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Muslims and Terror: The Real Story

by Joshua Muravchik January’s murderous attacks in Paris on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher evoked not only fear, indignation, and defiance from Western leaders and publics, but also a second stream of reactions: anxious assertions that the killings bore no relation to Islam and expressions of worry that the … Continue reading

Iowa Has Spoken: Islam Is Peaceful

This is rich.. A new poll has shown that a majority of Republicans and an overwhelming percentage of Democrats who are likely participants in the Iowa presidential caucuses think Islam is peaceful. Now if we could ship them over to the Islamic State, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Thailand, the Philippines and a few other hot … Continue reading

Pakistan: 933 killed for honor in two years

ISLAMABAD: Some 933 people were killed across the country in the name of honor during the past two years while 83 non-Muslims were also reported to be killed during the period. The majority of these cases were reported in Sindh. These statistics were provided to the National Assembly on Friday by Federal Ministry of Law, in … Continue reading

Islam is violent

out of Lebanon.. by Mounir Rabih There is no exception to the violent episodes that characterize Islamic history; since Islam gained a following, then began to spread and expand, violence has been its main component. Historically, Islam has relied on violent rulings. One cannot separate the original call to Islam from violence; in fact, it … Continue reading

The threshold of outrage on jihad

By Carol Brown  Millions of people around the world were horrified by the recent display of abject barbarism when ISIS doused Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh with accelerant, put him in a cage, and burned him alive. And horrified we should be. Some say, as I have read in comments on blogs, that perhaps this act … Continue reading

Syria: ‘adultress’ survives ISIS stoning

An illustrative, undated picture of a woman in a niqab led by Islamic State members to her stoning after being accused of infidelity (Photo credit: YouTube screenshot) BEIRUT, Lebanon — A Syrian woman stoned by the jihadist Islamic State group for alleged adultery and left for dead miraculously walked away from the brutal punishment, a … Continue reading

Indonesia Province Poised to Apply Sharia Law on Non-Muslims

Non-Muslims and foreigners in the Aceh province of Indonesia wait with fear for the governor to sign off on a law passed by the legislature in September that will apply strict sharia law to them. The non-Muslim/foreign population in Aceh numbers 90,000. The new legislation also includes harsher punishments for sharia violations, including extramarital and … Continue reading

The Koran and Eternal War

by Raymond Ibrahim Originally published by VIE. News recently emerged that Russia was banning key Islamic scriptures—including Sahih Bukhari—on the charge that they promote “exclusivity [supremacism] of one of the world’s religions,” namely Islam; or, in the words of a senior assistant to the prosecutor of Tatarstan Ruslan Galliev, “a militant Islam” which “arouses ethnic, religious … Continue reading

Saudi university bans colored abayas on campus

The university caught two of its students wearing colored abayas recently – similiar to the ones pictured – and said the colors were not suitable for an educational institution. (Photo courtesy of Twitter) The University of Dammam’s women’s campus has banned its students from wearing colored abayas. The university caught two of its students wearing … Continue reading

Iran hangs 26-year-old woman

Reyhaneh Jabbari is 967th person to be executed since Hassan Rouhani became Iran’s president in August last year Iran has executed Rayhaneh Jabbari despite an international campaign Photo: REUTERS By David Blair Amnesty International denounced “another bloody stain” on Iran’s human rights record on Saturday when a 26-year-old woman was executed for allegedly killing a man … Continue reading

Living in a Sharia Enclave in America

by Y. Kerry Sara The United States and Western Europe are confronting the increasing threat of their citizens traveling to the Middle East to join the worldwide Islamic jihad. Over the past few months, numerous news reports have shed light on disaffected citizens from America and Britain joining the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria … Continue reading