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Secure the Border!

by Raymond Ibrahim Originally published by PJ Media. In a move reminiscent of “ancient history,” Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile-long “Great Wall”  –  a combined fence and ditch  –  to separate itself from the Islamic State to the north in Iraq: Plans for the 600-mile wall and ditch Saudi Arabia will build with Iraq in an … Continue reading

المملكة العربية السعودية يجب أن تساعد نهاية الإرهاب الاسلامية

مايكل كورتيس في الأيام الأخيرة،-تم تنفيذ أيديولوجية المظلمة من الإرهاب الإسلامي، ومن بين المقاعد –other التي كتبها المجازر في أطعمة لذيذة كوشير في باريس، في مدن بلجيكا، خارج كنيس يهودي في كوبنهاغن، وفي ليبيا أين-قد-تم الأقباط قتل العشرات من المسيحيين. لا بد من مواجهته. مصير يجعل المملكة العربية السعودية حاسمة في الحرب ضد الإرهاب. على … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia Must Help End Islamist Terrorism

By Michael Curtis In recent days, the dark ideology of Islamic terrorism has been implemented, among other places, by massacres in a kosher deli in Paris, in Belgium towns, outside a synagogue in Copenhagen, and in Libya where dozens of Christian Copts have been murdered.  It must be countered. Destiny makes Saudi Arabia crucial in the war … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia Religious Scholar Issues Fatwa on Snowmen

By Tova Dvorin A religious scholar in Saudi Arabia has put a ban on a common childhood pastime, Gulf News reports Monday – building snowmen. Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed released a fatwa (Muslim religious ban) on building snowmen recently, claiming that building any replica of any animal or human – even for fun – could not be condoned. Inanimate objects … Continue reading

Saudi Airlines to segregate sexes

National carrier responds to male passengers who say they don’t want their wives sitting next to other men By Times of Israel Men will still be allowed to sit with their wives. (illustrative Saudi passenger image via Shutterstock) Saudi Arabia’s national carrier has reportedly decided to impose separate seating on its male and female passengers. … Continue reading

Saudi men getting caught in cybersex blackmail trap

lol, Saudi Gazette report  DAMMAM — There is an increasing number of cases involving citizens from the African continent blackmailing young Saudi men for large sums of money by threatening to post footage of them performing cybersex, Al-Hayat newspaper reported. The blackmailers, mostly from Morocco and Algeria, impersonate attractive women on Facebook and contact Saudi … Continue reading

Copies of Quran found in street drains in Saudi Arabia

Police authorities, in collaboration with the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Taif have uncovered over fifty copies of the Holy Quran discarded in the street drainage system in Al-Salama district of Taif. The service of a company that specializes in opening grated drainage inlets was availed, and dozens of … Continue reading

Saudi university bans colored abayas on campus

The university caught two of its students wearing colored abayas recently – similiar to the ones pictured – and said the colors were not suitable for an educational institution. (Photo courtesy of Twitter) The University of Dammam’s women’s campus has banned its students from wearing colored abayas. The university caught two of its students wearing … Continue reading