New bill gives Turkey PM power to shut down websites

Critics in Turkey keep slamming the government of “censorship” on the Internet, organizing protests. Over 64,000 websites are currently blocked by Turkish authorities. 97 percent of them are blocked by the administration without any court order. Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputies have prepared a fresh bill to boost the government’s control over … Continue reading

Syria rebels launch attack on central Damascus

  The rocket and mortar attacks on central Damascus were in retaliation for air raids carried about by the Syrian regime. (Photo: AFP File/SANAA) Four civilians were killed and dozens wounded when rebels fired a barrage of rockets and mortar rounds Sunday at central Damascus, a monitoring group said. The rebel attack came two days … Continue reading

Tutankhamun burial mask permanently damaged

A hastily performed repair job might have caused more damage (AP) By Al Arabiya News It appears the curse of Tutankhamun might be real after all – at least for some of the museum staff who are charged with maintaining the artifacts. Employees at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo had to glue the 3,000-year-old burial … Continue reading

Spain: Police Arrest 4 Suspected Members of Jihadist Cell

Harold Heckle / AP (MADRID)— Spanish National Police arrested four suspected jihadis Saturday in the country’s North African enclave of Ceuta who allegedly had formed a terror cell and were ready to carry out an attack, the Interior Ministry said. Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said investigators, working with their Moroccan counterparts, were struck by … Continue reading

ISIS sets up English-speaking battalion to plan and carry out terror attacks in countries which use that language

 Corey Charlton for MailOnline Islamic State has formed a new fighting battalion composed entirely of English-speaking militants with orders to carry out attacks in the West. The ‘Anwar al-Awlaki Battalion’ has been created to focus solely on carrying out attacks abroad and is working to export its fighters after they’ve attended training camps, it has … Continue reading

ISIS Hints it Wants to Depose Hamas and PA

ISIS in ‘Palestine’ distributes publication calling to fight police and army of ‘tyranny and heresy,’ in not-so-subtle threat to take power. By Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar ISIS terrorist (file) Reuters The Islamic State (ISIS) branch in “Bayt al-Maqdis,” an Arabization of the Hebrew Holy Temple and a term for Jerusalem, has started distributing publications explaining … Continue reading

BREAKING: Japan Hostages Executed by Islamic State

  by Jim Hoft ISIS released video Tuesday threatening to slaughter to Japanese hostages in the next 72 hours unless a $200 million ransom is paid. Japan was reportedly unsuccessful in contacting ISIS over the hostage crisis. An ISIS spokesman told Japanese broadcaster NHK that the group would release a statement “soon” about the hostages. … Continue reading

Islamic State Deepens Grip in Future Palestine

by Khaled Abu Toameh Hamas and other Palestinian groups are continuing to deny the obvious, namely that the Islamic State terror group has managed to set up bases of power in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestinians do not feel comfortable talking about the fact that Islamic State is working hard to recruit … Continue reading

Leader of Ansar al-sharia, dies of wounds Mohamed al-Zahawi, leader of the Libyan Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia, has died from wounds. (File photo: Reuters) Reuters, Benghazi Mohamed al-Zahawi, leader of the Libyan Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia, has died from wounds suffered when fighting pro-government troops several months ago, his family and officials said on Friday. Zahawi, who founded an Ansar al-Sharia … Continue reading