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The Hamas – Hezbollah conflict worsens

The ripple effect of the Hamas-Hezbollah fight is likely to reach Lebanon A few hours after a security meeting between Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas issued a statement on Monday calling on Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria, adding that the Party of God’s role in Syria “increased sectarian polarization.”   Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al … Continue reading

When Resistances Collide

While reports last week of Hamas members in Lebanon being ordered by Hezbollah security officials to leave the country have since proven false, they have nonetheless revived questions about the state of relations between the Palestinian Sunni Islamist militia-cum-party and its Lebanese Shiite Islamist counterpart.   Having both firmly sided with opposing camps in the … Continue reading

Hezbollah fighter details ops in Qusayr

  by Mona Alami Hezbollah’s implication in the nearby Syrian war has been reported by numerous media outlets. In order to discuss the real scope and depth of the party’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, NOW talks to Hezbollah fighter Abou Ali, who has been deployed to Qusayr. Why are you fighting in Syria?   … Continue reading

When Terrorists fall out..

By Barry Rubin     One of the reasons why the Middle East situation is less fearsome than it might seem is that the radicals and terrorists are not united at all but battle among themselves for tactical, doctrinal, ethnic, and ambition-related reasons.     Despite their daily, bloodthirsty howls for Israel’s destruction, for example, … Continue reading

Egypt: Islamic Jihad Spreads its Wings

The Egyptian judiciary is “pulling the country into an abyss,” the Islamic Jihad movement warned on Monday following news that the South Cairo Criminal Court had ruled to release former President Hosni Mubarak from his pre-trial detention. The ousted president is being retried on charges of ordering the killing of protesters in the 25 January … Continue reading

Indoctrinating Children Hamas Style

Palestinian children presented as warriors in Hamas clip A Hamas video encouraging the participation of children in terrorism has been broadcast on Hamas TV. The video, which focuses on Ahmed Yassin, Hamas founder and religious leader killed by Israel, portrays young children as the continuation of Yassin. Children are shown in uniforms, holding rifles and … Continue reading

Hamas cracks down on low-cut jeans

Gaza rulers panned for banning stylish hairdos, beating up boys with fashion sense By Times of Israel staff Low-cut jeans image via Shutterstock The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip is getting flack from rival lawmakers and rights groups over a ban on “Western garments and stylish haircuts.” According to a report from the Chinese Xinhua … Continue reading

Hamas’ dilemma with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Recent developments have strained relations between Egypt and Palestinian resistance faction Hamas     Hicham Mourad , Recent weeks have witnessed a campaign against Palestinian resistance faction Hamas in several Egyptian media outlets due to the alleged involvement of the group – which has governed the Gaza Strip since mid-2007 – in the attack that … Continue reading

How the U.S. Aids Hamas Through the Palestinian Authority

  On February 5, 2013, the reconstituted US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Middle East and North Africa held a subcommittee hearing on the subject of “Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation: Threatening Peace Prospects.” Two senior expert witnesses from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy testified and expressed optimism that US trained Palestinian Security Forces, affiliated with … Continue reading

Islamic Fascism: Qutb and Azzam

By Gary Aminoff Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Queda and planner of the 9/11 attack on America, was first politicized not by specific U.S. policies, but by the writings of Sayyid Qutb and the Jihadist lectures of Abdullah Azzam, both of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qutb was the son of a highly-educated Egyptian nationalist. He … Continue reading

More People Must Care about CAIR

by Adam Turner/It has come to my attention that I may be suffering from “CAIRophobia.” Almost certainly, according to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), I am already afflicted with “Islamophobia,” which they define as “unfounded fear of and hostility towards Islam. Such fear and hostility leads to discriminations against Muslims, exclusion of Muslims from … Continue reading

Hamas-linked CAIR tries to strong-arm Romney

This will be a test for Romney: will he kowtow to the Islamic supremacists and allow them to dictate with whom he can speak and consult? Will they succeed in intimidating him into distancing himself from General Boykin and downplaying the nature and magnitude of the threat of jihad and Islamic supremacism? Or will he … Continue reading