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Al Jazeera Praises Synagogue Massacre of Rabbis


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Al Jazeera is run by Qatar which sponsors such moderate peaceful organizations as Hamas and ISIS. So this op-ed is no surprise. What is surprising is the willingness of the media to pretend that Osama bin Laden’s favorite media outlet is a legitimate news organization.

Referring to the attack by two Muslim terrorists armed with guns and axes who attacked, among other people, a 59-year-old Rabbi at prayer from behind, the op-ed calls it a “daring operation carried out by two Palestinians in a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem”, and threatens that “The operation carried symbolic importance in targeting the synagogue, in a clear message to the settlers and extremists of all varieties and types that the attack on the Arab holy sites would lead to attacks on synagogues and their holy places.”

“The operation also was clear in terms of courage and bravery,” the Al Jazeera op-ed by Professor Abdel Sattar Qassem states. “this operation was the most daring because it was done with primitive weapons. The media picked up that the Palestinians used the gun, but the most important weapons were knives and hatchets.”

Normal non-Muslims don’t consider axing a Rabbi from behind to be courageous and brave, but that’s the difference between the human worldview and the one represented by Al Jazeera and its state sponsor of terror.

Al Jazeera is only running this murderous racist screed in Arabic for obvious reasons, but it needs to be spread around because this is what Al Jazeera really is. It’s not a media organization. It’s the press bureau for terrorists operated by Qatar, a state sponsor of terrorism.



Al Jazeera stages solidarity day with Egypt-held staff

DOHA — Al Jazeera television on Thursday organised a “global day of action” in solidarity with its four journalists detained in Egypt over accusations of supporting the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Dozens of staff of the Doha-based satellite news channel staged a five-minute gathering at the network’s headquarters.

“It is not a crime to be a journalist,” read banners carried by Al Jazeera staff, some of them with their mouth taped, an Al Jazeera journalist told AFP.

The channel said protests were held in other cities in support of the campaign.

In Khartoum, around 100 Sudanese journalists and activists staged a silent vigil on a street near the office of the satellite channel, an AFP journalist reported.

Al Jazeera declared Thursday a “global day of action” in support of its staff and for media freedom in general.

The detained Al Jazeera staff in Egypt include Australian journalist Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian colleague Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed.

They have been held since December in a case that has sparked an international outcry.

Their trial began in a Cairo court last week, against the backdrop of strained ties between Cairo and Doha, which backed deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi and his now-banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi was ousted by the army in July.

The government has designated the Brotherhood a “terrorist organisation”, although the group denies involvement in a spate of bombings since Morsi’s overthrow.

The three journalists are accused of supporting the Brotherhood and broadcasting false reports, charges denied by the television network.

A fourth Al Jazeera journalist, Abdullah Al Shami, has been held since August.

Egypt arrests Al-Jazeera TV’s 4-member crew


CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s Interior Ministry says security forces have arrested journalists working for the Qatari-based Al-Jazeera network over alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood, the leading Islamist group that was last week branded as a “terrorist” organization.

The network said Monday that four of its Cairo team – correspondent Peter Greste, producers Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, and cameraman Mohamed Fawzy – are in custody since Sunday night.

Al-Jazeera says it’s demanding their immediate release.

The ministry says only two Al-Jazeera staff were arrested, an Australian journalist and a second person, a Brotherhood member. It says they were meeting at a five-star Cairo hotel that is used to “spread rumors harming national security.”

Egypt’s military-backed government has long accused Al-Jazeera of bias because Qatar is perceived to have supported the Brotherhood.


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