American blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

By Rick Moran  A Bangladeshi-American blogger who wrote often opposing religious extremism was hacked to death on the streets of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, as he returned home from a book fair with his wife. Avijit Roy, whose blog Free Mind spoke out against extremism in all religions, was killed by Muslim extremists who … Continue reading

ISIS: How al-Baghdadi Hides in Plain Sight

by Bridget Johnson A recently published e-book titled “The Islamic State” details everything from ice cream money for jihadists to special ops forces in ISIS ranks, talks about how the caliph hides in plain sight, and suggests that after Kobane they can fight under the radar with drive-bys on bikes. Clocking in at a uniform … Continue reading

Why Obama Won’t Call the Jihadis Islamic

by Robert Spencer Barack Obama aroused controversy over his affinity with Islam yet again in February 2015, when a photo surfaced from the U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit in August 2014, showing Obama passing by a group of African delegates with his right index finger raised in a gesture strongly reminiscent of the Islamic State’s now notorious … Continue reading

Fighting the Islamic State one Terrorist at a Time

By Barry Shaw Hear the words of President Obama’s Department of Defense Spokesman about the Egyptian air strike against Islamic State targets following the wholesale beheadings of twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya. “We discourage other nations from taking a part in Libya’s issues through violence. We want the issues solved in Libya to be … Continue reading

The rise and fall of Barack Obama

Obama’s administration has fallen not because it is bad, but because it is a nonentity tinkering with foreign policy fixes badly suited for a world that has been slipping slowly into chaos. By SETH J. FRANTZMAN On February 19, US President Barack Obama delivered another perplexing speech at the Summit on Countering Violent Extremism in … Continue reading