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Turkey vs. ISIS: The Islamic State, Then and Now

by Lloyd Billingsley In early 2015, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or simply “the Islamic State,” as news organizations now have it, has escalated its murders, massacres, persecutions and push for territory. The rise of ISIS has been rapid, but it should come as no surprise to Western leaders familiar with history. Barely … Continue reading

New bill gives Turkey PM power to shut down websites

Critics in Turkey keep slamming the government of “censorship” on the Internet, organizing protests. Over 64,000 websites are currently blocked by Turkish authorities. 97 percent of them are blocked by the administration without any court order. Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputies have prepared a fresh bill to boost the government’s control over … Continue reading

Turkey Issues Fatwa Against Tattoos

 AP BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff Turkey’s top religious body issued a fatwa urging Muslims to remove their tattoos and repent for getting them, according to the Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate, otherwise known as Diyanet, recently issued that fatwa, which decrees that tattoos are banned by the Islamic prophet Mohammed, the paper … Continue reading

Obama BFF Turkey hosts genocidal Hamas

‘A strong Turkey means a strong Palestine … Inshallah, God is with us and with you on the road to victory,’ Hamas political leader Mashal says, praising Turkey as ‘source of power for Muslims. Ynet Hamas political chief Khaled Mashal praised Turkey and its leader Saturday, saying that a “strong Turkey means a strong Jerusalem, … Continue reading

US intelligence questions Turkey about ISIS videos

US authorities provided a list of propaganda video links created by the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), along with the names of those who uploaded the videos in Turkey, asking Turkish officials to take the necessary legal measures against those individuals, the Taraf daily reported on Friday. The US administration has … Continue reading

Ducklings replace genitals in Turkish school texts

Turkish girls attend computer lessons at the Kazim Karabekir Girls’ Imam-Hatip School in Istanbul. (File photo: Reuters) AFP | Istanbul Wednesday, 12 November 2014 Pictures of human genitalia have been removed from a new edition of a standard biology school textbook in Turkey, sparking fresh criticism that the Islamic rooted-government is seeking to promote conservative … Continue reading

Turkey: Military bans TV hit Game of Thrones

Al Arabiya News The decision to ban the TV show came with the introduction of classes on Islam, a first for the Turkish military establishment. (Photo courtesy: HBO) Popular U.S. television series “Game of Thrones” is now banned throughout Turkey’s military schools as part of a new set of rules aiming to “protect” students, Turkey’s … Continue reading

Suspicious envelopes of powder at 5 İstanbul consulates set off alarms

Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) and police teams searched the Belgian Consulate and three other consulates in İstanbul on Friday. TODAY’S ZAMAN / ISTANBUL Suspicious envelopes containing samples of a yellow powder were found at the German, Canadian, French, Belgian and American consulates in İstanbul on Friday, prompting units from the Prime Ministry’s Disaster … Continue reading

Turkey attacks the Kurds in Syria

Reuters Turkish warplanes attacked Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets in southeast Turkey on Sunday in the first significant air operation against the militants since the launch of a peace process two years ago, Hurriyet news website said on Tuesday.     The air strikes caused “major damage” to the PKK, Hurriyet said. They were launched … Continue reading