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Where Saddam Hussein’s statue once stood in Baghdad, there’s now a portrait of Iran’s supreme leader

A billboard depicting the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was erected recently on the edge of Baghdad’s Firdaus Square. (Liz Sly/ The Washington Post) By Liz Sly Perhaps nothing illuminates more starkly the transformation underway in Iraq than the billboard depicting the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini erected recently on the edge of … Continue reading

Hezbollah Reveals It’s Also Fighting in Iraq

Lebanon’s Shi’ite Iran-proxy terror group Hezbollah is not only fighting for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but is also involved in fighting in Iraq, its chief Hassan Nasrallah revealed for the first time Monday. Nasrallah said in a speech beamed to supporters in southern Beirut “we may not have spoken about Iraq before, but we have a limited presence because of the … Continue reading

Iraq preparing massive ground assault on ISIS

BEIRUT – A top US official announced that Iraq would “very shortly” launch a ground offensive against ISIS.   “There will be a major offensive [in the coming weeks] against ISIS on the ground led by Iraq forces,” US Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS John Allen told Jordan’s Petra News … Continue reading

Iraq: Christians to take up arms against ISIS

Many Iraqi Christians displaced by ISIS are volunteering to form a force against the militant group.(Photo courtesy Calvin Isaac) Dina al-Shibeeb Several Iraqi Christian armed forces will “soon” join the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in an attempt to regain control of their in the northern Ninveh Plain after they … Continue reading

New images show ISIS torching alcohol, cigarettes

A pile of cigarettes, banned in ISIS-held areas, burn as the militants watch over. (Photo courtesy: YouTube) Al Arabiya News Photos released by supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) showed militants burning piles of confiscated cigarettes and alcohol allegedly in areas in Iraq and Syria. In applying their strict interpretation of … Continue reading

ISIS bans contraceptive pills in Mosul

ISIS has also ordered hospital administrators to direct the use of medicine and medical equipment to their wounded members. (Shutterstock) By Jawad Hattab Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants in the city of Mosul have shut down family planning departments at public hospitals in order to prevent women from using contraceptive pills, the … Continue reading

ISIS Blocks Mobile Phones in Mosul

The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group blocked all mobile phone networks in the largest Iraqi city they control, Mosul, accusing informants in the city of tipping off coalition forces to their whereabouts, residents told The Associated Press (AP) on Thursday. Residents described a scene of “chaos” and “paralysis” in the city, a day after the … Continue reading

Iraq forces hold off ISIS attack on Ramadi

Agence France Presse   BAGHDAD: Iraqi forces held off a jihadi assault on the government headquarters in the capital of Anbar province, deploying reinforcements in the key battleground against ISIS, officers said Thursday. Security forces, backed by tribesmen, managed to defend the complex in Ramadi, which lies 100 km west of the Iraqi capital and … Continue reading

ISIS launch major assault on Ramadi

  BAGHDAD/ISTANBUL: The Al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS launched a major attack on the Iraqi city of Ramadi Friday, attempting to seize one of the last urban pockets under government control in troubled Anbar province. The attack came as U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Istanbul for a three-day visit that will focus on confronting … Continue reading