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Egypt: Court Declares Hamas a Terror Group

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie following his arrest Egyptian Interior Ministry By Gil Ronen An Egyptian court declared Gaza’s ruling Hamas faction a terrorist group Saturday, one month after a similar ruling against its armed wing, the Ezzedin al-Kassam Brigades. Another court sentenced Egypt’s top Muslim Brotherhood leaders to life in prison, over a … Continue reading

ISLAMIST Rep. Keith Ellison: Apologist for Jihad

by Matthew Vadum America is the root cause of violent extremism, Congress’s foremost apologist for Islamic terrorism told a White House conference last week. In rambling remarks Feb. 18 at President Obama’s so-called Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) used the opportunity to smear America, downplay Muslim violence, and urge law … Continue reading

Hamas’s New Army of Children

by Khaled Abu Toameh For the past several months, Hamas leaders have been complaining that they do not have enough money to rebuild the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of the last war with Israel. However, it appears that Hamas does have enough funds to train, arm and indoctrinate thousands of young Palestinian men and … Continue reading

10,000 Palestinian teens graduate Hamas terror camp

Elior Levy While their senior counterparts have been testing new homemade rockets and rebuilding the terror tunnel infrastructure, more than 10,000 teenagers arrived at an Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades training compound. Under the guise of a program named “Pioneers of the Resistance,” the Palestinian youths – aged 15 to 21 – underwent intensive military training, … Continue reading

Obama BFF Turkey hosts genocidal Hamas

‘A strong Turkey means a strong Palestine … Inshallah, God is with us and with you on the road to victory,’ Hamas political leader Mashal says, praising Turkey as ‘source of power for Muslims. Ynet Hamas political chief Khaled Mashal praised Turkey and its leader Saturday, saying that a “strong Turkey means a strong Jerusalem, … Continue reading

Report Reveals US Schools Whitewashing Hamas, PA

Parents group demands answers after report shows Newton, MA public schools alter Hamas and PA charters, accept Israel’s destruction. By Ari Yashar Gaza exhibit on recent operation (illustration) Abed Rahim Khatib Parents groups are up in arms after a recent report found public schools in Newton, Massachusetts presented whitewashed versions of Hamas and Palestinian Authority … Continue reading

Hamas Second-Richest Terror Group Worldwide

Forbes study shows Hamas only second to ISIS for terror income – and that most of the money is from foreign aid and NGOs.  By Tova Dvorin ISIS may still be the world’s richest terror organizations, Forbes Israel revealed Tuesday – but Hamas is a close second. Terror groups require an enormous amount of resource and financial … Continue reading