Daniel Greenfield//Remember all the assurances that there was no possible way that any of the poor Syrian “refugees” would be ISIS Jihadists? Here’s another reminder of what they’re worth.

More than 200 police commandos took part in the pre-dawn raids in northern Germany to detain the men, who were suspected of either plotting an attack or awaiting orders to commit one.

The men were identified only as Mahir al-H., 17, Ibrahim M., 18, and Mohamed A., 26, in a statement issued by federal prosecutors.

They left Syria last October and travelled via Turkey and Greece – a route used by tens of thousands of refugees and migrants – and arrived in Germany in mid-November.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the three apparently used the same migrant trafficking network as several of the Isis gunmen who killed 130 people in Paris in November last year.

Prosecutors said in their statement that Mahir al-H. had joined Isis in its de facto capital of Raqqa, Syria by September 2015 and received some weapons and explosives training.

The following month, all three men had pledged to travel to Europe in talks with an Isis fighter who was “in charge of missions and attacks” outside of the Syria-Iraq region where the group has its self-proclaimed caliphate.

They were detained at three refugee shelters in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein by more than 200 commandos of the federal police, BKA and police forces of several states.

Police also raided several other asylum seeker shelters, Die Welt daily said.

German authorities have urged the public not to confuse migrants and “terrorists,” but have acknowledged that more jihadists may have entered the country among the around one million asylum seekers who arrived last year.

I wonder why anyone would confuse the two?

Now remember Obama’s assurances about how thoroughly screened his 10,000 Syrian Muslim migrants are? Just wait.

GENERATION JIHAD: European civil war predicted by scholar of Islam

AN ISLAM expert has warned of a civil war across Europe as more young Muslims are being increasingly radicalised.

Professor Gilles Kepel, from the Sciences Po in Paris, claims a growing number of Muslims with poor job prospects are forming a “Jihad Generation” to continue to commit acts of terror across Europe.

A scholar of Islam claims a growing "Jihad Generation" will lead to a civil war across Europ

A scholar of Islam claims a growing “Jihad Generation” will lead to a civil war across Europe

According to German newspaper Die Welt, Kepel said the terror group’s aim is to incite hatred towards Muslims from the rest of the society which would eventually radicalise others to the point that Europe could enter into full-blown civil war.

Kepel, who is a specialist on Islamic and contemporary Arab world, added these ISIS fanatics not only want to destroy Europe, but to eliminate more moderate Islamic opposition.

“The terrorism is above all an expression of a war within Islam,” he explained. “The long-term goal of the Jihad Generation is to destroy Europe through civil war and then build an Islamic society from the ashes.

Professor Gilles Kepel claims the ISIS fanatics want to continue to spread fear and generate hostile reactions towards all Muslims to radicalise others

Professor Gilles Kepel claims the ISIS fanatics want to continue to spread fear and generate hostile reactions towards all Muslims to radicalise others

He believes their strategy is similar to the expansion of Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, and Libya where the terrorist organisation was able to use the chaos of civil war to slowly build its forces, grow in power, and rapidly seize territory.

His comments come after French Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed that 15,000 radicalised people are on police watchlist in the country.

Previously authorities said about 10,000 were identified as high-risk.

Valls warned: “There will be new attacks, there will be innocent victims…this is also my role to tell this truth to the French people.”

Last week, a car packed with half a dozen gas canisters was found close to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Last week, a car packed with half a dozen gas canisters was found close to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Paris has been on edge since a car loaded with gas cylinders was found near Notre Dame cathedral in an incident that could have been an attack, last week.

French anti-terror judges charged a woman over the failed assault.


Why not? It’s not as if police officers are meant to be approachable. Or as if supervisors should at least be able to identify an officer based on something other than badge number.

Welcome to the Talibanization of the UK.

One of the largest police force’s in the UK is considering letting Muslim officers wear burkas in an attempt to boost diversity.

West Midlands Police has said it will discuss letting the traditional Islamic dress – which covers the entirety of a woman’s face and body – to become part of Muslim female officers’ uniform.

At a recent meeting, Chief Constable David Thompson, said he would consider employing staff who wear a burka as he looks to increase black and minority ethnic (BME) officers in the region to 30 per cent.

Speaking after a meeting last Thursday, Chief Constable Thompson said: ‘We would need to consider our own rules and cultural sensitivity.

‘Clearly we don’t have any barriers relating to the burka.

‘As it stands we have not had any approaches from potential recruits asking to wear the burka, but if such an approach was made it is something we would have to consider.’

This is what happens when your mind is so open, that you lose even the most elementary form of common sense.

The Burka is mobile purdah. It’s an attempt to maintain the physical separation of women from society. Among other things. A police officer in a burka is a contradiction in terms. But then again so is importing huge numbers of people from a civilization that rejects democracy, equality in the rule of law… in the name of democracy and equality.

A devout Muslim enforcing British law, which is contrary to Sharia, is already a contradiction in terms. And you can only have so many contradictions before the conflicts explode.

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