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There Are 1,700 Hamas Millionaires in Gaza #BDS This

Fatah opens verbal fire on Hamas, claims its officials are meddling in Egyptian affairs and getting rich off their own citizens. By Dalit Halevi, Ari Yashar Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction went on the offensive Thursday, claiming that Hamas in Gaza is corrupt and “doesn’t represent the Palestinian people.” Fatah Spokesman Ahmad … Continue reading

Poll: Majority of Americans Want Stronger Sanctions on Iran, Believe Palestinian State Would be Terror Hotbed

A view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo: Berthold Werner. Author:Joshua Levitt The National Omnibus Poll, conducted by McLaughlin Associates, surveyed 1,000 Americans, and found that the majority want tougher sanctions on Iran and believe any state run by the Palestinian Authority would become a hotbed for terror. The questions in the survey relating to Israel … Continue reading

Fatah and Hamas do not represent Palestine

  This week, US Secretary of State John Kerry has returned to the Middle East for the tenth time since July/August, 2013. He’s here for more peace talk between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). News analysis in Israel is upbeat. Israeli analysis suggests peace could be possible (“The World From Here: Will Abbas defy … Continue reading

Who are you calling a Palestinian?

Modern “Palestinians” have been manipulated by two generations of corrupt and cold-hearted leaders into an identity they did not have just 65 years ago. Try telling that to the BBC or the United Nations Who does he want to be? Nick Gray The word “Palestinian” has always been difficult to define. For a start, there … Continue reading

How Palestinian Hate Prevents Peace

  By YUVAL STEINITZ   JERUSALEM — On Sept. 26, the Palestinian Authority’s president, Mahmoud Abbas, told the United Nations General Assembly that the Palestinians “keep reaching out to the Israelis saying: let us work to make the culture of peace reign.” Honorable sentiments, to be sure, but sadly not free of hypocrisy. Just after … Continue reading

Palestinians: The War between Mahmoud and Mohamed

by Khaled Abu Toameh After a prolonged lull, the ongoing war between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and ousted Fatah operative Mohamed Dahlan erupted once again over the past few days. The two men are now accusing each other of treason, corruption and conspiracy, prompting some Palestinians to wonder whether the time has come for … Continue reading

Abbas is a War Criminal: The Evidence

Giulio Meotti Not only no word of condemnation has come from any Palestinian Arab  leader for the lynching and killing of two Israeli soldiers two days apart by Palestinian Arabs. But Mahmoud Abbas and his group of terrorists are responsible for the latest round of Jew murdering. These days Palestinian Arab groups are meeting in … Continue reading

Palestinians: Deserving of a State?

By Ari Lieberman On November 20, 2012 six Palestinian civilians, accused of collaborating with Israel, were dragged from their homes in Gaza City by Palestinian gunmen. The butchery that followed represented depravity in the extreme, even by Palestinian standards. The six were summarily executed before an approving crowd that included children and at least one … Continue reading

What a Real Peace Process Would Look Like

Evelyn Gordon | @evelyng1234 The run-up to Friday’s 20th anniversary of the Oslo Accords is a good time to consider not only what went wrong with the “peace process” they launched, but what a viable process would look like. You needn’t look far for answers to either question. As I noted last week, the past month alone … Continue reading

Manufacturing and Exploiting Compassion: Abuse of the Media by Palestinian Propaganda

Philippe Assouline, Israel, a liberal democracy caught between tyrannies and sectarian violence, is increasingly perceived as uniquely evil. In the struggle for hearts and minds, feelings trump facts. Imagery and accusations that automatically trigger public compassion are incomparably more compelling than dry, defensive argumentation. We are “wired” by evolution to support those we perceive as innocent … Continue reading

Peace vs. UNRWA

UN agency’s anomalous treatment of Palestinian refugees prolongs Mideast conflict Asaf Romirowsky The John Kerry-Martin Indyk negotiating team needs to come to terms with the fact that the crux of the Middle East conflict is rooted in the Palestinian “Right of Return,” the collective demand claiming a legal and moral right for Palestinian refugees, and … Continue reading

Palestine: Lack of civilization

Why would anyone truly interested in peace demand early release of radical terrorists? Ophir Falk For years, political scientists and anthropologists have contemplated, analyzed and debated whether there is a ‘clash of civilizations’ between the ‘developed world’ and the fundamentalist ‘Islamic world’ or whether the clash is ‘within the civilizations’ of Islamic states that suffer … Continue reading