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Iran to Execute Woman for Fending Off a Rapist

Jeannie DeAngelis In Iran, after spending seven years in prison, 26-year-old former interior designer Rayhaneh Jabbari is due to be hanged for defending herself against a rapist. Rayhaneh stabbed Iranian physician Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi with a pocketknife, after she said he attempted to drug and rape her.  The head of the Iranian judiciary upheld Rayhaneh’s … Continue reading

Islam and Human Rights

by Majid Rafizadeh Recently, I met a Syrian Salafist while speaking to Leaders of Democracy Fellows about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Islam and human rights violations in Syria. The individual who lives in Syria, and who seems to sympathize with Jubhat Al- Nusrah (Al-Nusrah Front), drew several distinctions between Islamic objectives of the global … Continue reading

Taqiyya and Blasphemy Laws in the UK

by Enza Ferreri In British law, race and religion are increasingly becoming deliberately confused for the purpose of accusing critics of Islam of racism. A soccer fan was recently arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after allegedly ripping up pages of the Qur’an and throwing them at a match. While on bail, he was … Continue reading

Muslim Cleric Urges Poor Women to Become Sex-Slaves

By Raymond Ibrahim Within the context of keeping the Syrian jihad alive, it seems there is no end to the attempts of some Islamic clerics to legitimize otherwise forbidden behavior in order to gratify the sexual urges of the jihadis and keep them fighting Syrian president Bashar Assad. First, there was the now infamous “sex-jihad” … Continue reading

Saudi wants son-in-law who killed son beheaded

Saeed Al-Zahrani  Adnan Al-Sahbrawi Okaz/Saudi Gazette JEDDAH — A Saudi citizen said he has not been able to stop crying after his son-in-law killed his son over a family dispute. The murder, which took place in a small town in Al-Baha province called Qilwah, centered around the killer’s treatment of Saeed Al-Zahrani’s pregnant daughter, whom … Continue reading

Coming Soon to Gaza: Lashes in Criminal Code

Hamas taking another step towards the full implementation of Sharia law in Gaza, will introduce lashes for certain offenses.  By Dalit Halevi Hamas is taking another step towards the full implementation of strict Islamic Sharia law in Gaza, and is planning to introduce a penalty of lashes for certain criminal offenses. Nafez Al-Madhoun, the secretary … Continue reading

The Double-Edged Sword of Jihad

by Raymond Ibrahim Islamic nations are again learning that the jihad is a volatile instrument of war that can easily backfire on those who preach it; that “holy war” is hardly limited to fighting and subjugating “infidels”—whether the West in general, Israel in particular, or the millions of non-Muslim minorities under Islam—but can also be … Continue reading

Islamists kill 39 in Nigeria village raid

People stand near burnt structures in the aftermath of a similar attack by Islamist militants in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria last April. (File photo: Reuters) AFP, Kano Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram Islamists raided a village in northeastern Nigeria as people were preparing for prayers, killing 39 people, local residents said Sunday. Dozens of attackers … Continue reading

Pakistan wants to execute the Prophet Mohammed

by Daniel Greenfield Pakistan wants to execute the Prophet Mohammed. Muslims really seem obsessed with killing prophets. When your religion is based around a warlord who claimed to be a prophet (and occasionally possessed by the devil) you have to protect your religion’s patent by murdering all future prophets. Sixty-nine-year-old British Pakistani Mohammed Asghar was … Continue reading

A jihad against preachers of jihad

Abdulrahman al-Rashed Daoud al-Shirian, our colleague, recently opened fire on preachers of jihad, whom we know sacrifice the sons of others. Although many became occupied with the controversy over the significance of the word “jihad” on the religious level and its political use, the most important aspect is that some preachers rushed to deny having … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: Women’s travel notification suspended

Official says amendments to be introduced to enhance efficiency By Habib Toumi, Manama: Saudi Arabia has suspended an electronic notification system to alert families about the departure or arrival of their female relatives. “The system is currently suspended following some observations and there will be amendments,” Ahmad Al Luhaidan, the spokesperson for the General Directorate … Continue reading

#Turkey: Child bride dies suspicious death

TODAY’S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL Kader Erten, a 13-year-old teenager, was found dead her house in Siirt’s Pervari district on Sunday, apparently shot to death. Erten, whose second child recently died after a premature birth, had married at the age of 12 in an arranged marriage. She gave birth to her first baby at the age of … Continue reading