying … Continue reading

Egypt arrests ‘Israel lover’ for Star of David tattoo, contacting Israelis on Facebook

By YASSER OKBI According to authorities, the man “made contact with Israelis through his Facebook page, and he clicked ‘like’ on the Mossad’s Facebook page.” Man arrested for Israel ties [illustrative] Photo: REUTERS A 24-year-old Egyptian has been arrested by authorities in Egypt for allegedly committing the crime of “loving Israel.” National media outlets in … Continue reading