James Comey and the.@FBI must rebut Hillary Clinton now

Hillary Clinton 15

We have seen Hillary play helter-skelter with the truth regarding what James Comey said and what Hillary, short-circuited as she may be, understood to be said and agreed upon.

Hillary creates sound bites for the liberal media to spew to the under-informed voters of the left.  This is no mistake.  Create the sound bite, deny the reality, get it on cable news, and get it out there in bunches.

The Nazi propagandist Goebbels would be proud, for it was he who said, “Tell the lie enough and it becomes the truth.”  Hillary is halfway there, and the media is at her pleasure.

What is missing, so blatantly missing, is the public servant and FBI chief James Comey’s rebuttal to Hillary’s rants – rants that counter what James Comey said before Congress and God.  Jim, are you listening?

Why no comment from James Comey when in essence Hillary Clinton calls him a liar?  And why is Hillary so bold in her alteration of reality that she relies on Mr. Comey’s silence?  She seems so certain.  Is the guarantee of Lynch’s position by Hillary enough to direct Comey to be silent?

Oh, we know the slick Department of Justice games of “we can’t comment on an ongoing investigation” and “we can’t comment on a closed investigation.”  The public may ask, exactly what can you comment on?

We must be firm and resolute in remembering that these men and women, Lynch and Comey, are public servants, not political sycophants to the president.  Serve the public, Mr. Comey.  Serve yourself while you are at it.