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Saudi Arabia: Married at 11

At 11, she had her first marriage in which she bore three sons and a daughter. (File Photo: Courtesy of Alalam) Saudi Gazette, Riyadh Um Sultan lost her parents when she was a child, resulting in her getting married before she left her teens and taking abuse from her husband, Al-Hayat reported. Living in a … Continue reading

Gunmen shoot dead five people in Saudi Arabia

Unidentified gunmen shot dead five people in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province late on Monday evening, the state news agency reported. Nine people were wounded in the attack in al-Dalwah town in al-Ahsa district, a police spokesman was quoted as saying. “As a group of citizens was leaving a building…three masked men opened fire at them … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia to deal strictly with female drivers

The kingdom is the world’s only country where women are not allowed to operate cars. (File photo: Reuters) AFP, Riyadh Female drivers in Saudi Arabia will be dealt with “strictly”, authorities said on Thursday before a right-to-drive campaign culminates at the weekend. The kingdom is the world’s only country where women are not allowed to … Continue reading

Three Saudi students in US held over male rape

Saudi Gazette report   DAMMAM — Three Saudi scholarship students in the US are facing charges of raping a young American man in his 20s in the town of Metro, northeast Oklahoma state, Makkah daily reported on Wednesday. Sources from the Saudi Consulate in Houston said the three students were arrested by police and sent … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: A Phony Anti-Terrorism Fatwa

by Robert Spencer It is a popular aspect of media mythmaking about the Islamic State that it is so extreme that even other “extremists” such as al-Qaeda shun and repudiate it. But this claim, like the many declarations by both Muslim and non-Muslim leaders that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, is … Continue reading

‘Monster’ dad held for scalding son

Jazan/Abha: Sharif Taha & Nadia Al-Fawaz A Saudi man was arrested in a village in Jazan for torturing his eight-year-old son using chemicals, local media said. Local media reported that the boy, named Ali, rushed to his Yemeni mother’s house in a popular district in Sabya screaming in agony from his burning scalp. The woman, … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: First Ebola case dies

Al Arabiya News A Saudi man, who was hospitalized for suspected Ebola infection, died on Wednesday. The man, in his 40s, had returned recently to Jeddah from a business trip to Sierra Leone, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. He was admitted to hospital on Monday and showed symptoms of Ebola virus infection. His death … Continue reading