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Increasing Signs of ISIS Activity In Gaza Strip

by Staff  Arab-language news reports and social media indicate an increasing presence of supporters of the terrorist organization ISIS within the Gaza Strip. Hamas, the terrorist organization that runs Gaza, has denied (Arabic link) any ISIS presence in the Gaza Strip itself, and rejects that it has any possible connection to the other organization. But Arab media articles … Continue reading

ISIS says its flag will wave over Jerusalem

Terror group says it will expand its rule over Islam’s holy places in Saudi Arabia, as well as Jerusalem and Rome. ISIS fighter. (photo credit:REUTERS) The Islamic State has threatened to make it all the way to Jerusalem “even if the Jews and Crusaders despise it.” The threat appears in the foreword of the fifth … Continue reading

ISIS ‘prince’ killed in Iraq’s Hit

The prince of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Iraq’s Anbar governorate was reportedly killed Wednesday by an airstrike. (Al Arabiya) Al Arabiya News An air strike in west Iraq reportedly killed on Wednesday a senior figure in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Al Arabiya’s correspondent reported. Senan Meteeb, … Continue reading

Trapped in Afghanistan Between Obama and the Taliban

by Daniel Greenfield Never before has an administration been so casual about putting American troops in harm’s way to protect a politician’s approval ratings. American forces were supposed to be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014, but in a covert acknowledgement that Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq was a disaster, that isn’t happening. Afghanistan … Continue reading

The Islamic State Reshapes the Middle East

By George Friedman Nuclear talks with Iran have failed to yield an agreement, but the deadline for a deal has been extended without a hitch. What would have been a significant crisis a year ago, replete with threats and anxiety, has been handled without drama or difficulty. This new response to yet another failure to … Continue reading

Another wave of Boko Haram attacks

By Laura Grossman Currently ranked fourth in the 2014 Global Terrorism Index, Nigeria is suffering another wave of attacks in the northeast by the terrorist group Boko Haram. On Nov. 20, Boko Haram fighters killed 48 fish sellers in an attack near the Chadian border. Without using guns, the terrorists slit the throats of some … Continue reading

Al-Nusra attack Aleppo Shiite towns

BEIRUT – Islamist fighters launched an offensive to seize two Shiite towns north of Aleppo on the weekend in a bid to secure rebel supply lines into the embattled city.   On Sunday, fighters from the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front as well as other opposition forces attacked Zahraa and Nubl, both of which have been besieged by … Continue reading

Report Reveals US Schools Whitewashing Hamas, PA

Parents group demands answers after report shows Newton, MA public schools alter Hamas and PA charters, accept Israel’s destruction. By Ari Yashar Gaza exhibit on recent operation (illustration) Abed Rahim Khatib Parents groups are up in arms after a recent report found public schools in Newton, Massachusetts presented whitewashed versions of Hamas and Palestinian Authority … Continue reading

2 Minnesota Men Charged With Aiding ISIS

by: PAUL MCENROE Two Twin Cities men who allegedly tried to join terrorists fighting in Syria were charged with conspiracy Tuesday in federal court in Minneapolis. One of the Somali-Americans charged is expected to appear before a U.S. magistrate this afternoon; the other is believed to be in Syria. Abdi Nur, 18, and Abdullahi Yusuf, … Continue reading

Chilling Video Documents ISIS Child Training Camps

By Ari Soffer ISIS fighters parade in the northern Syrian city of Tel Abayd, Jan. 2, 2014 Reuters A recent propaganda video released by the Islamist State terrorist group (ISIS) showcases how it is building the next generation of jihadis, by training and indoctrinating young children at special camps. The video, produced in the slick, … Continue reading

Quotes by Palestinian Leaders

In the west, the leaders of terrorist organizations speak moderately and responsibly in their speeches. But in the middle-east, when speaking to their people and their allies, they do not hesitate to deny the existence of the State of Israel and to call for Jihad, battles, and suicide attacks. Members of terrorist organizations have not … Continue reading

Obama is the Islamic State dream recruiter

Farid Ghadry Ever since the air campaign against ISIL in Syria and Iraq, I warned in several Blogs that unless the US also strikes the Assad forces or at least provides protection to the civilians Assad is massacring while Obama ignores the suffering of the Syrian people, ISIL will get fresh recruits of Sunnis to … Continue reading

ISIS continues its state-building project unabated

Dr. Theodore Karasik Despite coalition air strikes, ISIS, or the Islamic State (IS), is a very dangerous group set on state development. It is not terrorist nor insurgent; ISIS represents a group that mixes extremism with state-building designs. They are mercantilism-fundamentalists if you will. They have their own notion of a state and all the … Continue reading

More British mercenaries join fight against ISIS

Anti-ISIS Western fighters in Syria. (Photo courtesy: Lions of Rojava’s Facebook page) More and more British citizens are joining other Westerners battling jihadists in Syria and Iraq, Britain’s Independent newspaper reported over the weekend. James Hughes, former British infantryman who fought in Afghanistan, is understood to be in northern Syria backing Kurds in their fight … Continue reading