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ISIS Panics Over Intelligence Leak, Cracks Down on Informants

By Tova Dvorin   ISIS checkpoint north of Mosul (file) Reuters Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists have showed incredible bravado, boasting to the Western world that they would “overcome” an international coalition and military campaign hours after airstrikes pummeled their Syrian stronghold. But even ISIS became unnerved over the weekend, after multiple security breaches were shown … Continue reading

Islamic State crucifies 17-year-old boy for apostasy

Robert Spencer The Independent hauls out Charlie Winter of the UK’s Quilliam Foundation, a group that claims to stand against jihad terror but attacks genuine counter-jihadists and opposes Israel. Winter does his best to absolve Islam of any responsibility for inciting this barbarity, but it is getting tougher to do so all the time. He … Continue reading

Yemen on the brink

Reuters Sana’a/Dubai: The Al Houthi rebels who stunned the Arab world with the sudden seizure of Yemen’s capital will have to strive to cement their power in the face of well-armed rivals, a test of strength that could tip the unstable country deeper into turmoil. A suicide bombing last Thursday that killed 47 in Sana’a … Continue reading

The ISIS fighter who begged for death… and got it

  ISIS militants run for cover in Kobane after a U.S.-led coalition strike as seen from the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern village of Mursitpinar in the Sanliurfa province on October 15, 2014. (AFP) AFP Kurdish grocer Cuneyt Hemo remembers the moment he crossed paths with a jihadist ISIS prisoner inside the besieged Syrian town … Continue reading

A Lebanese Nusra Front

Hazem Al Amin Anyone who does not see the defection of Sunni soldiers from the Lebanese army as a very dangerous sign for both the army and Lebanon is reenacting the feigned blindness the Iraqi government employed from 2011 until the Islamic State group (ISIS) occupied large swathes of the country.   Throughout that period, … Continue reading

Ebola and Islamic burial ritual

By Thomas Lifson Oh-oh! This is the most politically incorrect dimension of the spread of Ebola in West Africa. Which is why you won’t see any of the mainstream media touch it with a ten foot pole.  Paul Sperry reports in Investor’s Business Daily: Islamic burial rituals are a key reason why health officials can’t … Continue reading

ISIS Has a Bigger Coalition Than We Do

In the ’30s, Spain attracted the world’s romantic idealists. Now the ‘caliphate’ is drawing psychopathic losers from countless countries—and they’ll risk all to feel like winners. As President Obama met Tuesday with the defense ministers of 21 nations to strategize against ISIS, the terror state in the making extended its murder spree with jihadis from … Continue reading

Al-Qaeda takes control of area south of Yemen

Al Arabiya News Thursday, 16 October 2014 Al-Qaeda militants seize control of Al`Adayn directorate in Yemen’s southern Ibb governorate overnight on Thursday, Al Arabiya correspondent in Sanaa reported. Earlier on Wednesday al-Qaeda militants had clashed in the central Yemen with Shiite Houthi rebels expanding their control of country. At least 12 people were killing in … Continue reading

Islamic State group may have chemical weapons

New research supported by testimonies, photos and experts’ analysis suggests that the organization use chemical weapon against the Kurds in Kobani, Syria. Benyamin Tobias While the world is following anxiously after the rapid advancement of the Islamic State group, new Israeli research claims that Islamic State may have succeeded in obtaining chemical weapons. According to … Continue reading

ISIS and the Future of Jordan

Steven Horowitz The map of the Arab Middle East has collapsed. The post-Ottoman state as represented by Syria and Iraq has ceased to act as two unified entities and instead has fragmented into warring tribes of sectarian and ethnic composition. Political Islam has replaced Arab nationalism. The borders of Sykes-Picot have been erased as masses … Continue reading

Muhammad and Islam’s Sex Slaves

by Raymond Ibrahim   Once again, Islamic State Muslims are pointing to Islam in order to justify what the civilized world counts as atrocities. According to an October 13 report in the Telegraph, Islamic State jihadists have given detailed theological reasons justifying why they have taken thousands of women from the Iraqi Yazidi minority and sold … Continue reading

Caribbean nationals join forces with ISIS

CHAGUANAS, Trinidad By Martine Powers When Shane Crawford calls his mother for a weekly phone chat, their conversation centers on family, on how much he misses her and on her latest bout of computer woes. What they don’t talk about: How he spends his days as a member of the terrorist group Islamic State of … Continue reading

Obama’s Top Ten New Ideas for Fighting ISIS

by Keith Koffler  With ISIS taking more towns in Syria and, on the other front, closing in on Baghdad, it appears President Obama’s strategy for “degrading and ultimately destroying” the Islamist psychos is failing. Some are calling for boots on the ground. But this is not necessary, as Obama has a backup plan. In fact, he … Continue reading