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Peace? Destroy Hamas

Peace? Destroy Hamas

Israel Opinion The Israeli political left says that an agreement and compromise with the Palestinian Authority will destroy Hamas. In my opinion, it’s quite the opposite: Destroying the Hamas regime is a condition for a compromise agreement with the Palestinians. It’s not a sufficient condition – there are many other conditions and moves (for example, … Continue reading

The Trouble with Gaza

by Yaakov Lappin Under the rule of the Hamas regime, the Gaza Strip has transformed itself in recent years into one of the world’s most active terrorist havens, and this radical enclave is destined to burst. Currently, Israel’s government and defense establishment are choosing to contain, rather than uproot, the extensive terrorist infrastructure that has … Continue reading

The PA’s Jerusalem libel continues

The PA’s Jerusalem libel continues: Organizations and officials claim Israel plans to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque All deny Jerusalem’s history, referring to “alleged Temple” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik The Palestinian Authority continues to deny Jerusalem’s Jewish history and the existence of the Temple, referring to the “alleged Temple.” In addition, the PA continues … Continue reading

Needed: A Clean Sweep Through Gaza

(a7)Israel has to summon the nerve and the resources – and the IDF strategy – to go in and wipe out the terrorist hornet’s nest there once and for all. by Yonatan Silverman. Hamas, the Islamic terrorist gang, which rules the Gaza Strip according to Islamic law, and whose raison d’etre is the elimination of … Continue reading

Dilemmas of a protracted conflict/Annexation is needed

Exactly.. Now were thinking here…It’s time to retake Gaza, and annex it all and deport all the troublemakers and terrorists with haste.. There is no need to wait for terrorist groups to build up their weapons supply and start firing long-range, accurate missiles on Israel. By Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post The false sense of … Continue reading

IDF dogs are crossbred between wolves and pigs. Really?

AT LEAST so say the ever so truthful Palestinians say anyways.. How can a collective be so stupid and continually set themselves up for perpetual inbreed, indoctrinated hate? from EOZ: (added another news itm on Hamas and Islamic Jihad‘s new version of Marvel team-up.) Palestine Times quotes the “International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights” as … Continue reading

Jerusalem: The Heart & Soul of the Conflict

Last month Qatar hosted representatives from Islamic countries attending the “International Conference for the Defense of Occupied Jerusalem.” Supposedly they convened to discuss “the legal status of Jerusalem before and after the Israeli occupation, the reality and the future of Jerusalem under occupation, and the status of the holy places under international law.” The real … Continue reading

Deep in the heart… of Saudi Arabia

From the kings of conspiracy theories and all things Wabbism comes.. The veiled Zionist plot BY DR. SADAKA YAHYA FADHEL writing for The Saudi Gazette.. This should be good… Israel is planning to trigger a war in the region and has been encouraging the world to take action purportedly to stop Iran from developing nuclear … Continue reading

Remembering the Itamar massacre, 1 year on

There is no better time than the first anniversary of the Itamar massacre to call for a halt to the demonization of “the settlers.” By Ben Hartman There is no better time than the first anniversary of the Itamar massacre to call for a halt to the demonization of “the settlers,” the thousands of Jews … Continue reading