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Al-Qaeda sets up ‘complaints department’ in Syrian city of Raqqa


The shadows of armed Free Syrian Army rebels are seen on a wall at the entrance to the north Syrian city of Binnish on Feb. 15, 2012. (File photo: AFP)

Al-Qaeda has set up a complaints department after taking control of parts of the civilian administration in the north-eastern Syrian city of Raqqa, reported The Telegraph on Monday.

The group’s Arabian Peninsula offshoot posted a public notice in the city this week stating that it was open to receiving public complaints.

“Anyone who might have a complaint against any element of the Islamic state, whether the Emir or an ordinary soldier, can come and submit their complaint in any headquarters building of the Islamic state,” the notice stated. “The complaint should be in writing, provide details and give evidence.”

Al-Qaeda then goes on to promise that those who commit transgressions will face justice.

“We promise that we will ensure accountability for anyone committing violations, and they will be sent to the Sharia court of Iraq and al-Sham.”

Al-Sham is a reference to Syria, according to The Telegraph.

The notice was signed by the “Emir” of Raqqa, a title regularly claimed by al-Qaeda sub-leaders.

In taking Raqqa two months ago al-Qaeda achieved a major coup in the war, it was the first provincial capital to fall outright to opposition forces, according to Reuters.

Reprimanding al-Qaeda officials

Examples of al-Qaeda reprimanding their sub-leaders have surfaced.

A recent letter to Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the one-eyed guerrilla leader from North Africa, found by the Associated Press in a house in Timbuktu, was revealed to contain stinging criticisms of him by the Shura Council of Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb.

He was accused of failing to submit his expenses, answer his phone regularly, or carry out attacks as instructed.


Al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaida to Syrian rebels: ‘form Islamic state’

An al-Qaida leader released an audio statement calling on Syrian rebels to replace Assad with an Islamic state.

Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the head of al-Qaida, released an audio statement online through the organization’s media branch, as-Sahab on Sunday calling for the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate after the fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Such an Islamic state would encompass Arab countries, which have undergone revolutions, according to a report by the AP.

He also warned France that it was entering an unwinnable war in Mali.

“I warn France that it will meet in Mali, with God’s permission, the same fate America met in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Let your fight be in the name of Allah and with the aim of establishing Allah’s sharia [law] as the ruling system,” he said according to the Now Lebanon website.

He called on the Syrian rebels to work to achieve an Islamic state, “Do all that you can so that your holy war yields a jihadist Islamic state.”

Zawahiri also sought to motivate the rebels stating that the regime is heading towards collapse. This is the first statement released by the al-Qaida leader this year.

Welcome Azawad – new Islamist state

Rick Moran/The small African country of Mali has been forcibly split in two, as rebels in the north have broken off and formed a new Islamic stateAzawad.


Two key rebel movements in Mali have agreed to join forces, saying together they will rule an independent Islamic state.

The Tuareg group MNLA and the Islamist group Ansar Dine occupying northern Mali reached the deal after a series of talks, according to both groups.

Gunfire was heard in two major towns in the region — Gao and Timbuktu — as militants celebrated their decision to form a body to oversee Azawad. Several weeks ago, rebels declared independence for the region, the cradle of their nomadic civilization.

But not everyone celebrated the news Sunday. Some who come from the region occupied by rebels said the separatist and Islamist movements do not have the people’s support.

“The Ansar Dine movement and the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad, MNLA, have proclaimed an independent state, Azawad,” MNLA colonel Abdou Haidara announced.

The movements reached their agreement in Gao, a town in the north where leaders have been meeting.

Hassan Ag Mohamad, a former Ansar Dine official, said the two groups are now one. “Before we were Ansar Dine and MNLA. Now it’s all the same.”

As gunfire rang out Saturday evening, people afraid of clashes between the two movements immediately returned to their homes.

“I was very afraid when they started shooting, and it was only later I realized the militants were celebrating,” said Gao resident Haraji Baber.

An hour later came reports of shooting from Timbuktu, one of the three major towns in what the rebels call Azawad.

The agreement between the secular Tuareg and the Islamists comes after weeks of sometimes heated discussions between two movements, separated both in their objectives and ideologies. While the MNLA is fighting for an independent Azawad, Ansar Dine’s main objective is to impose Sharia law in all of Mali.

Sounds like a garden spot:

In the besieged towns, drinking, smoking, listening to music, watching soccer on TV and playing video games have been banned in what now seems to be a preparation for the creation of an Islamic state.

The Islamists are supported by “al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)” who moved right in and made themselves at home along with the Ansar Dine. They appear to be the senior partners in the coaliton although in fighting will probably continue.

I guess the old song “Kalamazoo to Timbuktu” is going to need some new lyrics.

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