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ISIS trying to weaponize Ebola

By Rick Moran According to Spanish intelligence reported by Breitbart, online jihadists are openly discussing the weaponization of Ebola to be used in a terrorist attack. Spanish intelligence has intercepted messages passed between jihadists online discussing the weaponisation of the deadly Ebola virus for use against the West, while a blackmailer in Prague has threatened … Continue reading

Egypt begins clearing Gaza border area

Smoke rises after a house was blown up during a military operation by Egyptian security forces in the Egyptian city of Rafah near the border with southern Gaza Strip Oct. 29, 2014. (AFP) Al Arabiya, Staff writer Egypt began establishing a buffer zone on Wednesday, clearing residents from its border with the Gaza Strip following … Continue reading

The Latest Push for a Palestinian State

Recent developments in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ireland exemplify yet another effort to create a Palestinian “state” out of thin air.  Sweden’s new socialist government has recognized “Palestine,” as did non-binding resolution adopted by Britain’s parliament and Ireland’s Senate. Similar moves elsewhere in Europe are expected shortly.  And there are plans to have “Palestine” … Continue reading

Interview with an Islamic State Recruiter

Interview with an Islamic State Recruiter: ‘Democracy Is For Infidels’ Interview Conducted by Hasnain Kazim The conditions laid out by the Islamist are strict: no photos and no audio recording. He also keeps his real name secret as well as his country of origin, and is only willing to disclose that he is Arab. His … Continue reading

Palestinians Praise Infant Murderer

by Ari Lieberman As last week’s light rail car attack claims yet another victim – a 22-year-old Ecuadorian woman who sustained a mortal head wound – Palestinians are busy hailing the miscreant responsible for the cowardly attack that also claimed the life of a 3-month-old infant, as a hero and martyr. This abominable terrorist attack … Continue reading

ISIS is Islam

By G. Murphy Donovan Barack Obama is given to making extraordinary pronouncements. Many of the more dramatic assertions seldom are based on facts, reason, or reflection.  Put aside, if you can, the hyperbole which often accompanies wishful thinking about domestic social problems; poverty, public education, and public health. The President’s public rhetoric on foreign policy, … Continue reading

Isis releases video showing stoning of woman accused of committing adultery as her father shouts ‘don’t call me Dad’

Isis have released a video appearing to show a young woman being stoned to death in the presence of her father, who refuses to forgive her alleged crimes. or if cant see it.. heres the full video The execution, which was released in the early hours of Tuesday night by Isis, who also call … Continue reading

ISIS Execute More than 700 Men and Boys

By Onan Coca Now we know how ISIS has maintained control of such a large area since announcing their “caliphate.” A new report from the Washington Post uncovers an ISIS massacre that took place in August, when ISIS thugs murdered more than 700 men and boys in response to an uprising. The Shaitat tribe was … Continue reading

Hamas Savage, I mean official Declares Intifada in Jerusalem

By Tova Dvorin Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar Flash 90 Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar, declared the constant cycle of violence in Jerusalem an “intifada” on Saturday night, making rumors of a so-called “silent intifada” official despite declarations from the Israeli security establishment that statements to that effect are exaggerated. “Escalating the resistance in the city is … Continue reading