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CAIR: Muslim Youth Community Organizer Busted for Child Rape

to catch a mohammed

by //Ahmad Saleem was CAIR’s Muslim Youth Coordinator in Orlando. Then he founded Saleem Academy dedicated to ” empowering Muslim youth globally” with “Inspired by the Quran” seminars.

Then “Inspired by the Quran” he tried to have sex with a twelve year old girl.

CAIR leader Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim youth coordinator, was also one of the men arrested. Investigators said the men all went to a home in Clermont with the hopes of having sex with a child. The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children,” according to investigators.

Investing in children is the Islamic system of marriage. Mohammed invested in a six-year-old bride. Ahmad waited till she was twelve. Clearly he’s a moderate.

Ahmad Saleem was also a Muslim Students Association president in Florida. This makes him one of the few MSA presidents not to go to jail for terrorism.

Apart from being the former MSA president at UCF, he was the MSA National service director, a board member of Muslim Youth Project USA, a student of many learned scholars from across the world, and is a motivational speaker who has been invited to speak throughout the country.

And he was super-concerned about the threat of Islamophobia.

He feels that Islamophobia is a serious danger to Americans and not in line with the spirit of our Founding Fathers and that it needs to be stopped as soon as possible. He believes that by eliminating Islamophobia is the only way to bring a peaceful domestic and global future for everyone.

That and outlawing Pedophobia. Only bad people are afraid of pedophiles. What are you some kind of Pedophobe?

But Ahmad Saleem is a blot on the otherwise spotless CAIR and MSA record of having their officials go to jail for terrorism, not child molesting.

Granted Mohammed liked to do both, but I imagine the good folks at CAIR and MSA are unhappy at Ahmad’s lack of priorities.

Muslim Leader Who Said Israel is ‘Enemy of God’ Invited to White House

shRegardless of the circumstances, when a representative from CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group with close ties to Hamas, is allowed into the White House, a serious, indeed dangerous, problem exists.

One day after the brutal death of his cousin – a revenge attack following the murder of three Israeli teens – Tariq Abu Khdeir, a 15-year-old boy who had traveled to Israel from Tampa, Florida, found himself arrested and beaten by an Israeli officer. On the day of his being taken into custody, authorities alleged Khdeir was masked, armed and actively participating in rioting against officers. They said, as well, he had resisted arrest.

A video purporting to be of the beating went viral, and an Israeli investigation into the footage commenced.

While Khdeir claimed total innocence in the matter, and to be sure, months later, the charges against him were dropped, his family’s choice of an attorney for his case makes Khdeir’s claim of innocence highly suspicious, if not an outright lie. Throughout the process, the lawyer representing Khdeir was Hassan Shibly, the Executive Director of the Florida chapter of CAIR.

CAIR was established in June 1994 as being part of the American Palestine Committee, an umbrella organization acting as a terrorist enterprise run by then-global Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. Marzook was based in the U.S. at the time and currently operates out of Egypt as a spokesman for Hamas. In 2007 and 2008, amidst two federal trials, the U.S. government named CAIR a co-conspirator in the raising of millions of dollars for Hamas.

Under a graphic of the World Trade Center in flames, CAIR posted to its national website a link to the Hamas charity, Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), asking its followers to donate money. The group also asked its followers to donate to the al-Qaeda charity, Global Relief Foundation (GRF).

In November 2014, just six months ago, along with ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, CAIR was listed as a terrorist organization by United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Hassan Shibly has exhibited his own radical behavior.

Shibly is an admirer of controversial Islamic lecturer Khalid Yasin who, during a 2005 interview, stated the following about non-Muslims and homosexuals: “There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend. If you prefer the clothing of the kafirs over the clothing of the Muslims, most of those names that’s on most of those clothings is faggots, homosexuals and lesbians.”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly recently pointed out on her show that, for at least four years, Shibly has referred to himself as a “fan” of Yasin and/or labeled Yasin an “interest” on his personal Facebook page. This, after Shibly had been warned years before about Yasin.

In December 2004, Shibly was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, while crossing over the Canadian border, following a conference he had attended in Toronto. The conference was ‘Reviving the Islamic Spirit,’ and according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, it featured a number of extremist speakers including notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and neo-Nazi William Baker.

About Shibly’s and others’ detentions, a border spokesman stated, “[W]e have credible, ongoing information that these types of conferences have been used and are being used by terrorist organizations to not only transport fraudulent documents but to mask travel by terrorists.” According to Shibly, he was “led by three armed officers” into a room “for questioning and fingerprinting.” He was told to stand face-first against the wall with legs spread for a pat-down search. He said he was “treated as a suspect.”

In June 2011, the Tampa Tribune reported on previous statements Shibly had made regarding Hezbollah. Shibly had stated that Hezbollah was “basically a resistance movement” and “absolutely not a terrorist organization.”

In August 2014, only nine months ago, Shibly tweeted that “Israel and its supporters are enemies of God.

All of this is disturbing in itself, but what is much more so is the fact that this man was invited to the White House.

On April 15th, National Security Council staff met with Shibly and the Khdeir family at the West Wing of the White House. CNN published a photo of a smiling Shibly and a smiling Tariq Khdeir seated there. Shibly tweeted another with both Tariq and his mother Suha Khdeir.

A White House official is quoted on CNN, stating “The U.S. government has remained closely engaged with Tariq and his family since his return from Jerusalem.”

Question: Was the NSC aware of Shibly and his organization’s backgrounds, prior to him being allowed to enter the premises? Or did the White House CAIR?

This event evokes a similar memory when Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami al-Arian and his family were given the honor of taking photos with President George W. Bush at the White House. That was an embarrassment and a significant lapse in national security. So is this.

There was a time when the White House was considered nothing less than sacred in the U.S., a time when Americans knew the difference between friend and enemy. This photo op is an example of how far we have fallen as a nation and how vulnerable we truly are.

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US Senate Candidate Terror Ties Won’t Go Away

Joe Sestak

An ex-congressman with one-time ties to a pro-terrorist Muslim group has launched a second try for a U.S. Senate seat from Pennsylvania.

Then-Congressman Joe Sestak lost a close 2010 Senate race to Pat Toomey, in a race that included a controversy over Sestak’s relationship with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). A former admiral in the U.S. Navy, Sestak hired a CAIR leader to run his Washington Congressional office and soon thereafter agreed to serve as the keynote speaker for an April 2007 CAIR fundraising dinner in Philadelphia.

Sestak’s ties to CAIR became a significant issue in the 2010 campaign, in a mid-term election year otherwise largely dominated by domestic politics. The 2016 election cycle is likely to focus much more heavily on foreign affairs and national security issues.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, CAIR was “founded [in 1994] by leaders of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a Hamas affiliated anti-Semitic propaganda organization.” (The IAP has been characterized by the U.S. government as part of “Hamas’ propaganda apparatus.”)

The ADL’s web site reveals that some CAIR leaders have also been active in another “Hamas-linked anti-Semitic propaganda organization” called the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR). The Virginia-based UASR was established by Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzuq in 1989. Mohamed Nimer, CAIR’s director of research from 1995 to 2007, previously worked for the UASR and even spent a month in Lebanon in a camp of Hamas deportees from Israel.

Nimer is not the only prominent CAIR activist with links to the UASR. CAIR board member Caroline Keeble (also known as Anisa Abd el Fattah) has served as the USAR’s president and director of public relations and media affairs. CAIR vice chairman Nabil Sadoun was deported from the U.S. in 2010 because he failed to disclose his connections to the USAR when he immigrated to the United States.

As if to demonstrate its determination to associate with anti-Semites, on October 8, 2010, right smack in the middle of the Sestak-Toomey race, CAIR presented its “Lifetime Achievement Award” to Helen Thomas at its annual dinner–right after Thomas sparked a nationwide uproar over her assertion that all Jews in Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go back to Germany, Poland, or America.” President Barack Obama was among those who said at the time that Thomas should resign.

The ADL has also found that CAIR has a long record of making sympathetic statements about anti-Israel terrorist groups and terrorist attacks. In a March 1994 panel discussion at Barry University in Florida, CAIR executive director Nihad Awad said: “I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO.” Ghazi Kankan, executive director of CAIR’s New York told the Jewish Week (Oct. 12, 2001) that, like Hamas, he considers all Israelis over the age of 18 to be “military” because “they are all reserves”–making them, in his eyes, legitimate targets. Speakers at CAIR rallies have frequently praised Hamas and Hezbollah, and participants in the rallies have waved placards endorsing those terror groups.

CAIR’s sympathy for terrorists has moved beyond mere rhetoric, the ADL points out. During the trial in Texas of the Holy Land Foundation for supporting Hamas, statement “evidence was produced by the Federal prosecutors demonstrating that CAIR and its founders were part of a group set up by the Muslim Brotherhood to support Hamas.” One of the defendants was the founder of CAIR’s Dallas chapter, Ghassan Elashi, who was convicted and sentenced to 65 years in prison.

CAIR communications specialist and civil rights coordinator Randall Royer is serving a 20-year jail term for his involvement with the Islamic terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba. That’s the group responsible for the heinous attack on the Jewish center in India last year, in which a rabbi and his wife were tortured and murdered. And CAIR fundraiser Rabih Haddad was deported from the United States after being arrested on terrorism-related charges.

All of this information was available at the time of Joe Sestak’s 2010 campaign, yet none of it moved him to condemn CAIR. If asked about it today, he would no doubt dismiss it all as “old news.”

But there has been a very recent development that makes the issue very relevant in his new campaign for the Senate. On November 15, 2014, the government of the United Arab Emirates announced that it was adding CAIR to its official list of terrorist organizations.

One does not need to be an actual bomb-thrower to be put on the UAE’s list. It includes groups that engage in “incitement or funding” of terrorists. Based on CAIR’s history, including the many connections between CAIR leaders and terrorists such as Hamas, the UAE has good reason for its concerns.

Despite what the Sestak campaign may think, this issue is not going away so quickly. At a time when the Free World is engaged in a life-or-death struggle against Islamist terror, it should expect voters to keep asking about it, unless and until Sestak denounces CAIR, unequivocally, once and for all.

[Moshe Phillips is president and Benyamin Korn is chairman of the Religious Zionists of America, Philadelphia, and both are candidates on the Religious Zionist slate (www.VoteTorah.org) in the World Zionist Congress elections.]

CAIR Sues California



The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections on behalf of Elsiddig Elhindi, a prison guard who claims to have suffered anti-Muslim harassment for 12 years.

Elhindi, 56, told the Huffington Post he had been subjected to “very very severe harassment” from co-workers and supervisors “as high as the warden’s office at some times.” He said he had been ridiculed because of his accent and “referred to as a terrorist” and a “suicide bomber.” This amounted to “emotional torture, for years and years” and it was “so severe, so frequent, it has affected my life in many ways.” Elhindi said co-workers called him a “rat and a snitch” and the prison administration was “dismissive of my cries for help” and suggested he retire.

Elhindi, who left Sudan at age 19, allegedly suffered this abuse while working a California State Prison, Sacramento. He told Steve Magagnini of the Sacramento Bee “My accent was joked about, my color was joked about, and the use of the N word was unbelievable, It’s scary.” The stress level, he told the Bee, “amounts to emotional torture” and “never stopped.” He declined to retire because “I have a family to support and have invested 27 years of my life into state service and cannot just walk away.” But it wasn’t just about him.

“I think it’s a systemic issue,” Elhindi told the Bee. “There are other Muslim officers that have complained of similar treatment, but the majority are scared to report it.” In 2011 Elhindi filed a complaint with Equal Opportunity Commission, which found reasonable cause to believe the California Department of Corrections may have violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. The U.S. Department of Justice, however, declined to pursue the case.

Elhindi’s lawyer, Brice Hamack, Civil Rights Coordinator for CAIR in northern California, told the Huffington Post that the DOJ had redacted part of their report, so he did not know why they declined to pursue the case. It was based on employment harassment, Hamack explained, “but at the end of the day it’s really about being able to exercise your right to practice whatever religion you see fit, without fear of having your livelihood affected by it.”

Hamack told Reuters that “while we understand most work environments come with some level of joking and personal banter, employers must protect employees who become subjected to severe and pervasive harassment by their co-workers.” Hamack charged that “When the State of California and the CDCR failed to protect Mr. Elhindi from harassment based on his religion, race and national origin, as well as from retaliation for seeking protection against such harassment, they violated his civil rights.”

When the Huffington Post asked Hamack why CAIR got involved, Hamack said that CAIR was a civil-rights organization that “fights for the rights of American Muslims to be safe in the workplace, to take on jobs that they believe in, take on causes they believe in, without fear of retaliation and harassment due to their Islamic beliefs.”

None of the reporters included background on CAIR, which as Joe Kaufman has noted, was “established as being a part of the American Palestine Committee, an umbrella organization run by then-global Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook, who was based in the U.S. at the time and who now operates out of Egypt as a spokesman for Hamas.” CAIR’s November 8, 2014, 20th anniversary banquet at the Santa Clara Convention featured speakers Nihad Awad, who worked for the propaganda wing of Hamas, and Siraj Wahhaj, the imam of the At-Taqwa Mosque, and a character witness for “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman, prosecuted for the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.

On its own website, CAIR linked to the Sacramento Bee piece by Steve Magagnini, in which Elsiddig Elhindi claimed “emotional torture” and charged that anti-Muslim harassment was a “systemic issue.” The article also provides some clue as to how pervasive anti-Muslim harassment might be in California’s prison system, and why the U.S. Department of Justice declined to pursue the case. Elhindi, in fact, “has been promoted to sergeant, and since September has worked at California State Prison, Solano, where he has not experienced harassment.” The Bee reporter offers further enlightenment as to what the CAIR legal action may really be about.

“The suit asks the federal court to hold a jury trial and seeks special damages covering wages and benefits, general damages of pain, suffering, mental injury and emotional distress, past and future, reasonable legal fees and protection against future harassment. It also asks that the Corrections Department increase anti-discriminatory training for supervisors and employees.”

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LMAO: UAE designates Hamas linked #CAIR a terrorist organization

UPDATE: ABC News confirms this, noting in the very last paragraph of its story that the UAE has designated Hamas-linked CAIR a terrorist group. Probably they buried it out of embarrassment over the fact that the mainstream media has been going to Hamas-linked CAIR for years as if they were really what they claim to be, a civil rights organization. The fact that a government, any government, has branded it terrorist must be as embarrassing to the mainstream media as it is to Hamas-linked CAIR — that is, if either of them were capable of embarrassment.

cair 1

This probably stems from Hamas-linked CAIR’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan doesn’t want to find himself overthrown by Islamic hardliners, and replaced by a Sharia government. In any case, it is very strange — so strange that I wonder if the Emirates News Agency’s website was hacked by a mischievous hacker who added Hamas-linked CAIR to this list (which would also explain why it is the only place on the list where the line spacing is broken).

If this is authentic, no doubt Hamas-linked CAIR’s Nihad Awad and Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper are furiously working the phones today, calling on all their contacts in the U.S. government and elsewhere to get this reversed. What fun it would be to be a fly on the wall in Honest Ibe’s sumptuously appointed office today.

Will the Obama administration’s Justice Department now denounce the UAE for “Islamophobia”?


“UAE Cabinet approves list of designated terrorist organisations, groups,” Emirates News Agency, November 15, 2014:

ABU DHABI, 15th November 2014 (WAM) — The UAE Cabinet has approved a list of designated terrorist organisations and groups in implementation of Federal Law No. 7 for 2014 on combating terrorist crimes, issued by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the Cabinet’s own resolution on the designation of terrorist organisations that provided for the publication of the lists in the media for the purposes of transparency and to raise awareness in society about these organisations.

The following is the list of organisations designated as terrorist that has been approved by the Cabinet: :: The UAE Muslim Brotherhood.

:: Al-Islah (or Da’wat Al-Islah).

:: Fatah al-Islam (Lebanon).

:: Associazione Musulmani Italiani (Association of Italian Muslims).

:: Khalaya Al-Jihad Al-Emirati (Emirati Jihadist Cells).

:: Osbat al-Ansar (the League of the Followers) in Lebanon.

:: The Finnish Islamic Association (Suomen Islam-seurakunta).

:: Alkarama organisation.

:: Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM or Tanzim al-Qa‘idah fi Bilad al-Maghrib al-Islami).

:: The Muslim Association of Sweden (Sveriges muslimska forbund, SMF) :: Hizb al-Ummah (The Ommah Party or Nation’s Party) in the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula :: Ansar al-Sharia in Libya (ASL, Partisans of Islamic Law).

:: The Islamic Council Norway (Islamsk Rad Norge, IRN).

:: Al-Qaeda.

:: Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia (AST, Partisans of Sharia) in Tunisia.

:: Islamic Relief UK.

:: Dae’sh (ISIL).

:: Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) in Somalia ( Mujahideen Youth Movement) :: The Cordoba Foundation (TCF) in Britian.

:: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

:: Boko Haraam ( Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’Awati Wal-Jihad) in Nigeria.

:: Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) of the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

:: Jama’at Ansar al-Shari’a (Partisans of Sharia) in Yemen.

:: Al-Mourabitoun (The Sentinels) group in Mali.

:: Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban Movement of Pakistan).

:: The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organisation and groups.

:: Ansar al-Dine (Defenders of the faith) movement in Mali.

:: Abu Dhar al-Ghifari Battalion in Syria.

:: Jama’a Islamia in Egypt (AKA al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya, The Islamic Group, IG).

:: The Haqqani Network in Pakistan.

:: Al-Tawheed Brigade (Brigade of Unity, or Monotheism) in Syria.

:: Ansar Bait al-Maqdis (ABM, Supporters of the Holy House or Jerusalem) and now rebraneded as Wilayat Sinai (Province or state in the Sinai).

:: Lashkar-e-Taiba (Soldiers, or Army of the Pure, or of the Righteous).

:: Al-Tawhid wal-Eman battalion (Battaltion of Unity, or Monotheism, and Faith) in Syria.

:: Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) group.

:: The East Turkistan Islamic Movement in Pakistan (ETIM), AKA the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), Turkistan Islamic Movement (TIM).

:: Katibat al-Khadra in Syria (the Green Battaltion).

:: Majlis Shura al-Mujahedeen Fi Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis (the Mujahedeen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem, or MSC).

:: Jaish-e-Mohammed (The Army of Muhammad).

:: Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Brigade in Syria.

:: The Houthi Movement in Yemen.

:: Jaish-e-Mohammed (The Army of Muhammad) in Pakistan and India.

:: Talha Ibn ‘Ubaid-Allah Compnay in Syria.

:: Hezbollah al-Hijaz in Saudi Arabia.

:: Al Mujahideen Al Honoud in Kashmor/ India (The Indian Mujahideen, IM).

:: Al Sarim Al Battar Brigade in Syria.

:: Hezbollah in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

:: Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus (Caucasus Emirate or Kavkaz and Chechen jidadists).

:: The Abdullah bin Mubarak Brigade in Syria.

:: Al-Qaeda in Iran.

:: The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU).

:: Qawafil al-shuhada (Caravans of martyrs).

:: The Badr Organisation in Iraq.

:: Abu Sayyaf Organisation in the Philippines.

:: Abu Omar Brigade in Syria.

:: Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq in Iraq (The Leagues of the Righteous).

:: Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) :: Ahrar Shoummar Brigade in Syria (Brigade of the free men of the Shoummar Tribe).

:: Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq.

:: CANVAS organisation in Belgrade, Serbia.

:: The Sarya al-Jabal Brigade in Syria.

:: Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas ( rigade of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas) in Syria.

:: The Muslim American Society (MAS).

:: Al Shahba’ Brigade in Syria.

:: Liwa al-Youm al-Maw’oud in Iraq (Brigade of Judgement Day).

:: International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) :: Al Ka’kaa’ Bigade in Syria.

:: Liwa Ammar bin Yasser (Ammar bin Yasser Brigade).

:: Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe.

:: Sufyan Al Thawri Brigade.

:: Ansar al-Islam Group in Iraq (Partisans of Islam).

:: Union of Islamic Organisations of France (L’Union des Organisations Islamiques de France, UOIF).

:: Ebad ar-Rahman Brigade (Brigade of Soldiers of Allah) in Syria.

:: Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) in Syria.

:: Muslim Association of Britain (MAB).

:: Omar Ibn al-Khattab Battalion in Syria.

:: Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham Al Islami (Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant).

:: Islamic Society of Germany (Islamische Gemeinschaft Deutschland).

:: Al-Shayma’ Battaltion in Syria.

:: Jaysh al-Islam in Palestine (The Army of Islam in Palestine) :: The Islamic Society in Denmark (Det Islamiske Trossamfund, DIT).

:: Katibat al-Haqq (Brigade of the Righteous).

: The Abdullah Azzam Brigades.

:: The League of Muslims in Belgium (La Ligue des Musulmans de Belgique, LMB)

CAIR, 20 Years of Terror

cairOn the night of Saturday, November 8, the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of CAIR held its 20th Anniversary Banquet at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It was fitting that two out of three of the event’s featured speakers have been associated with terrorism, as 20 years ago CAIR was founded as a main component of a Palestinian terrorist enterprise inside the United States.

CAIR or the Council on American-Islamic Relations has been in existence for 20 years — since June 1994 — when it opened up its national headquarters in Washington, D.C. The group was established as being a part of the American Palestine Committee, an umbrella organization run by then-global Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook, who was based in the U.S. at the time and who now operates out of Egypt as a spokesman for Hamas.


The other members of the umbrella included a Hamas financing wing, Holy Land Foundation (HLF); a Hamas propaganda wing, Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP); and a Hamas command center, United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), which was then led by Ahmed Yousef, who later left the U.S. for Gaza to become Senior Political Adviser to Hamas leader Ismail Haniya.

The founding and current National Executive Director of CAIR is Nihad Awad. Just prior to co-founding CAIR, Awad held the position of Public Relations Director for the IAP. As the propaganda wing of Hamas, the IAP had been involved in distributing Hamas terrorist videos and publishing vehemently anti-Jewish and anti-Israel materials, including the Hamas charter in different languages.


Only months before the creation of CAIR, Awad announced his support for Hamas.

Under Awad’s leadership, CAIR has had a number of representatives cited for terrorist-related activity. CAIR officials have been convicted and imprisoned for terror-related crimes and/or deported from the United States. As well, during Awad’s tenure, CAIR has been cited itself. In 2007 and 2008, amidst two federal trials, the U.S. government named the group a co-conspirator in the raising of millions of dollars for Hamas. The individuals who had been indicted for the trials (CAIR was named an “unindicted co-conspirator”) were found guilty of all charges.

This past Saturday night, Awad was not at his home base in D.C. Instead, he was speaking at a banquet for CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA) chapter. San Francisco was the home of CAIR’s first regional U.S. chapter, established not long after CAIR National was established, hence the California group celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

A second featured speaker at the Saturday banquet was Siraj Wahhaj, the imam of the At-Taqwa Mosque, located in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn, New York. Wahhaj frequently speaks at CAIR sponsored events. Indeed, Wahhaj previously sat on CAIR’s National Board of Advisors.


Wahhaj has been associated with terrorism far beyond his involvement with CAIR.

In 1995, much like CAIR’s trials, Wahhaj was named an “unindicted co-conspirator” for the federal trial prosecuting those involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Wahhaj had been linked to the bombmaker of the attack, Clement Rodney Hampton-El, and during the trial he was a character witness for the spiritual leader of the attack — the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman — whom Wahhaj has openly praised.

 Faizan A Syed

Wahhaj has recently taken up the cause of speaking at functions for and doing fundraising for rabid anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

Also speaking at the banquet was Nihad Awad’s San Francisco counterpart, Executive Director of CAIR-SFBA Zahra Billoo. Billoo has made a number of extremist statements in the past. She has written that “one amazing reason to get married” is to “raise fighters” (children) to attack the nation of Israel. She wrote that to celebrate Columbus Day is “the same as having Jews celebrate Hitler and the Holocaust.” She refers to U.S. troops as “scum.”

Billoo proudly announced on her blog that her younger brother, Ahmed, was quoted in an article in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal — an article that discusses in length about how her brother supports suicide bombings. Billoo wrote that she, herself, had thoughts of committing suicide, after she viewed a pro-Israel advertisement on a San Francisco train.

On her Twitter account, Billoo boasted that her CAIR event was sold out, and the pictures taken at it do show a full house. This is a frightening indication that many Muslims in America appear to support and approve of CAIR’s agenda. Certainly given the amount of information available about the speakers at the event, one would be hard pressed to believe that the attendees weren’t at least somewhat aware of CAIR’s terror-related background.

While CAIR has attempted to present itself as a Muslim civil rights organization, the individuals involved with CAIR reveal that the group is cynically exploiting this designation.

The title of CAIR’s weekend event was ‘Rooted in Faith,’ but one has to question what type of faith would have radical luminaries who are associated with terrorism representing it.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.

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