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Islam’s Celestial Women

Taliban beat a woman in Kabul Sep.2001
Taliban beat a woman in Kabul

Last month, when the battle for Mosul began, Islamic State “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly promised four extra Houris (supernatural, celestial women designed for sexual purposes) – atop the other 72 promised by the prophet Muhammad – to all jihadis who die (are “martyred”) fighting the infidel forces, according to Arabic media accounts.

Al-Baghdadi did this during an extra-“fiery” sermon wherein he recounted 15 hadiths and three stories dealing with the Houris in the context of the original Muslim conquest of Mosul, circa 637, at the hands of Muhammad’s companions (the sahahba).  After promising his followers that “blood will run like rivers in the [forthcoming] battle,” al-Baghdadi declared: “All, without exception, will enter paradise as martyrs.  Moreover, you will enter paradise with four more Houris than other martyrs.  For just as you stand by me now, so will they stand by you, or under you, or above you, so that you might forget what will happen to you by way of violence, death, and degradation in this war.”

While it is easy to dismiss this report as a hoax (among other things, it doesn’t explain why al-Baghdadi thinks they will get four more heavenly concubines), the problem is that Islam – from its history and doctrines to the exhortation of its leaders, from Muhammad to al-Baghdadi – is full of stories and enticements concerning the Houris.

Here, for instance, is an authentic hadith – a statement attributed to Muhammad that mainstream Islam acknowledges as true – which all jihadi organizations (including ISIS) regularly invoke:

The martyr is special to Allah. He is forgiven from the first drop of blood [that he sheds]. He sees his throne in paradise[.] … He will wed the Houris [aka “voluptuous women“] and will not know the torments of the grave and safeguards against the greater horror [hell]. Fixed atop his head will be a crown of honor, a ruby that is greater than the world and all it contains. And he will copulate with seventy-two Houris.  (Source: The Al Qaeda Reader, p.143).

The histories of the conquest of Mesopotamia and Syria are in fact full of anecdotes of Muslims throwing themselves into the fray and rushing to death’s embrace because they believed that doing so would rush them to the warm embraces of the heavenly sex slaves.  Here are some anecdotes from al-Waqidi’s account of the battle of Yarmuk in Syria (636), which took place right around the same time as the conquest for Mosul, and which also pitted smaller Muslim forces against much greater infidel forces (in this case, Christian Byzantine):

  • As one Muslim captain searched for his nephew, Suwayed, in a field of Muslim corpses, he found him dying on the ground.   When the man came into the vision of the fallen youth, Suwayed began to cry.  He explained that, after being speared by a Byzantine, “something amazing began to happen to me: the Houris are standing beside me, awaiting my soul’s departure.”
  • A jihadi reported that he came upon a fallen comrade in a strange posture: “I saw him smitten on the ground, and I watched as he lifted his fingers to the sky. I understood he was rejoicing, for he saw the Houris.”
  • While waving his standard, another Muslim battalion leader told his men that a furious rush against the “Christian dogs” is synonymous with a “rush to the embraces of the Houris.”

Obsession over the Houris is not limited to arcane Islamic texts or ISIS (“which has nothing to do with Islam“).  Over the years I have watched numerous videos of Muslim men discussing their excitement at the prospect of dying in the jihad and being rushed to the embraces of the supernatural celestial women.  For an idea of how pervasive the Houri is in Islam, consider its impact on Muslim women, as demonstrated in a video of a Muslim cleric taking and answering questions via phone calls.  A woman called in expressing outrage at the Houris, saying she would be driven “mad with jealousy” seeing her husband copulating with these supernaturally beautiful women all day in heaven.

The cleric responded telling her that “when you enter paradise, Allah will remove the jealousy from your heart.  And have no fear, for you will lord over the Houris and be their queen.”  Still apprehensive, the Muslim wife pleaded: “But must he have the Houris?”  Laughing, the cleric reassured her: “Look, when you enter paradise, you will be more beautiful than the Houris – you will be their mistress.  Okay?  And when you enter paradise, Allah will remove any jealousy or concerns from your heart.”

All this is a reminder that the Muslim mindset and the motivations behind the jihad are many and multifaceted – and even include those who disbelieve in Allah and the afterlife altogether.  As such, Western secular minds would do well to stop projecting their own materialistic paradigms onto jihadis – such as when the Obama administration said that people join ISIS for “a lack of opportunity for jobs” – and start understanding Islam’s own paradigms and motivations on their own terms.

Hate crimes against Muslims in America rise to slightly above zero


The Muslims-are-victims propaganda mill that has been operating ever since 9/11/01 went into overdrive when Donald Trump won the presidential election. Not a day passes without a story about a young Muslim child being told that Donald Trump hates Muslims, so now their lives will be full of discrimination and hatred. Continuing with that theme, the media has breathlessly reported a 67% increase in hate crimes against Muslims in 2015. That’s a big increase! That probably means the absolute number of alleged hate crimes against Muslims in this nation of 330 millions must be some huge number, like… 50,000? 20,000? 10,000? At least 5,000?


The total number of alleged hate crimes against all Americans was 5,818 in 2015. The 257 alleged hate crimes against Muslims was about 5% of the total.  95% of hate crimes were against other groups, especially Jews.

But the headlines at the New York Times was “Attacks on Muslim Americans Fuel Increase in Hate Crime, F.B.I. Says”, breathlessly focusing on less than 5% of all hate crimes, which in turn is far less than 1% of all crimes (I guess the other crimes, including rape and murder not motivated by bigotry, don’t count).

The fact is: there are still almost zero “hate crimes” against Muslims in America. America is the most tolerant country in the world. However, there are hate crimes committed by Muslims against other Americans, as the victims of the San Bernardino shootings, the Fort Hood shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings, the more recent Cascade Mall shooting, and more. But the Times article doesn’t focus on that kind of hate.

The truth is that the safest place in the world for Muslims is America (which is why so many Muslims want to emigrate here).  Muslims are slaughtering Muslims (and Christians, when they can find them) in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, Libya, Lebanon, and Turkey, just to name a few. But the facts don’t fit at all with the media’s Islamophilia-driven obsession to paint Muslims as victims of intolerant Americans.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

Muslim Trump voter unloads on Democrats and radical Islam


For a long time I’ve been critical of the Muslim community, many of whom seem to revel in victimhood status even when it’s clear that they are not the victims of anything.  Meanwhile, a substantial number of their coreligionists are slaughtering people by the thousands, including, from time to time, Americans, and they don’t seem to have any public opinions about that.

So nothing could be more surprising to me to see Asra Q. Nomani, a Muslim who penned an op-ed in the Washington Post announcing that not only did she vote for Trump, but she has a deep dislike for Hillary and, yes, wait for it… radical Islam!

I – a 51-year-old, a Muslim, an immigrant woman “of color” – am one of those silent voters for Donald Trump. And I’m not a “bigot,” “racist,” “chauvinist” or “white supremacist,” as Trump voters are being called, nor part of some “whitelash.”

I have been opposed to the decision by President Obama and the Democratic Party to tap dance around the “Islam” in Islamic State.

… the issue that most worries me as a human being on this earth: extremist Islam of the kind that has spilled blood from the hallways of the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai to the dance floor of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla.

The revelations of multimillion-dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation from Qatar and Saudi Arabia [which Wikileaks emails claimed are funders of ISIS] killed my support for Clinton.

I have absolutely no fears about being a Muslim in a “Trump America.” The checks and balances in America and our rich history of social justice and civil rights will never allow the fear-mongering that has been attached to candidate Trump’s rhetoric to come to fruition.

What worried me the most were my concerns about the influence of theocratic Muslim dictatorships, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in a Hillary Clinton America. These dictatorships are no shining examples of progressive society with their failure to offer fundamental human rights and pathways to citizenship to immigrants from India, refugees from Syria and the entire class of de facto slaves that live in those dictatorships.

We have to stand up with moral courage against not just hate against Muslims, but hate by Muslims[.]

Nomani condemned radical Islam and the Democrats’ refusal to fight it.  Can you imagine if most American Muslims spoke this way publicly?

Can you imagine if even some American Muslims spoke this way publicly, instead of blaming people who want to scrutinize fundamentalists for our own safety?

Nomani’s op-ed piece, while unprecedented, highlights the continuing moral crisis in the Muslim community by virtue of the near uniqueness of her perspective.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.