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#FBI & #StateDept scandal: ArrestThemAll #Wikileaks


The Watergate “smoking gun” was that Nixon suggested the CIA tell the FBI to back off the investigation because of national security reasons. The CIA was never instructed to do so and the FBI did its investigation. Here the Obama State Department “pressured” the FBI to alter documents so Hillary’s story would be believable, and State offered some goodies like slots in overseas embassies. The Obama State Department actually did what Nixon only dreamed and talked about.

On October 15, 2016, Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard reported:

“A senior State Department official repeatedly pressed the FBI to change the classification of emails stored on Hillary Clinton’s private server, according to FBI interview summaries set to be released in the coming days. Patrick Kennedy, the undersecretary of state for management, discussed providing additional overseas slots for the FBI in exchange for revisions to classifications of the sensitive emails.”

In plain English, the Obama State Department asked the FBI to phony up the emails marked confidential so the emails were consistent with Hillary’s story. In return the FBI would get some juicy overseas slots. This shows what the Obama State Department thinks of the FBI: the Comey FBI can be bought with a couple of overseas slots.

There is no way that Patrick Kennedy, or anyone at State, would have made the move to the FBI to fix Hillary’s emails unless the move was approved by higher-ups. In these political conspiracies there are “buffers” between guys like Patrick Kennedy and the higher ups. The Obama State Department is run by John Kerry, who does what Obama tells him to do.

This begs for an investigation by an independent prosecutor, and the Senate and House Judiciary Committees should immediately subpoena Kennedy, Kerry, Comey, and the agents involved.

Comey should have revealed this in his July 5 news conference when he listed Hillary’s lies and extreme negligence but gave her a pass.

The FBI has been compromised by Hillary and Obama. Its once sterling reputation is shattered. Comey should have recommended indictment of Hillary along with those who made the offer to phony up the documents. If we had a Justice Department, there would be a grand jury right now issuing subpoenas to the FBI agents and Patrick Kennedy and John Kerry, and all other buffers between Kennedy and Hillary and Obama.

If we had a halfway honest media, right now this would be 24 hour news, with a name for the scandal like Slotgate, State-FBIgate, Fix Hillary’s Emailgate, or some other name.

But where are the Republicans on this? If Republicans did this, Democrats would be all over it, and justifiably, demanding investigations.

McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Romney, and other Republican leaders should be on TV asking why this pressure was applied, who applied it, who ordered it, who stands to benefit from it, and demanding answers from Obama. They should be asking why Obama and Michelle are campaigning every day to help Hillary, which is consistent with the Obama State Department trying to help Hillary.

But the Ryan-McCain Republicans are hiding in the corner denying they know Trump and jumping ship, and giving Obama and Hillary another pass.


Barack Obama’s final campaign to destroy the Jewish State is underway #Israel


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

On March 9, 2010, the headlines were chocked with outrage over Netanyahu’s “snub” to Obama. Six years later, almost to the day, the same rerun is playing on news networks across America.

The White House is outraged, shocked and infuriated by Netanyahu’s “snub.” Obama is depressed at the snub and gorging on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Brownie Batter to get over the pain of a skipped meeting with the Israeli prime minister. Obama-Netanyahu meetups convey all the joy of a root canal and yet we’re supposed to believe that Obama was looking forward to this particular session with Netanyahu.

Obama and his media allies are assuming that everyone forgot the last time they put on the same production of “Fake Outrage Theater” on this same date for the same exact reasons. Like the PLO, Obama keeps picking fights with Israel while trying to make it look like he’s the real victim.

If you remember that Obama and Hillary Clinton put on their best fake outrage over a fake snub six years ago, then the latest fake snub headlines look ridiculously fake.  Suddenly you can see that the actors on stage are just acting, the background is just cardboard, the puppets have strings and the magician is stuffing the colored handkerchiefs up his sleeve. It’s not Pallywood. It’s Obamawood.

Last month I predicted that Obama would stage another fake incident with Israel and then play the victim. Administration sources were broadcasting warnings through the media to Israel not to “offend” Biden during his visit. Those were the equivalent of a drunk barging into a bar looking to pick a fight and shouting, “No one better make me mad.” But with Biden in the air on the way to Israel and no committee approving the construction of Jewish homes, the pretext for the last big fake “snub” back in ’10, Obama was forced to fall back to Plan B of inventing drama in Mean Girls Politics.


obama regime 1

Last time, Netanyahu was accused of “snubbing” Biden in Israel, even though Tehran Joe was the one who sat in his room for an hour refusing to come to the party held in his honor and then ended up making a scene when he did go down. Then Hillary yelled at Netanyahu over the phone for two hours.

This manufactured drama, barely worthy of a Kardashian, filled the media for a few days. Politicians sputtered with outrage at the presumptuousness of an obscure Israeli building committee signing off on one stage of many bureaucratic stages of a project which, six years later, has yet to actually be built.

Biden captured the fake mountain-molehill outrage best, “I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units.” A decision by a building committee to “advance planning” while Biden was in the country was, according to Hillary Clinton, “insulting not just to the Vice President who didn’t deserve that… but it was an insult to the United States.” Unlike Iran’s loving abduction and humiliation of American sailors at gunpoint on video which was a diplomatic success.

But if you understand why the episode of “Fake Outrage Theater” happened back then, you know why it’s in reruns on every news network now.

The March visit was meant to set the stage for pressuring Israel to make concessions to terrorists later in the fall. Before the visit, senators from both parties had warned Obama to back off the campaign against Israel. The fake snub was invented to turn Obama into the victim and increase pressure on Israel. By April, even Senator Schumer was disgusted by the escalation of the White House campaign.

It’s the same story all over again now. Biden isn’t visiting Israel for his health. Or for Israel’s health.

Obama is planning to deal a final blow to Israel. The Wall Street Journal reports that a variety of options are being considered by the White House including a UN resolution that would impose the framework of a deal on Israel. France’s failed left-wing government has been pushing just such a resolution. Kerry, ever the obedient Francophile, had drafted his own version of the pro-terrorist resolution.

Such a resolution would impose the borders of a PLO terror state on Israel while passing off all other concerns, including Israel’s security against terrorism, as topics to be eventually negotiated. It would amount to an 800-pound thumb on the scale of the peace process by giving the PLO everything it wants, giving Israel nothing, and essentially calling the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Jews.

 joe islam 1

It would be BDS’ biggest gift and begin an unprecedented pressure campaign against Israel.

Last year, Samantha Power, who had once suggested using force to occupy Israel, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that Obama would not necessarily veto a statehood resolution. That means the stick and the bigger stick are in place. This fall, the climax of the plot against Israel will take place.

Biden’s trip to Israel and Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama, the Journal story and the fake outrage over Netanyahu’s non-visit are all part of the opening of a pressure campaign against the Jewish State.

Netanyahu tried to avoid giving Obama any excuses to manufacture another incident by skipping the trip, only for Obama to build that up into its own drama.

According to reports, Obama wants to impose a solution on Israel before he leaves office to set the stage for his successor. Taking an anti-Israel position and making it official policy, ratified by the UN, will make it harder for a future pro-Israel president. While it is now highly unlikely that the next president will be pro-Israel, it’s doubtful that Obama will back off his final plot against the Jewish State.

Under those conditions, it makes sense for Netanyahu to avoid Obama. Obama signed off on a nuclear Iran. He’s even pivoted to a regional alliance with the Islamic terror state. The only purpose of such a meeting would be for Obama to pressure Netanyahu into carving up Israel into smaller pieces for the terrorists while banning Jews from living in their own towns and cities in a politically correct Apartheid.

Netanyahu can’t escape those demands by staying in Jerusalem, but neither does he have any interest in allowing Obama to berate him in public. Seeking to escape Obama’s drama machine, Netanyahu wandered into it anyway. The latest fake snub has been manufactured and will be chewed over by the media for the rest of the week. But it’s still probably better than whatever ugliness was waiting in D.C.

If Netanyahu had met with Obama without agreeing to his terms, the White House would have called that a snub and an insult. If he had met with Republican candidates on top of that, he would have been accused of interfering in the election. Anything Netanyahu did would have been characterized as an attack on Obama. So Netanyahu chose to stay away and was accused of snubbing Obama.

You can’t win with a narcissist. It’s Catch 22. All you can do is minimize your contact with him.

This latest manufactured drama is a distraction. Obama is disguising his attack on Israel by trying to make it look as if Netanyahu picked a fight with him. Behind these reality TV theatrics is a very real plot by Obama to damage the Jewish State as much as he can before he loses all his power.


Like Haman, Obama has cast his lot and seeks the right date to announce his new decree against the Jewish State. And like that ancient Amalekite, frustrated that the proud Binyaminute, the “Ish Yemini”, man of the right, would not bow to him, he complains that he has been snubbed and disrespected.

On Saturday, January 21, Netanyahu will likely still be Prime Minister, while Obama will be nobody.  On some level that is eating away at him. Obama’s last plan to force out Netanyahu failed. Israel’s left-wing opposition is a disorganized mess and no amount of Obama people seem to be able to change that.

We are witnessing the beginning of Obama’s final campaign against Israel.

obama israel

A Disaster called Obama’s Middle East Policy

Obama Foreign Policy Disaster in Syria and Middle East

With each passing day, it gets more and more difficult to ignore the monumental disaster that Obama’s foreign policy actually is. Nowhere is its utter failure more glaringly evident than in the Syrian Civil War.

But first, let us not underestimate the pathologies of the Middle East that have led to the present disaster in Syria, but Obama administration’s policies have created perils that we would be dealing with, in decades to come.

The geopolitical vacuum created by President Obama’s push to shrink America’s footprint in the Middle East has quickly been filled by Comrade Putin’s soviet-style jackboots. And President Obama-backed Nuclear Deal has single-handedly contributed billions of dollars to Islamic Republic of Iran’s war chest geared at funding global terrorism and regional adventures.

Five years into the conflict, Syrian Dictator Assad is only hanging on to his power thanks to the massive military and political backing from Moscow and Tehran. With the help of Russian military support, Assad is now redrawing the frontline to his own advantage. As Assad lays sigh of rebel stronghold Aleppo, the “moderate” rebels now look to be on their last legs. So far, Assad has been more inclined squeeze the “moderate” rebels, whom he considers as soft targets, than to go after the evil of Islamic State.

By betting on his stooge Assad, Russia’s Putin is looking more and more like a winner. Putin’s gains comes at a cost to the U.S. and its Western allies. The debacle is so great that even the mainstream media cannot afford to ignore it any longer.

In a recent article, London-based Financial Times attacked Obama administration of a “bungling mix of action and inaction” that “opened a vacuum into which Russia opportunistically leapt.” Financial Times writes:

After Russian president Vladimir Putin sent his air force into Syria in September, the tide of war turned in favour of Bashar al-Assad, whose regime had started succumbing to Sunni rebels over the summer. It was plain from the outset that Russia was targeting this threat — not the jihadis of Isis. What is abundantly clear now is that Moscow is eliminating any alternative between the regime and Isis, razing the liberated areas of Syria that might nurture one, and driving out a new surge of refugees who have run out of places to hide. Mr Putin is going about this systematically.

For five years Syrians have suffered as the Assad regime bombarded hospitals, schools and bakeries, attacked water and power supplies, and obliterated rebel-controlled civilian enclaves. But much of this barrel-bombing and shelling was indiscriminate. Russia is discriminating carefully in its targeting of civilian infrastructure. For Mr Putin, evidently, Aleppo is no different to Grozny.

Some Arab leaders, with bitter resignation, point out that the Russian president is nonetheless heading for a Pyrrhic victory. If he and his allies — mainly Iran-trained and led militias — succeed in encircling Aleppo, he will have salvaged for his Assad clients a rump state in western Syria. The rest of the country will be a wasteland dominated by Isis, on which the Russians and the regime have barely laid a glove. Neither legitimacy nor stability will follow. The Assads will still head a minority regime; and although the population will have diminished sharply, it will still be overwhelmingly Sunni. The chronic manpower shortage of the government’s forces, made up for now by Hizbollah paramilitaries, Iranian revolutionary guards and other Tehran-aligned fighters drawn from Iraq and Afghanistan, will not change.

The article also debunks President Obama supporters’ claim that the administration was justified in staying out of the Syrian conflict, saying “[President Obama in fact] did get involved,” reminding the readers of the “red line” U.S. President had set for Assad in August 2012, if the dictator was were to used chemical or biological weapons.

All the tough talk from the U.S. President came to nothing when Assad actually went ahead and used the deadly nerve gas against his people, killing more than a thousand people in an attack back in August 2013 – exactly one year after President Obama drew the now-infamous “red line.”

As Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, told a Senate committee last week; Assad had not parted with his chemical stockpile, and continues to use them on the battlefield in blatant violation of the international agreement reached in the aftermath of Assad’s deadly chemical attack.

Syrian Dictator knows that as long as President Obama is in the White House, he can get away with anything. The tragedy and the farce of it all is that even a third-world dictator is now able to call Obama administration’s bluff.

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