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Saudi Arabia: First Ebola case dies

Al Arabiya News A Saudi man, who was hospitalized for suspected Ebola infection, died on Wednesday. The man, in his 40s, had returned recently to Jeddah from a business trip to Sierra Leone, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. He was admitted to hospital on Monday and showed symptoms of Ebola virus infection. His death … Continue reading

Eroticized Violence, Savage Justice in Saudi Arabia

by Valentina Colombo Saudi human rights lawyer Walid Abu al-Khayr, who defended blogger Raif Badawi, was sentenced yesterday, July 6, to 15 years in prison. He was arrested on April 15, accused of: “inciting public opinion,” “disobedience in matters of the sovereign,” “lack of respect in dealings with the authorities,” “offense of the judicial system,” … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: The Jinn made me do it

A judge who allegedly confiscated large plots of empty government land using forged deeds claimed it was a jinn who made him carry out his illegal activities. He said he was possessed and did not know what he was doing. The human lawyer of the judge refused to continue defending him and apologized for not … Continue reading

ISIS reaches border of Saudi Arabia

The brief statement by the Saudi Royal Court reflects the heightened state of alert in the entire region. The Extremists have reached the border. Al-Qaed is a stone’s thrown from three countries: Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. ISIS, the most extreme faction of al-Qaeda, is mobilizing its forces to face Assad’s regime and recently, Maliki’s … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia to introduce marriage training program

Al Arabiya News Saudi Arabia is set to introduce a mandatory marriage training program to reduce the rising levels of divorce in the kingdom, London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on Friday. Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice revealed plans to introduce the training and rehabilitation program across all cities in the kingdom. “No one can deny … Continue reading

Saudi liberal gets 10 years in jail, 1,000 lashes

Raef Badawi was reportedly accused of insulting Islam through his Internet forum. (Photo courtesy: CNN) Al Arabiya News A Saudi court sentenced Raef Badawi, the founder of a liberal Internet forum, to 10 years in jail and 1,000 lashes Wednesday over allegations of “insulting Islam.” Badawi, was also ordered to pay a fine of one … Continue reading

Ten more die of MERS in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia confirmed 26 more cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which has killed nearly a third of sufferers, and said 10 more people have died from the disease. The confirmations follow Egypt’s announcement on Saturday that it had confirmed its first case of MERS in a man who had recently returned to … Continue reading

Saudi wants son-in-law who killed son beheaded

Saeed Al-Zahrani  Adnan Al-Sahbrawi Okaz/Saudi Gazette JEDDAH — A Saudi citizen said he has not been able to stop crying after his son-in-law killed his son over a family dispute. The murder, which took place in a small town in Al-Baha province called Qilwah, centered around the killer’s treatment of Saeed Al-Zahrani’s pregnant daughter, whom … Continue reading

Obama’s Kiss of Death to Saudi Arabia

Marc Langfan The kiss-of-death (In Italian: Il bacio della morte) is the sign given by a mafia boss to a family-mob-member that signifies that the specific family-mob-member has been marked for death.  Marlon Brando, playing Don Corleone, made it famous in the “Godfather” movies. Obama has just given the Saudis a kiss-of-death, and the Saudis know … Continue reading

US Hiding Report on Radical Saudi School Textbooks

Pressure on Obama, ahead of Saudi trip, to reveal extensive report on traditionally anti-Semitic textbooks kept under wraps since 2012. By Ari Yashar US President Barack Obama stands poised to visit Saudi Arabia later in the month, to discuss “countering violent extremism” among other things. However, a report has revealed the US has kept secret an … Continue reading