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The Barbarians Must Be Stopped

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Everyone admires the intriguing puzzles and solutions in the stories of Sherlock Holmes.  In The Adventures of Silver Blaze, the curious incident of the dog that did nothing – did not bark – in the night was the clue toward solving the mystery.  Sherlock is needed to solve the mystery of why, on July 25, 2016, at the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the 61 speeches may have been full of bite, but none uttered a whisper, let alone a bark, about the menace of ISIS and Islamist terrorism.

The mystery deepens with the appalling news a few hours after the end of that first day that two Islamist terrorists, armed with knives, had entered a Catholic Church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, a few miles from Rouen in Normandy, France, during morning service on July 26, 2016. They forced the octogenarian priest, Father Jacques Hamel, to kneel and filmed his death as they slit his throat.  They took nuns and others hostage before they were killed by French police.  ISIS promptly called them “two soldiers of the Islamic State.”

Another terrorist referred to in the incident by the French police is a 24-year-old Algerian computer student named Sis Ahmed Ghlam, known to the authorities since he was arrested in April 2015 after he had called for an ambulance after he shot himself in the leg.  He was arrested on suspicion of planning “imminent” terror attacks.  In his car, the police discovered weapons including Kalashnikovs, a police-issued pistol, and bulletproof vests.  Even more important, they found plans for terrorist attacks on other churches, including the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris.  This terrorist is in prison charged with the murder of a 32-year-old woman who was shot three times in the head.

The barbarity committed in the church in Normandy is now added to the list of horrors executed by Islamist terrorists and followers of ISIS.  It does not take a Sherlock to remember them, in London, Toulouse, Paris, Brussels and the Maelbeek metro station, Nice, Munich, Cologne, Würzburg, and Ansbach.

The world, particularly the West, is facing a major threat to civilization and the way of life of democratic societies.  British authorities have recently made it known that they disrupted seven plots to attack the U.K. in the last 18 months.  French president François Hollande has again, after the murder in the church, declared that ISIS has declared war on the West and must be fought using all means possible.  Indeed, ISIS is fomenting a war of religions, boldly announcing that a major target is Christians across the world and even aiming at the assassination of Pope Francis.

Presidential candidates and political party conventions in the U.S. as well as authorities in European countries must devote their attention to and prepare solutions for the continuing terrorism of contemporary barbarians who are now within our gates, not simply at them.

Western democratic systems are based on tolerance and respect for others and on honorable efforts to eliminate or at least limit prejudice in society.  With societies based on free speech and expression, this has always been difficult to sustain, but it has become much more difficult with the prevalence of social media.  Those defending the West recognize that new and changing technologies make it difficult for them to obtain sufficient accurate information to forestall planned terrorist attacks.

Strong, immediate action by the West is crucial.  At bottom, Western leaders, especially those in the White House, must recognize the enemy, “radical Islamist terrorism,” not evade the truth by euphemisms or political correctness.  This means the use of forceful methods – plainly speaking, war – against the enemy so relentlessly anxious to destroy the West.

Greater accuracy in security arrangements is essential to prevent terrorist plans from succeeding.  It is disturbing that both of the murderers of the priest were on the French anti-terrorist watch list  and were known to the authorities.  In fact, one of them, 19-year-old Adel Kermich, had been arrested in 2015 after being expelled from Turkey for trying to join ISIS in Syria.  He had become a potential jihadist after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January 2015.  He was jailed in France but then freed by judges against the advice of prosecutors, fitted with an electronic tag, and subjected to a curfew.  Nevertheless, he was able to commit the murder before the hour of the curfew began.

U.S. presidential candidates, like leaders everywhere, must now tackle a number of issues and propose solutions to overcome and stop not only hate speech, but also all incitements to adhere to Islamist terrorist appeals prevalent especially on the internet and social networks.

A few suggestions may be allowed. First is the difficult problem for democracies that must be tackled.  Should expressions of hate and incitement to commit terrorism be limited by law and public policy, and by private agreement, in order to prevent future atrocities?  Islamist extremism can be promoted not simply by Islamic authorities in mosques or madrassas, but now mainly in the home simply by looking at a screen.

Second, though the task for police and security personnel is understandably now increasingly formidable because of the number of potential jihadists and technological changes, intelligence must be improved, and those thought likely to commit terrorist acts must be dealt with severely.  The jihadists must be regarded less as criminals and more as enemy fighters and must be dealt with accordingly.

Third, Islamic clerics should not be allowed to preach hatred against the West or encourage violent action.  Their rhetoric used in mosques must be observed and censored if it incites violence.  Authorities might consider expulsion of irresponsible imams.

Fourth, in connection with this previous point, Muslim leaders who claim to be moderate, truly interested in harmonious relations with non-Muslims, and honestly opposed to Islamist terrorism must speak out forcefully and often against the perpetrators.

Above all and finally, the immigration issue that has disconcerted all European countries, and to a considerable degree accounts for the success of Brexit in the U.K., must be confronted in the U.S. as it is being confronted in Europe.  Two problems arise.  One is whether potential jihadists, and if so how many, are claiming refugee and asylum status in the West.  The other is that it is an open and complex question, and one hotly disputed politically, whether the majority of would-be immigrants can be successfully immigrated into Western countries.

National party leaders in the U.S. should discuss these issues.

What Iran shows us about the global jihadist movement

According to the very State Department that pushed so hard for the Obama administration’s Iran appeasement deal, that same nation upon whom we have lavished over $100 billion, lobbied on behalf of and promised protection of its nuclear infrastructure, remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.While many are aware of the pernicious activities of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard across the globe, and the Khameinist regime’s support of Shia jihadist groups like Hezbollah, lesser discussed is Iranian collaboration with Sunni jihadists.

For the latest evidence of an alliance that might surprise those who view Sunni and Shia Muslims as diametrically opposed mortal enemies, look no further than the recent news out of the U.S. Treasury Department.

As reported in the always-insightful Omri Ceren’s latest dispatch, Treasury announced that it was imposing sanctions on three senior Al Qaeda members stationed in Iran.

According to the Treasury press release, it took such action to “disrupt the operations, fundraising, and support networks that help al-Qaida move money and operatives from South Asia and across the Middle East.”

As Ceren highlights, one such Al Qaeda operative, Abu Bakr Muhammad Muhammad Ghumayn, controlled the financing and organization of Al Qaeda in Iran.

Another operative, Yisra Muhammad Ibrahim Bayumi, engaged in direct dialogue with the Iranian government, serving as a mediator. He was “reportedly involved in freeing al-Qaida members in Iran.”

It strains credulity to believe that a closed Shia nation like Iran, often competing against Sunni forces, would be unaware of Al Qaeda officers within its borders. And in this case we have clear evidence that it was comfortable with Al Qaeda operating on its soil because Iranian authorities were negotiating with the aforementioned Bayumi.

What are we to make of this revelation?

While Sunni and Shia Islamic supremacists may differ in terms of theology, strategies and tactics, their overarching goals are very much aligned – namely ensuring the dominance of Islam throughout the world by killing the infidel or forcing him to submit, with a focus on the “Great” and “Little Satans” of the United States and Israel.

The case of Israel, threatened by Sunni jihadists like Hamas on the one hand, and Shia jihadists like Hezbollah on the other, is most illustrative of this fact.

Another element of this story is relevant in light of the fact that 9/11 is again a live subject now that the federal government has finally released the 28 pages of its report regarding Saudi involvement in the attack.

Much though such ties have been ignored in our Ben Rhodes fantasy world, there is ample compelling evidence indicating Iranian support for the 9/11 attack as well.

In fact in 2011, U.S. District Judge George B. Daniels held in Havlish, et al. v. bin Laden, et al. that “Iran and Hezbollah materially and directly supported Al Qaeda in the September 11, 2001 attacks,” holding the Islamic Republic responsible for damages to family members of the attack’s victims.

The facts and findings of that court case detail chapter and verse the extensive ties between Iran and its proxies and Sunni jihadists spanning multiple decades and covering all manner of operations and activities. Some of the key high-level findings from page 15 of the report are chronicled below:

Bridging the divide

Foreign policy necessarily involves dealing with hostile regimes, and sometimes making common cause with them in order to advance greater interests.

But there is little to indicate that as concerns the global jihadist threat, comprised of state and non-state actors Sunni and Shia each with competing but often overlapping interests and motivations, that America has the faintest clue as to how best to proceed in its national interest, whether in the form of the 9/11-tied Saudis or the 9/11-tied Iranians.

With great regularity we appear to be on every side of every conflict, evincing a lack of clarity about ourselves and our enemies.

For the jihadists are playing a game of “Heads I win, tails you lose.”

They know what they want and are doing everything in their power to achieve it. Does America?

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#ObamaApproved Turkey arrests 62 schoolchildren for TREASON




A total of 62 Students of Kuleli Miltary School in Istanbul have been arrested for treason


The pupils, aged between 14 and 17, were made to dress up in camouflage and were handed guns with empty magazines, according to their lawyers


A total of 62 students at Kuleli Military school, the oldest such establishment in Istanbul, were collared by Turkish authorities. Before the coup attempt last week, the pupils, aged between 14 and 17, were made to dress up in camouflage and were handed guns with empty magazines, according to their lawyers.

The children have been taken to prison and not allowed to speak to their parents as they were accused of treason against the Turkish State.

The mum of a 15-year-old boy caught up in the arrest, Emre, while waiting for news outside Istanbul’s Maltepe Prison said: “Our child has never held a gun before.

“They were used, they were forced to do this.”