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Albania: Muslims operate human slaughterhouses in Kosovo where they rip out organs of Christians to sell to Turkey and Saudi Arabia

BNI; Albanian Muslims in Kosovo are capturing Christians, dissecting them alive, tearing out their organs, then selling the organs to Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We learned this from a local Serbian Christian and veteran Special Forces officer in Serbia’s military, named Lazar. The victims are mostly “Christians serbs, young women, men, and also children. Shoebat reports: … Continue reading

Say hello to iJihad

Murtaza Haider Updated Dec 10, 2014 05:57pm In the not so distant future, the fight to win over Muslims will move from battle and oil fields to digital domains. —AP Not to be outdone by the rest in the Internet age, the Jihadists have readily embraced modern communication technologies. From their recruitment videos on YouTube … Continue reading

The Islamic Obama Doctrine

By Richard Butrick   The president has backed Muslim Brotherhood (MB) policy objectives in the Middle East and North Africa every step of the way. Generally, the MB has sought to depose or dispatch leaders in the Ummah who are seen as “Westernized” MINOs (Muslims in name only) and thereby slander the legacy of the … Continue reading

Egypt arrests 33 men for alleged debauchery

In November, a Cairo court sentenced eight men to three years in jail for ‘inciting debauchery and offending public morality’ after video footage of an alleged gay marriage went viral on the Internet. (Video still) AFP, Cairo Thirty-three men have been arrested in a night-time police raid on a Cairo bathhouse for alleged “debauchery”, a … Continue reading

Prisons: breeding grounds for jihadists #Islam

By Carol Brown Prisons have become recruitment and training centers for future jihadists. It is an escalating crisis that is taking a toll, as Americans are murdered by those who convert to Islam in prison. The rising influence of Islam in our prisons is due to a disproportionately high number of Muslims who are incarcerated, … Continue reading

The Real War on Women

by Mark Tapson It’s been a busy week for the oppression of women under Islam. A day or two before Americans sat down to turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan – President Obama’s best friend in the Middle East, a man who has made it abundantly clear how he feels about moderate … Continue reading

Enslaved and exploited for Allah

A virgin is worth $100 on the slave market; a mother only $10 • Women are forced to convert to Islam and then turned into sex slaves • Thousands of Kurdish and Yazidi women held by Islamic State are learning that modern slavery is alive and kicking. Ksenia Svetlova Kurds on the Syrian-Turkish border. The … Continue reading

Fighting Jihad with Education

by Dr. Shmuel Katz reprinted from Aish.com. In this time of great danger – with Iran threatening Israel with nuclear annihilation, and jihadists on borders north and south – Israel’s efforts to tell its story to the world are simply not taking hold. The classic approach of explanatory “hasbara” has repeatedly failed to break through the clutter … Continue reading

al Shabaab kills 36 at Kenya quarry

Soldiers of Kenya Defense Forces look over the bodies of Kenyans at a quarry in Mandera on Tuesday. (Photo: AP) REUTERS / KOROME Al Shabaab militants killed 36 non-Muslim workers at a quarry in northeast Kenya on Tuesday, beheading at least two of them in revenge for Kenyan military action against the group in neighboring … Continue reading

Muslim pours acid down wife’s throat in Pakistan

Lahore: A 25-year-old married woman in Pakistan’s Punjab province is battling for her life after her husband allegedly poured acid down her throat following an argument over trivial domestic issues. The incident occurred late yesterday in Kot Addu tehsil of Muzaffargarh district, some 400 kilometres from here. Victim Gulnaz’s husband Fahim Ahmed had an argument … Continue reading