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How the Clintons tilted American policy on Islam

The Clinton role in the rise of Islamic irredentism has now come full circle.  Bill Clinton might get the credit for the original Muslim tilt. Bosnia (1992-95) set the table for a series of interventions that gave birth to the so-called Arab Spring and any subsequent triumphs of Islamofascism. Ironically, Bill Clinton could be both righteous about civil wars in the Balkans and oblivious to genocide in Rwanda simultaneously.

Muslim lives matter, Black Africans, not so much.

In the past decade, with an assist from an uncritical media, a “long war” chimera has emerged to rationalize indecision and serial failure abroad. After being told that al Qaeda was on the run and the Islamic State was the “junior varsity,” Americans are now told that Muslim wars are so “complicated” that solutions to religious fascism and terror must be deferred to the indefinite future. The “long war” scenarios now being spun by the Pentagon and the Obama/Clinton camp are excuses for inaction, the political equivalent of kick-the-can.

Such apologetics, if not appeasement, is nothing new. America has been risk averse since World War II. Ironically, while eschewing formal war declarations, the cloak and dagger faction of national security community is still populated by the same Cold War cowboys that flourished during the containment years.  Anti-Communist rationale has now morphed into a pernicious, if not indiscriminate democratic imperialism, a series of hair-brained regime change operations with no regard for consequence — or the day after.

The instability and chaos that plague the 21st Century are created problems.  Policies such as regime change, counter insurgency, nation building, and “humanitarian” intervention are probative. Withal, the US State Department, and the various US national security apparati, has facilitated the spread of terror, the immigrant tsunami, the rise of the Islamic State, the resurgence of jihad (nee Crusades), and the spread of Islamism worldwide.

When Donald Trump claims that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created ISIS, his rhetoric might be figurative, but the underlying truth is literal. The political vacuums created by toppling secular authoritarian Muslim states have been filled by our worst political nightmare, religious fascism.

Bosnia, like much of the Balkans, is just one of the sectarian fault lines of civilization.  Indeed, it was Muslim unrest that precipitated Serb pushback, civil war, and the eventual collapse of Yugoslavia. The so-called “ethnic” cleansing that followed had more to do with religion than race. Bosnians are, for the most part, Muslims with a bloody fascist pedigree.

Bosnian irredentism did not begin in 1991.

Early in World War II, an Irish historian captured the flavor of what the Germans would sponsor in the Balkans for the duration:

Serbian and Jewish men, women and children were literally hacked to death. Whole villages were razed to the ground and the people driven into barns to which the Ustasi set fire. There is in the Italian Foreign Ministry archive a collection of photographs of the butcher knives, hooks and axes used to chop up Serbian victims. There are photographs of Serb women with breasts hacked off by pocket knives, men with eyes gouged out, emasculated and mutilated.

During WWII, Bosnia was part of fascist Croatia, a primary collaborator in the Nazi occupation of the Balkans. Josip Broz Tito led the Christian resistance to the Wehrmacht occupation whilst Muslims filled the ranks of two Waffen SS Divisions.

These units are credited with genocidal atrocities against Jews, Roma, Catholic, and Serb Orthodox minorities as well as Tito partisans. The creation of Muslim units within the SS was overseen by Himmler himself to exploit the commonalities of Nazi secular and Muslim religious worldviews.  Arab and German Anti-Semitism was the icing on the Balkan fascist cake.

German and Muslim genocidal collusion dates to the 19th Century and WW I with the so-called “Kaiser’s Jihad” where Germany sponsoredethnic/religious cleansing,  atrocities with which Muslim Turks were only too happy to comply. To this day, the American government refuses to recognize the Armenian Christian Holocaust (1.5 million dead) as genocide.

A generation later, the Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem had a direct hand inrecruiting Balkan Muslims to the Shutzsaffel. The scimitar of Islam adorns the crest of the most infamous genocidal SS unit on the Eastern Front.



Crest, 13th Mountain Division, Waffen SS, Croatia

The Ustasi regime’s Jasenovac death camp in Slovonia, “the Aushwitz of the Balkans,” was the worst in Europe because much of the killing was done by hand – sword, ax, or knife.

By the end of the 20th Century, Brussels and Washington seem to have become nose-blind to the stench of Bosnian fascist history. Allied intervention on the side of Muslims in erstwhile Yugoslavia was of a piece with the chest thumping that accompanied the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The end of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union signaled the beginning of new proxy wars with Russia.

Albeit, the fall of the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact, and totalitarian Communism was never enough for hard liners, left and right, in the West. Cold warriors, Neo-Cons, and Islamophiles are seldom able to take yes for an answer.

The religious fascism now evident in Kosovo and Bosnia is of a piece with the very public Nazi commemorations in the Baltic States, NATO allies all.


Latvian Shutstaffel 

NATO expansion and mischief from the Baltics, to Yugoslavia, to Georgia, and on to Ukraine today are serial proxy fights with the Moscow. At this point, it might not be too farfetched to conclude that the real NATO regime change target in Europe is the Kremlin. Indeed, recently retired NATO Commanding General, Philip Breedlove, USAF, makes Strangelovean Curtis LeMay look like a girl scout.

Alas, the “great game’ of the 21st Century is existential, a kind of nuclear chicken. If NATO cannot win the 5th Column war on the Muslim front, hazarding a war with Russia seems to be a kind of autistic death wish indeed.

The Muslim collaborators that President Clinton and Secretary of State Albright defended in the ‘90s have come home to roost as Salafist vultures in Kosovo and Bosnia circa 2016.

Bosnia Herzegovina now provides more ISIS volunteers per capita than any other country in Europe. Bosnia Herzegovina is also host to a 5thcolumn support network of Salifists who build mosques and madrassas, provide imams, and finance the EU ideological jihad. Even the NY Timeshas come to recognize the toxic religious blowback in places like Kosovo.

The heirs of Muslim fascists that lost to Marshall Tito have now secured two terror sanctuaries in the heart of modern Europe with an American assist. Secular fascism has been replaced by religious fascism with politicians like the Clintons, KFOR, and NATO riding shotgun.

Europe and America consistently refuse to publically recognize the religious dimensions of the Kosovo/Bosnia snake pit. Now 21st Century Arab monies and Muslim crusaders have swallowed yet two more national victims.

What the EU, America, and Clintonistas fail to understand is that Sharia, Islamism, and political Islam itself is incompatible with most values that enlighten the evolved democracies in the West. Apologists for Islam also fail to appreciate that democracy is a target, not an aspiration, for too many observant Muslims.  A true believer can rationalize the worst atrocity against infidels and apostates by citing the precedence of religious law, the Hadith, the Koran, or Mohammed himself.

Now comes candidate Hillary Clinton, bookend to her naïve husband, preaching the same “long war” temporizing that facilitated the explosion of Islamism in the Bush/Obama years. If the Muslim past is precedent, time does not favor American victory or the survival of tolerance, democracy, or civility.

Alas, Brussels and Washington’s cluelessness might just be another symptom of a wounded Western culture dying from a thousand cuts. Tip of the hat to the late Samuel P. Huntington, a prophet in fact and deed.

G. Murphy Donovan writes about the politics of national securi


#Breaking: Woman who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to campaign against #Hillary2016


NEW YORK – One of the women who has accused former US President Bill Clinton of sexual assault says she has agreed to work for an anti-Clinton political group being formed by a former adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer who says Bill Clinton groped her in an Oval Office hallway in 1993 when she came to him tearfully seeking a paid job, said she had agreed to become a paid national spokeswoman for a group being created by Roger Stone.

Stone, a Republican strategist, said the group would become active should Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton’s wife, win the Democratic nomination in the 2016 race for the White House. Clinton is currently the front runner.

“This gives me more of an opportunity to get this message out to young voters who weren’t even born or don’t even remember what happened and to the women who have suffered,” Willey told Reuters.

Willey said she will give interviews and speeches and appear in political advertisements to ensure the accusations remain part of the political discourse during the election campaign.


Iran Nuclear Deal Violates UN Security Council Resolutions

UN Security Council resolutions ordered the Islamic Republic to abandon all enrichment and reprocessing activities.

Dr. Joe Tuzara

At the time when the Islamic republic is showing signs of economic implosion due to crippling sanctions, the premature lifting of sanctions in exchange for baseless promises of goodwill has emboldened Iran to preserve its primary goal: the “right” to continue enriching uranium.

As it turned out, the “interim” agreement that came out of negotiations in Geneva was a done deal: accommodation masquerading as accompllshment.

The deal is an embarrassing diplomatic fiasco, for it “provides international support and de facto recognition of Iran” as a nuclear-weapons capable state.

Post-Geneva, the world powers  have lost credibility and have squandered a “golden opportunity to demand major concessions” that could have led to a comprehensive solution to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s seriously flawed assurances that Israel is “safer” after interim deal for Iran was a vague distortion of reality.

The Geneva agreement  has made the world a more “dangerous place” when it allows Iran to continue enriching uranium and does not prohibit construction at the plutonium producing Arak reactor.

The deal stipulates that “Iran will be forced to dilute about half of its uranium below the 20% enrichment rate, leaving the second half intact. The agreement also allows Iran to continue enriching the un-enriched uranium left in their possession – about 8 tons – to the low rate of 3.5% enrichment”. Israeli experts claim that those enrichment rates are still enough to produce 5 nuclear warheads.

Unless the Obama administration ‘s ambiguous shift on US declared policy on Iran changes course, it marks the beginning of a new nuclear arms race in a “dangerous” and volatile region where Sunni-Shiite divide runs deep.

From a strategic perspective, any permanent accord that falls short of dismantlement of  Iran’s military nuclear program “presents a grave threat to the national security of the United States and its allies”.

The Iranian president’s gloating over the “broken” sanctions regime that “has left Israel diplomatically isolated” is delusory and pernicious.

To compound the problem further, the denigrating and insulting remarks about Israeli officials by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in which Israel is referred to as a “rabid dog” that is “doomed to failure and annihilation” should be utterly unacceptable to the US.

Inevitably, the cracks between the world powers will begin to unravel the true face of Iran. The Iranians may have successfully isolated the US from Europe, but Israel has a final say regarding the Iranian endgame.

Iran’s insistence on maintaining the plutonium producing Arak heavy water reactor,  development of ballistic missiles for use as delivery vehicles and the “right” to enrich uranium “reflects an effort to position itself to quickly build and deploy a nuclear weapons arsenal”.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “wants an end to all uranium enrichment in Iran, the removal of all uranium stockpiles from the country, the dismantling of the Iranians’ most sophisticated enrichment technology and the halting of plutonium enrichment”.

Fifteen countries have nuclear plants that do not enrich uranium. So, if Iran want a commercial, peaceful nuclear power plant  the international community should control the fuel cycle.

Certainly, Israelis will not bet their security on UN inspectors verification safeguards and they cannot entrust their security from the US or anyone, either.

Speculation aside, the “secret” bilateral backchannel to Tehran led by Obama’s Iranian-born senior advisor Valerie Jarrett has already recognized Iran as becoming a nuclear power.

The betrayal by an egotistical commander-in-chief in cahoots with the ayatollahs waging a campaign for the weapons of mass distruction against Israel is a deeply unsettling, mindboggling. irreparable mistake.

Given the Iranians well-documented history of concealment and to fabricate information about their nuclear facilities, the IAEA has been unable to confirm Tehran’s assertions that its nuclear program will be exclusively peaceful.

The UN Security Council has adopted six resolutions requiring Iran to stop enriching uranium, which can be used for civilian purposes but also to build nuclear bombs. Despite this, Iran continues to enrich uranium, saying it is simply doing what it is allowed to do under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

However, the NPT does not explicitly cite a “right” to enrich uranium, and how the US and other powers resolve this dispute has implications beyond Iran.

Keeping Iran’s  nuclear infrastructure and uranium enrichment generally intact will render the NPT ineffectual and irrelevant.

Moreover, the legitimacy of the interim nuclear deal is disputable because for the first time the West has allowed Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran “will continue enriching uranium on its soil, to use in power plants and for other civilian purposes” and there’s nothing in the agreement what the world powers will do if Iran breach the deal.

To top it all, the controversial agreement in exchange for a “promise” by Iran to halt nuclear activities while it continue to enrich uranium is illogical and unlawful .

Israel, Saudi Arabia and Congress believes that the interim agreement failed to “roll back the entirety of Iran’s infrastructure and their advancements in the pursuit of nuclear weapons.” Despite this, Obama “urges a skeptical Congress to hold off on sanctions”.

However, the interim deal between world powers and Iran had a sense of deja vu about it – what happened with North Korea in 1994 is ominously similar to Tehran’s diplomatic “charm offensive”.

At that time, President Bill Clinton’s pact to stop North Korea’s nuclear program has blinded American diplomats to the true nature of their negotiating partners.

We all know how this story played out. North Korea lied, cheated, and stalled for time, all the while using the economic windfall from the US finance its nuclear program until it was ready to test a weapon in 2006.

Obama has failed miserably to fully grasp Iran’s true intentions and have been fascinated by Iranian promises with the end in view for achieving a “historic” nuclear breakthrough for himself, at the expense of Israel.

When Obama took office in 2009, the Iranians had about 2,000 centrifuges and they had about 2,000 kilograms of enriched uranium, enough to make one bomb.

Today, Iran has more than18,000 centrifuges at its disposal [nuclear-armed Pakistan has only 6,000] and can “break out” with a bomb in five weeks.

The bottom line is this: the interim nuclear deal has violated UN Security Council resolutions by allowing Iran to continue enriching uranium.

Israel cannot afford to wait  for Iran to become another North Korea.  It is important to understand that a comprehensive solution to Iran’s nuclear program is possible only if the world powers will adhere to the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions “that ordered the Islamic Republic to abandon all enrichment and reprocessing activities”.

Furthermore, it is necessary to restore UN credibility by reclaiming the moral high ground, setting aside their own countries’ vested interests and animosities for the sake of sustainable and credible decisions.

Other than that, the UN becomes an irrelevant and complicit ipso facto purveyor of all Iranian subversion and intimidation in the Middle East. As George Santayana said, “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”.

The writer was clinical research-physician-general surgeon for Saudi Arabian, Philippine and American healthcare systems and is currently an American freelance writer as well as op-ed contributor.

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