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The Islamic Paradise of the Needle and Powder

The world’s largest drug field was formerly in the Bekaa Valley where the land is warm and moist. Reflecting the poor state of agriculture in the Muslim world, some of the most arable land in Lebanon where the Romans raised acres of wheat was turned over to cannabis and opium production. In the ’90s the situation was so bad that 80 percent of the world’s cannabis came out of the valley. The valley helped finance the PLO, Hezbollah and the Syrian army which invaded Lebanon partly to get in on the drug trade.

Map of PakistanThe Clinton Administration cut deals with the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Syrian occupation of Lebanon to try and cut down on production. Officially production went down, unofficially the party never really stopped.

With the Syrians gone and the PLO living off American foreign aid on the West Bank of Israel, the lucrative Lebanese drug trade is in the hands of the Shiite Islamists of Hezbollah. Drugs have turned the Party of Allah into a global narcoterrorist ring with tentacles in Latin America and ties to Marxist narcoterrorists there and up to America and out across Europe and Asia.

There is no contradiction between the Islamic identity of Hezbollah and its drug trade financed wealth. The Mumbai terrorists of the Army of the Righteous, who during their killing spree murdered a rabbi and his pregnant wife, snorted cocaine. The Beslan terrorists of the Islamic Brigade of Martyrs who murdered hundreds of children were running on heroin. Forensic tests conducted on the bodies of suicide bombers have found that they were routinely given heroin before being sent off on their missions. And if we had been able to run forensic tests on the Al-Qaeda terrorists who carried out September 11 there would probably be a miniature pharmacy in their bodies.

The intimate connection between drugs and Islam began with the prohibition of alcohol. The ban on wine and other spirits made the need for alternatives more urgent. Coffee was the safer alternative to alcohol, and the Middle Eastern obsession with it reflected the outlawing of wine and beer. Religiously coffee was also useful as a stimulant and came in handy in some Muslim rites. But there were more efficacious stimulants that could do more than coffee and those were equally popular.

While there were at times attempts to similarly prohibit drugs, they never achieved the same status as the ban on liquor. Hashish in particular had useful religious and military effects. The right drugs could give the devout the illusion of a mystical experience, allow them to stay up all night memorizing verses from the Koran or make it easier for them to kill and for Muslim leaders to control their private armies.

The Order of Assassins, whose name “Hashishin” derives from the substance they were addicted to, consisted of young men given the drug and told that their visions were a foretaste of paradise. While the Hashishin achieved legendary status the same pattern has become commonplace among Muslim terrorist groups who ply their followers with drugs to addict them and direct them along the path of Islamic terror as the road to the paradise of the powder and the needle.

Culturally the use of drugs is far more widely accepted in the Muslim world than alcohol is. The Ayatollah Khomeini even ruled that, “Wine and all other intoxicating beverages are impure, but opium and hashish are not.” In some countries drug use is so widespread that it has practically become a national identity. That is the case with Qat in Yemen, a plant-based amphetamine whose use is so widespread that its cultivation consumes nearly half the country’s water supply.

While the Yemeni Qat addiction is fairly obvious, entire Muslim countries which do not have oil run on their drug trade. Pakistan’s largest real export is its off-the-books heroin trade and its economy runs on heroin. The ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency, which backed the Taliban, also took a cut of Afghanistan’s highly profitable opium trade. Iranian and Pakistani interference in Afghanistan marry their Islamic initiatives with the drug trade as Sunnis and Shiites compete for the lucrative traffic in the world’s leading source of opium which is smuggled through Pakistan and Iran.

Speaking of Iran, the Islamic Republic has the world’s highest percentage of heroin addicts, and the traffic is run by the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution which acts as the religious thugs of the ayatollahs. One of their means of smuggling heroin out of Iran is piggybacking the trade on Shiite Muslim pilgrims visiting holy sites abroad.

The Muslim world doesn’t have much to export besides oil and drugs. Countries that don’t have oil export drugs. Countries that do have oil, export drugs anyway. Terrorist groups with their secret cells, forged documents and covert funding sources make perfect drug smuggling networks until it is impossible to tell whether they are Islamic terrorists who smuggle drugs to fund their operations or drug smugglers who kill people to religiously justify their drug smuggling. When the commanders and the foot soldiers have spent enough time in the drug trade and are sampling their own product then they stop knowing the difference.

The miserable state of agriculture in Muslim countries can be partly attributed to this toxic mix of drugs and jihadists. Subsidized food prices give farmers more incentive to cultivate opium than wheat. Islamic groups provide protection and drug smuggling routes to fund their activities. Food prices rise and the popular protests are hijacked by the Islamic groups who can hand out food backed by their real cash crops. From that angle the Arab Spring looks more like an Islamic Cartel Woodstock. FARC with a Koran instead of Das Kapital.

Drunks are not particularly dangerous. It’s hard to weaponsize them in the same way that Islamic groups have weaponized drug users. Islamic drug cartels are in the process of turning parts of Asia and the Middle East into theocracies overseen by the Koran and the needle. But while the cartels make much of their money selling their products to the infidels in America and Europe, most of their real users are at home.

The American and European drug trade brings big profits but requires long journeys that pass under the vigilant eyes of first world customs inspections. It’s much easier and simpler to sell the stuff at home in Iran and Pakistan. The godfathers of Islamic terrorism in Tehran and Islamabad are not only funding Islamic terror using drug money, they are addicting their own populations en masse. Countries cannot become major drug exporters without also creating a major domestic market for drugs along the way. While the ISI and the mullahs have tried to poison the West for profit, they have done a much more thorough job of poisoning themselves with their own wares.

While Islamists like to think of themselves as the moral alternative to the decadent West, they have thoroughly corrupted themselves and their own people. The heroin addicts of Iran and Pakistan are a grim reminder that Islam is not only brutal and violent; it is also a force of moral decay that justifies any crime in the name of its religious aspirations. The millions of Muslim heroin addicts who were made that way by heroin smuggled in the name of Islam are the true fruits of the Islamic Revolution.

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Dubai – the success of Muhammad Ali Reported an official source in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard “Arab” to a military base belonging to the Revolutionary Guards in the town of Madaya, of the consequences of Zabadani in the province of Damascus, was attacked by what he described as the source of “terrorists”, and that the forces of Hezbollah, entered into the area to come from Lebanon, helped to address the attack.

The source close to the commander of Qods Force, responsible for foreign operations, Major General Qassem Soleimani, the representative, who recently visited Syria to coordinate for the protection of the system from falling, Alhaji Mohammed individual, contact immediately the Party of God, who hastened to send special forces had entered by Serghaya to Zabadani and intervened to protect the military base in Iran.

The source added that this rule is where there are no military forces, with the exception of consultants providing political support and security tips. He added: “We do not train guard lion nor any of the security forces in Syria, with no need for it is definitely an understanding of their ability to protect their country and defend it and have the experience. Our role is to support political, in coordination with Russia and China, and to provide security advice.” With regard to external intervention in Syria, the official statement of the Revolutionary Guards, quoted Soleimani, who receives his orders from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that Russia has pledged to Iran, the presence of carrier aircraft and ships in Syria for their protection. He added: “We are coordinating with them and with China to deter any external interference.” He stressed that “the West is well aware through his experience in Iraq that military intervention in Syria is not possible, and we will not allow it.”

The source also reported that there was a possibility the intervention of an Israeli, he said, adding: “Our data indicate that the Zionist enemy was preparing to enter Syria through the Bekaa West in Lebanon, it seeks to form a new alliance in the region against the Shiites, particularly in Lebanon. So the situation is complicated and we have advised the Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah open channel of dialog with the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. ”

He concluded by stressing that Israel will play an important role in the next two months, but reassured, saying: “We will never act militarily. And Hezbollah as well



Nasrallah blasts UN. Hey, lifes hard livin in a hole

On January 14, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on the occasion of the Arabaeen rituals. His speech followed the statement of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who said earlier that he was deeply concerned about the military prowess of Hezbollah.

From Now:

“In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Peace be upon you. I salute you all for your great and honorable participation in this ceremony [the conclusion of Arbaeen mourning] despite the cold weather. We say to Hussein and [those who were killed with him], you are alive in our hearts; you are our blood, our heartbeats and our dignity. We will always follow your steps until martyrdom.


English: Picture of Hassan Nasrallah in a fest...
a real pece of Sheite.

We have faced [our enemies] with the spirit that Hussein showed since 1982. We tell all those who are plotting against our nation and its people, wealth and resistance that our masses fill all the squares and our men fill the fronts. Every country has a front for the resistance. Do all that you can, you will not [intimidate] us.

This square which witnessed the beginning of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and the first resistance military parade. From this square, we confirm firmly that we insist on adopting the choice and discipline of the resistance. This choice, this path, these weapons – along with the army and people – is the guarantee for Lebanon’s security.

We tell [UN chief] Ban Ki-moon that we are happy you, the US and Israel are concerned and worried that we have weapons. What is important for us is that all our people in Lebanon know that there is a Resistance. This resistance will persist.

What was the result of the [work] of the Arab League, the European Nations, the US, and the UN for decades? The result is that Palestine is still occupied. The resistance in Lebanon accomplished liberation. The resistance in Gaza and Iraq also accomplished liberation. Then, what is the substitute for resistance?

I have never said that I refuse dialogue; I said that there are some people that want the dialogue in a bid to disarm us. Their goal will never be achieved. However, we welcome every dialogue aiming at setting a defense strategy.

We should mention Imam Moussa Sadr and his companions. We support the government’s efforts to reveal the truth behind his disappearance.

I would like to confirm our keenness on civil peace. We are keen that no disagreement regarding any local or regional issue leads to any kind of instability. We are keen on stability, preventing thefts and crimes, [but] it is the responsibility of the state and the army to prevent them and not the responsibility of the Resistance. We are keen on the government and call on its prime minister and ministers to deal with the livelihood issues.

Lebanon cannot be isolated from the events in Syria. We are the country which is influenced the most by the events in Syria. We call on the Syrian opposition outside and inside the country to respond to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s call for dialogue. We also call them to relinquish arms. We call for the prevalence of stability in Syria.

The behavior and the incitement of foreign countries regarding the crisis in Syria is not useful. I tell those governments: If you are really keen on Syria, then you should all [agree] to resolve the crisis in Syria instead of inciting [strife] and worsening the crisis.

We must strictly condemn the blasts that targeted Iraq and which left hundreds dead. I call on all [Iraqi] parties to condemn these attacks, especially suicide bomb attacks, which target people who have different ideologies and beliefs.

Killing the nuclear scientists in Iran will not stop Iran’s development and aim to develop nuclear technology. [Our enemies] want us to be [distracted with entertainment], they do not want us to be nations that produce and export science.

In Bahrain, we call on the regime to meet the people’s demands and launch a serious dialogue with the opposition.

On this occasion, we cannot forget Palestine. The enemies of this nation do not want its factions to reconcile. The only option for the people of Palestine is resistance. Our way to dignity, prosperity, security is achieved by clinging to the option of resistance.

Peace be upon Imam Hussein, his son Ali, all his sons and friends. Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God be upon you all.”


It will be a wonderful day when this one has his work accident.. Hezbollah will be the destroyer of Lebanon..