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Those poor Palestinians!


You would think from all the press they get, and all the special treatment from the UN and donor countries, that the Palestinians were among the poorest people in the world, with short life spans and extreme poverty. But as an examination of the actual statistics (taken from the CIA’s World Fact Book), as the blog FirstOneThrough shows, the Palestinians are a lot better off than many, including many among their Arab brethren:

  • Population Growth rate: Gaza (#13) and the West Bank (52) have among the highest population growth rates in the world. (snip)
  • Birth rate: Gaza (#35) and West Bank (67) are much higher than many Arab and Muslim countries: Yemen (#39), Jordan (53), Tunisia (112) and Turkey (114)
  • Death rate: Palestinians have the lowest death rates in the world Gaza (#220) and West Bank (#215). Jordan ranks 212, Tunisia 167, Turkey 162 and Yemen 153.
  • Net Migration: Compared to the world and the volatile Middle East, West Bank (#84) and Gaza (#108) are fairly stable, compared to Jordan (5), Yemen (37), Turkey (71) and Tunisia (161).
  • Life expectancy at birth: West Bank (#91) and Gaza (#109) have higher life expectancies than Jordan (#117), Turkey (124) and Yemen (175) and about the same as Tunisia (92).
  • Infant Mortality: Palestinian Arabs have much lower infant mortality rates with Gaza (#105) and West Bank (#117) much lower than Yemen (38), Tunisia (78), Turkey (84) and Jordan (104).
  • Unemployment: the Arabs in West Bank (#169) and Gaza (170) have high unemployment for people aged 15-24, as it has one of the highest percentages of its population under 20 years old, like Yemen. Turkey ranks #101, Jordan 133, Tunisia 151 and Yemen ranks 188.
  • Literacy rate: Gaza (96.4%) and the West Bank (95.6%) compare very favorably to other countries including Jordan (93.4%), Tunisia (88.3%) and Yemen (63.9%), while lower than Turkey (98.8%).

Maybe it is time for Turkey to take care of its own.

Quotes by Palestinian Leaders

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In the west, the leaders of terrorist organizations speak moderately and responsibly in their speeches. But in the middle-east, when speaking to their people and their allies, they do not hesitate to deny the existence of the State of Israel and to call for Jihad, battles, and suicide attacks.

Members of terrorist organizations have not hesitated to bless the perpetrators of recent attacks such as stabbings and car rammings. They also praised the kidnapping and murder of three young Israelis in the summer of 2014.

Below is a collection of quotes by Palestinian leaders that will make you think twice about their true intentions.

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The Car Intifada

APTOPIX Mideast Israel PalestiniansHamas leaders have urged their followers to use their cars and knives to spill as much Jewish blood as possible. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on Palestinians to stop Jews from visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the holiest site in Judaism as well as the location of the Islamic Al Aqsa complex, by using “all means” necessary.

The calls for violence by top Palestinian authorities have been enthusiastically answered by thugs in the streets.  Six Israelis have been killed in terror attacks in the last thirty days – not by rockets this time, but by cars and knives wielded as murder weapons against Israeli soldiers and civilians alike, including women and children.

On October 22nd, a member of Hamas rammed his car into pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing a three-month-old girl.

Last week, a Palestinian Jerusalem resident also turned his vehicle into a killing machine. An Israeli was killed and 13 others wounded when he aimed his vehicle at a group of people waiting at a light rail station. On the same day, yet another Palestinian ran into and wounded three Israeli soldiers near Jerusalem.

Leaders of Abbas’s party, Fatah, and of Hamas, Abbas’s partners in the so-called Palestinian “unity” government, shrugged their shoulders and said the attacks were perfectly “natural” or “normal” responses to Israeli policies. Indeed, they regard the killers as heroes.

As Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor said to reporters at UN headquarters in New York on November 10th:

A person doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to stab someone or ram his car into a crowd of people.  These attacks are the results of years of anti-Israel indoctrination and the glorification of so-called martyrs. The incitement is everywhere.  In schools, mosques and media, the Palestinian Authority is glorifying terrorists and celebrating attacks on Jews and Israelis.

Palestinians flocking to social media celebrated what they are calling the “Car Intifada.” A video of a new song with that catchy title, for example, appears on the MoslimMan.Rok Facebook page. It has become a hit that has Palestinians happily singing along to lyrics such as “Run over the two-month-old baby – that is how we get them.”

As reported by Palestinian Media Watch, another song popular on Palestinian social media included the words:

Run [them] over, destroy, annihilate, blow them up; Don’t let the Zionist live long… Today, the entire people demands a hero willing to fight with weapons. He began fighting with a car, running them over like rabbits.

Palestinian Media Watch also reported on a cartoon appearing on one of Fatah’s official Facebook pages (“Fatah-The Main Page”), which carried the label “the run over organization” and urged people to “Hit the gas at 199 [km/h] for Al-Aqsa.” On another Facebook page, “The National Liberation Movement – Fatah,” a cartoon is posted showing a car going after three fleeing stereotyped Jews wearing hats with the Star of David.

The car may be the Palestinians’ murder weapon of choice these days, but anything they can use to kill Jews, including women and children, will suffice. After all, they are just following the directions of their leaders. One of Hamas’s leaders said just last week, during a television interview, that even a Palestinian “who owns nothing but his faith has a kitchen in his house in which he has a knife.” It is his duty to “grab his knife and confront the Zionist enemy.”

Is it any surprise that in separate knifing incidents on November 10th, an Israeli soldier and a woman were stabbed to death by Palestinians practicing their “faith”? The soldier was killed in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian illegally there to look for work. The woman was killed at a traffic circle in the West Bank after the Palestinian murderer had tried and failed to run over people waiting at a bus station.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced Abbas for “spreading lies” and inciting violence. “Instead of teaching his people the path of peace, he teaches them the path of terrorism,” the prime minister said. Prime Minister Netanyahu also announced a series of stepped up security measures to deal with the mounting crisis.

The Obama administration and European Union issued tepid condemnations of the killings. “It is absolutely critical that the parties take every possible measure to protect civilians and de-escalate tensions,” said US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. No kidding — but when it comes to the Palestinians who sing about killing babies, her pleadings fall on deaf ears.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement on November 11th saying he was “deeply concerned about the upsurge in violence and killings over the past few days in Israel and the West Bank. Violence only deepens distrust.” The statement added, “while making more distant the prospects for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The Secretary-General calls on all sides to do everything they possibly can to avoid further exacerbating an already tense environment.”

As usual, the UN at its highest levels refused to lay the blame for the latest spate of violence where it belongs: on the Palestinians and their leadership. The spokesperson’s office for the Secretary General, despite several requests for comment, has refused to specifically condemn the incendiary remarks of Palestinian Authority President Abbas and other Palestinian leaders.  There has also been no UN condemnation of the Palestinians’ demand, which they have backed up with violence, that Jews and other non-Muslims be barred from worshipping anywhere on the Temple Mount. Instead, the UN, as well as the Obama administration, appear to support this demand in order to reduce tensions, even though the forcible exclusion of Jews and other non-Muslims from being able to worship at a site sacred to them is contrary to the basic human right of free exercise of religion.

Symbolic of the UN’s unconditional support for the Palestinians, no matter how badly they act, the United Nations hosted a fashion show to recognize the UN’s international year of solidarity with the Palestinian people. The event was held on November 10th, the same day of two murders of Israelis committed by Palestinians whom had been incited to their acts of violence by their leaders. As Israeli UN Ambassador Prosor asked rhetorically, “Solidarity with incitement? Solidarity with terror and extremism?” Apparently so.

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Palestinian Abbas’ Holy War of Lies

Well this much is for sure. The play-acting is no more and Mahmoud Abbas isn’t even pretending to be a “peace partner.” He’s gone rogue.

These days this Fatah warlord openly calls for the murder of any and all Israelis and the Jewish blood that’s been spilled from Jerusalem onward — men, women, 3-month-old babies – places him at the heart and center of the reign of terror now being inflicted upon the Jewish State.

His PA (Palestinian Authority) gangs heed him word for word when he demands Jewish blood “by any means.”

Murder by automobile is the latest Islamic trick, and if that doesn’t work, Palestinian Arabs are urged to slash their victims to death.

This the Arabs have been doing repeatedly and gladly.

(Where, by the way, is the Left that was so outraged against the Price Taggers? Hello? We can’t hear you!)

Fattened by standing ovations at the UN, intoxicated by support from the EU, bloated by the wishful romance of a Palestinian State (to exact further terror), adopted by the Left, embraced by the media, it is no wonder that this man Abbas feels that the world belongs to him.

All that he takes as a signal that Israel is his pastime – and he misses no chance to insist that the entire Land belongs to him and his worthless goons. He claims the Temple Mount for himself and his gang of rowdies without being able to name King Solomon as an ancestor – a heritage that is available to every Jewish man and woman.

So finally the mask is off. The double-talking, the double-dealing, the fakery of tolerant coexistence – this is finished.

We know the score. Even Israelis – led throughout the decades by such dreamers as Shimon Peres – know when the jig is up.

Rude awakenings come slowly to the Jewish People.

Sometimes they have to be hit over the head and sometimes they have to be literally slashed and burned before they quicken to what’s happening.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally named Abbas as an instigator, “not a partner,” and after the latest atrocity, added:

“We are not prepared to tolerate more demonstrations in the heart of our cities in which Hamas or ISIS flags are waved and calls are made to redeem Palestine with blood and fire, calling in effect for the destruction of the State of Israel. I have instructed the Interior Minister to use all means, including evaluating the possibility of revoking the citizenship of those who call for the destruction of the State of Israel.”

What took so long?

But yes, if the Enemy Within quits pretending, it is time for Israel to quit pretending.

Finally, Netanyahu is cracking down: “We will continue to act in every way against incitement, against all actions of terror.”

For too long Israeli leaders sought favorable world opinion over and above the safety of their citizens.

Well The New York Times is a lost cause.

So is an international community that within its own borders welcomes and justifies the “beauty” of mindless brute force, namely Radical Islam.

They wish the same on Israel and no day goes by without another demand from some European for a “Palestinian State.”

This is a wink to mean the establishment of a terrorist state in place of a democracy – to be led by a fanatical Islamist who guarantees highway madness.

There is no better time like the present to exact pain for pain to win back all roads leading to Jerusalem.

Or as Menachem Begin put it: “They want a holy war? We will give them a holy war.”

Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. Engelhard wrote the int’l bestseller Indecent Proposal that was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. New from the novelist, media bias fully exposed in The Bathsheba Deadline – and the heralded anti-BDS thriller Compulsive. Website:

The Latest Push for a Palestinian State

Recent developments in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ireland exemplify yet another effort to create a Palestinian “state” out of thin air.  Sweden’s new socialist government has recognized “Palestine,” as did non-binding resolution adopted by Britain’s parliament and Ireland’s Senate.

Similar moves elsewhere in Europe are expected shortly.  And there are plans to have “Palestine” accede to various treaties, most notably the one creating the International Criminal Court, thus theoretically rendering Israel liable for “crimes” within the Court’s jurisdiction.

Of course, neither recognizing a fictitious state nor expressing legislative opinions actually creates facts on the ground.  In what passes for “Palestine,” the terrorist group Hamas, aided and financed by Iran’s ayatollahs, continues to rule in Gaza, and on the West Bank, the corrupt, aging and ineffective Palestinian Authority lumbers on.

There is no Palestinian “state” and no prospect for one without dramatic real-world changes that are unlikely in the foreseeable future.

So what is this latest “recognition” campaign about?  Although today’s effort follows a well-trodden historical path, prior attempts never altered the Middle East’s hard realities one iota.

Nonetheless, Palestinian leaders believe, precisely because statehood looks increasingly beyond their reach, that their best hope lies in the blue-smoke-and-mirrors world of the United Nations, where they can create a parallel universe, and then somehow export it back to reality.

Among earlier attempts at prestidigitation was the 1988-90 campaign to make “Palestine” a UN member by imagining a legitimate government where none previously existed, thereby rendering it somehow equivalent to the actual state of Israel.  This prior ploy, only conceivable at the United Nations, began with insisting that the name card in front of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) place as an observer organization be changed to read “Palestine.”  Well, of course.  “Palestine” sounds much more like a real state than “PLO.”

From that momentous decision, the PLO launched an aggressive effort to join specialized agencies of the UN system, the theory being that since almost all UN bodies limit membership to “states,” having the PLO join would further prove that it too had become a “state.”  Failing in 1989, the Palestinians gave up until 2011, succeeding then in being admitted to the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

What happened at UNESCO in 2011 compared to 1989-90 dramatically underscores the difference the United States can make when it decides to do so.  In 1989, when the PLO first tried to join the World Health Organization (WHO), and then UNESCO (from which the United States had withdrawn under President Reagan, and which many hoped to coax Washington to rejoin), George H. W. Bush’s administration responded decisively.

Secretary of State James Baker said publicly that he would recommend to Bush that Washington cut off all funding, assessed or voluntary, to any U.N. body that upgraded the PLO’s status toward statehood.  Baker’s threat alone stopped the PLO in WHO and UNESCO.  Moreover, Baker’s statement, later enacted into U.S. law, deterred Palestinian efforts to game the UN system for their own political purposes, right up until 2011 when they sensed that the Obama Administration could be intimidated.

This is the real lesson for American decision-makers contemplating today’s latest flight of fantasy about achieving Palestinian statehood.  Under the U.S. statutes embodying James Baker’s threat, all American funding to UNESCO ceased immediately in 2011 after “Palestine” was admitted, eliminating 22 percent of UNESCO’s budget, the U.S. share of assessed contributions.  Ironically, instead of having the UN world affect the real world, the reverse had happened.  Real-world facts  –  losing tens of millions of dollars in U.S. contributions  –  caused UNESCO devastating consequences.  American defunding also sent a clear signal throughout the UN system, and brought heavy pressure to bear on the Palestinians to cease their UN membership drive forthwith.

What was the difference between the PLO’s failures in 1988-90 and its more-recent successes, and does it provide an augury of what lies ahead for the current diplomatic-recognition campaign?

The answer is simple:  American resolve matters enormously.

Twenty-five years ago, President Bush and Secretary Baker conveyed their determination to squelch fanciful maneuverings in the international system, rather than addressing the Arab-Israeli conflict through direct negotiations between the parties themselves.  United States resolve prevailed.

Under President Obama, by contrast, we saw American weakness, with long lamentations about the devastating effects that would befall UNESCO if U.S. funding were cut off, and promises by Obama diplomats to seek repeals of the legislation axing our contributions.  Sensing weakness, the Palestinians and their supporters struck, something they had feared to do for over twenty years.

Accordingly, today’s Palestinian gambit will turn not on what happens in Stockholm, London or UN headquarters in Turtle Bay.  It will turn on how officials in Washington decide to react.

History is clear:  American strength can stop this effort, and American weakness will facilitate it.

Over to you, President Obama.

This article was originally published by FOX News.

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